Guide to Treating Phimosis

Does your foreskin retract? Can you easily move it below your glans, and get it back up again? If not, you have tight foreskin (phimosis).
Babies are born with tight foreskin. It protects their penis from contaminants. Skittish parents and doctors often hurry toddlers along using steroid creams. Left on their own, 50% of boys will have full retraction by age ten. By age 17, 99% of men should have already stretched their foreskin all the way down.
If you are an adult and you have realized that you have phimosis, this page is for you. The discovery can be traumatizing. It was for me! I created this blog to help you. You can read about my story from the start.

Will it make sex better?

Yes. Phimosis can cause problems during intercourse.

  • When your foreskin is forced down, it can be painful
  • If you or your partner worry about your foreskin getting stuck down or causing pain, then you may be too anxious to enjoy sex.
  • When your glans is covered, you will not experience the gliding action of the foreskin. This gliding makes sex more enjoyable with less lubrication from your partner, and the sensation will help you time your orgasm later or earlier as desired.
  • Revealing your glans will give you increased sensitivity and better feeling sex.

Watch this video to see why the foreskin is important for good sex and preventing premature ejaculation.

How long will it take?

That depends on how often you stretch and how dedicated you are. Stretch several times each day, and you can expect to see some results within two weeks. Depending on the severity, it can be fully resolved in eight weeks. Others will need to stretch for many months.
Your foreskin should be able to retract and move back up, when erect, or flaccid, without squeezing into an hourglass shape. (Short video) When that happens, you are done. It is perfectly normal for a foreskin to offer some resistance to retraction, or not retract on its own when erect.
You should continue to stretch for four weeks afterwards, to lock the results in place.

How do I do the stretches?

Can you fit two fingers in? If so, perform this stretch. Touching the backs of your fingers together will allow you to hold the stretch longer without getting tired.
Phimosis stretching diagram
If you can’t fit two fingers in, try to grasp the edges, like this.

If you can’t even grab the edges, then you will have to improvise. You may use two Q-Tips (cotton swabs) as tiny fingers to pull apart. Do it gently, as the thin stalks tend to dig into your skin.
Can’t even fit in two Q-Tips? You can still do it. Look at what I did on my picture page for inspiration. (Warning: contains penis)
Once you can fit a finger in, you can save time by using a flesh tunnel, such as the Phimocure kit, which is designed to cure phimosis, or you can continue with the manual methods above.
Stretch gently, to just below the threshold of pain. Pain is a sign that you might damage the skin. Wounds will contract as part of the healing process, and cause your skin to become tighter.
If the opening is wide enough, but your frenulum is too short, you have frenulum breve. Stretch it using this method:

Stretch for curing frenulum breve
To cure frenulum breve, perform this stretch for a minute each time you pee.

What part do I stretch?

Find the tightest part and focus your stretching there. For stretching to work, you need to figure out a way to get inside and gently pull the tight ring in two directions. You can do that with your fingers or other devices that you feel safe to put into your body. Avoid items with sharp edges, and devices that snap open such as tweezers. Be aware of the risk of injury.

Locate the tightest part of your foreskin and focus your efforts there.

It is not necessary to pull in all directions. All parts are stretched even if you pull only horizontally.

Can I just stretch by retracting?

Most kids and teens will eventually retract their foreskins by repeated attempts. Some adults have reported success with this method. But it has some drawbacks, and there is a far better way.

  • If it hasn’t worked already, it probably won’t work now. Penile tissue is too flexible to provide enough force to stretch adult skin.
  • Accidentally retract too far before you are ready, and it might get it stuck. Paraphimosis can be painful, because you will then need to pinch your sensitive glans for a few minutes to reduce its size and carefully lift the foreskin back over it. Ice can help reduce the swelling.
  • You probably have a short frenulum as well. Pulling backwards will then bend your meatus (the urinary opening), and then you might have problems peeing straight.

 Do I need cream?

Although it’s not necessary, your doctor can prescribe betamethasone cream to help speed up the process. You can read about how it works here.
betamethasone cream
Apply a tiny dab of cream twice a day to the inside of the tight ring, after stretching, and rub it in. This will make your skin produce less collagen, so it is more likely to stay stretched out between sessions. Try not to get much on your glans, but it may be unavoidable.

When Stretching Isn’t Working

  • Use proper techniques. Are you stretching by pulling up and outwards? That is more effective than pulling it down. Make sure you are stretching the tight ring that prevents retraction.
  • Have patience. Did you give it enough time? You should start to see changes after two weeks of stretching every day. A full cure can take one month to a year, depending on your starting condition and how often you stretch.
  • Heal your skin. Do you have a yeast infection? Even if you aren’t aware if it, your skin may be irritated by the fungus and can be cured by using a over-the-counter clotrimazole vagina cream.
  • Give it a rest. Are you stretching too often? Give it 48 hours of rest before resuming. Over-stretching can cause a puffy, thickened appearance that takes a couple of days to heal. The condition comes on so gradually that you may not have noticed.

Can I just get surgery?

Partial circumcision, dorsal slit surgery, and preputioplasty have a high failure rate. In a small study of 22 boys, 8 were unhappy with the result, and 3 went on to further surgery. Preputioplasty is not even offered in Canada due to its poor results. After consulting with his physician, one blogger writes:

He was very down-to-earth when it came to explaining to me why preputioplasty isn’t a service typically covered by government health insurance in Canada. Apparently it was at one point, but men who had it done kept coming back for second and third surgeries because of complications associated with partial circumcisions. He explained that three complications are possible: scar tissue could form, causing a new case of phimosis; foreskin swelling could occur because of disruptions to normal lymph drainage from erectile tissue; and erectile dysfunction could occur (at a higher probability than with circumcision). The government had decided that the risk associated with preputioplasty was too great to offer it as a standard procedure when circumcision leads to the same (or better) functional results.

On the other hand, daily stretching with steroid cream is proven to have a 96% success rate in children. Many men on the Phimosis Discussion Board have treated themselves without the pain and worry of surgery.

Why did I suddenly get phimosis?

The most likely cause is a yeast infection. Yeast is present naturally all over your skin, but it is held back by beneficial bacteria. If you upset the natural balance of bacteria in your body, or you keep it wet more than normal, then the yeast will win the war and grow.
Never use soap on your penis. Wash it using only water.
To cure yeast, go to your pharmacy and pick up a tube of vaginal cream containing clotrimazole. Use the nozzle or a kid’s medicine syringe to inject a small amount into your foreskin every night for six nights.
Canesten clotrimazole cream for yeast infections, in drug store

Stretching is hurting!

Stretching should never hurt. Pain, burning urination, a bad smell, or tiny cuts are all symptoms of yeast. It is important that you make your skin healthy first, because healing skin will not stretch.

My glans is super-sensitive

Many men, especially those without a foreskin, would be glad to have your sensitivity. Your foreskin is a protective environment that keeps your glans moist and sensitive throughout your entire life.
When you have intercourse, you will not notice pain because your glans is designed to glide smoothly from your foreskin into the lubricated smooth environment of a vagina.
Oral sex requires a different technique. Saliva is not a good lubricant. Instead, ask her to use her hands more to move your foreskin back and forth, and put it in her mouth with the foreskin forward. The more practice your partner has, the better it will feel.
You can gradually introduce your glans to touch by running water over it in the shower. For fast results, keep it uncovered all the time, and the sensitivity will normalize within a few days.

I’m happy the way I am.

You don’t have to fix your tight foreskin. It’s part of what makes you unique. Here are some tips.

  • Use a condom during intercourse to prevent the foreskin from being pulled back. You may put on the condom with foreskin forward if you prefer.
  • Use extra lubricant both inside and outside of the condom.
  • Talk to your partner how she feels about it. Worrying about hurting you may be causing her more anxiety than you realize.

I need more help!

Post to the Phimosis Discussion Board. For several years, the anonymous moderators Jim and Paul B. have been helping men with their phimosis and frenulum breve problems.
If you are over 18, you can upload an image to and include a link in your post. Do not use the image upload feature of the board itself because your post will not be readable.
Over time, many men on the Phimosis Discussion Board have shared the fastest and safest ways to treat their phimosis that worked for them. I created this site to help share this information in a more readable format. I am not affiliated with the discussion board.

Are you a doctor?

No. I am just good at reading. I am aware of NO medical studies of treating phimosis in adults. In children, the success rate is over 90% within three months. Most doctors will prescribe the same steroid cream to adults as they do for children, but they may be unaware of the need to stretch.

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  3. Dude, do not know if you check this anymore… But thank you. You saved my foreskin. My case wasn’t as bad as yours so it took me a around 3 months. I will keep stretching it nevertheless.

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    1. My Journey

      I decided towards the end of this year to fully go with phimocure and stretching. I believe I am having excellent results.
      I started at level 4 phimosis but i think anyone that is able to get these stretching rings in will find this helpful.
      I wanted to take the time to share further tips. A Phimosis Journey – One man’s journey through pinhole phimosis This website has been incredibly helpful and i’d like to add onto the tips that he has.
      Get anti fungal cream if you can for thrush and apply once a day to ensure you dont get a flare up as this can get in the way of the stretching I had to take a 2 week break because of this as the rings creates the perfect environment for it to thrive. YOu need thrush cream essentially. Then if you can go persuade your doctor to provide you with steroid cream to put on once an evening before bed.
      Next tip is this whole process is strange as the entire time you arent stretching and you are resting is the entire time that stretching process is happening. When you have one of the rings in and are doing the stretching all that is doing is stimulating skin growth. So therefore it is very important to not go hard and fast. Slow and steady achieves amazing results.
      The methos i would use is 2-3 times a day have a ring in for 45 mins max. Then the way i would use the rings is as follows. When i started on a new ring I would have it in for 1 day then take 2 days rest. Then have it in for 2 days. Then 2 days rest. Then 3 days and 2 days rest and so on.
      Realistically expect to have the same ring in for a month. I dont know why on all the websites they asy you can move much faster. I have tried many different ways of doing this now and the above i have found is the best way.
      The reason for this is because you get to a healthy place where i hardly feel the ring going into my foreskin once i get to the 3 days in a row. I then hardly notice it for the 45 mins. Dont get me wrong there is still something there but its very comfortable. As i said slow and steady wins the race. If you feel sore then you must take 2 days break do not try and push through it ever. Again the resting is causing the stretching and the soreness is your skin saying youve fone enough now let us do our work.
      Since starting with type 4 phimosis im now in a place where my foreskin retracts over the glans and doesnt feel tight at all. It does feel tight to pull down from the glans so the skin sits underneath but again it doesnt feel tight now as it was when i first could so i can see the progress. I am trying to get to the stage where i can fully glide back and forth but i think i have a larger penis than most so its a longer journey. I now have 3 more rings after the one i am currently on so im hoping by april 2024 i will be fully cured. I hope someone find this useful. I will update further as i get towards April.

  5. Eighty-three y.o. here with an adult-onset phimosis not caused by diabetes or a lichenoid infection but by the formation and development of a phimotic-ring. I’ve not seen the full head of my cock in nearly 15 years. I experience some ED. However, I’ve noticed that when I become even slightly erect my foreskin feels a bit tighter which, in turn, causes me to become a little more stiff with an ever so slight increase in tightness again causing my erection to become stronger yet, and so forth and so on thus establishing a feedback loop. There are advantages to having a phimosis!

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  8. Hi,

    Thanks for your blog.

    I have been reading it atleast for the past 2-3 years..

    Last 2 years back i got the guts to try it. As you mentioned.. i was going slow.. sometime we can say dead slow.. several time took breaks for 2-6 months due to official, personal reasons.

    Now i am able to retract the fore skin fully.

    Thanks. Your blog helped me saved going to operation procedures.

    Thanks again.

    God bless you and your family..

  9. My son and I are quite vocal about our problems (single father) to each other. A month ago he discovered he has phimosis, he is turning 16 next month. We tried to look up on the internet and reddit and found this blog. I’m really thankful to all the people who have shared their problems here in the comments section, got to learn a lot from other’s experience and also big thumbs up to the admin for describing his journey in great detail. I’m sure this must have helped thousands of men in their phimosis journey.
    From what I collected, my son is seeing some progress in stretching. For some reason the doctor asked to not use any steroid cream, and use E45 creme instead. When asked about phimosis rings, or any other tool, the urologist advised for phimosis rings. Initially the doc asked to get circumcised but when I explained that there’s no way my son is getting under a blade, and requested for other options such as normal stretching or rings or that metal tool, he said he has heard some positive stories on phimosis rings.
    Anyway, it’s been 3 weeks, since he started using phimosis rings. There’s a website called I ordered from their website since I heard horror stories about how long phimocure may take to deliver it in my location (am based in Cali, US).
    So far so good. Will update after 2 weeks when I hear some good news.

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  11. Hey, I’ve recently gotten the phimocure, and I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly. I was wondering if I could connect with you over email to send you a video or two just to see if I’m doing it correctly. Thank you!

  12. I was cured from Genital warts/herpes through herbal means, i am clear from the virus ; Robinsonbuckler11(at)gmail. com……,,,,,

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  14. Hey there! I’m gonna leave an update in a month or so hopefully.
    When flaccid I can retract fully, but erect it is difficult and only goes down all the way when I force it hard, and then it hurts beneath the head.
    I’m gonna try 5 min finger stretches 3 times a day and use .05% betamethasone dipropionate at night. Also gonna avoid too much masturbation so my skin doesn’t dry out.
    Wish me luck.

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  16. Hey i wanted to ask… Is it compulsory to use the cream? It is possible if I only do the stretches? Will it work with only the stretches? When i retract my forskin I can see the urinal part… But can’t pull it further

  17. Hi . I have problem with my foreskin when my penis is in erect state . When flaccid I am able to freely move the foreskin but when erect I can bring it below the head and I feel it tight below the head . It is painful during sex without condom Or lubricant. We are planning for a baby and so I cannot use condom or lubricant. How long do I need to spend on stretching exercises every day and any Idea how long it might take for complete cure

  18. Should we try the finger stretching and frenulum stretching exercises when the penis is erect or flaccid??

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  20. Thanks a lot for putting together such a valuable information. I was diagnosed of Phimosis few weeks earlier and did not even realize before that foreskin is supposed to be pulled up for cleaning. Any way I went to the doctor because I noticed a bump under the foreskin about half way on the head. Doctor recommended circumcision to look what’s going on. I found this site and thought there is no harm in trying the exercise that has been mentioned. Today I was able to reach the location of bump and it was a lump of organic material which was sitting there and couldn’t find its way out. I pulled it out and problem solved. I am posting it here first to thank you and also in a hope that it could help others like me.

  21. Well i did have phimosis myself and i am at point where i can easily retract my foreskin.Sometimes i am having trouble getting it back up but its only minor with no pain or discomfort i guess i ll have to work on that.Btw i though it wasn’t feasible to self treat it but i managed to do it by just pulling the foreskin down.Meaning with dedecation it is manageable.

  22. Great blog. Wish had found it earlier, could had helped safe some intact men from the fate of circumcision. But it has become a great source for my own blog against routine circumcision in America. There are a few things I had not thought about until I read your blog, such why phimosis occur in the first place. And I was truly shocked to see the 180 degree results from your own stretching having no need for even a small cut. Unfortunately i think some articles are down. Hope the blog hasn’t been totally abandoned but in any case don’t put it down.

  23. This blog is such an important resource for teen boys and men. I wish I had seen this when I was teaching human health and sexuality. There will be more and more boys who are allowed to stay intact and not be circumcised – as if their foreskin was an anatomical mistake. But circumcised men will not have the experience or knowledge to guide their intact boys toward healthy penis care. For all the intact boys and men out there I thank you for having the courage and forthrightness to put this out into the world.

  24. My foreskin can retract fully when flaccid. When erect it only retracts to uncovering the pee hole. I found that pulling the foreskin forward at penetration works wonders. We live in a circumcised society where the glans has to be exposed. Everybody telling us to retract our foreskin even when erect, this is bad advice. Just do the opposite, pull the skin forward before penetration, you’ll have full range of movement during sex without forcefully retracting the skin. Most phimosis is not a problem, it only become a problem because we think the foreskin has to retract behind the glans, it doesn’t.

    1. What a great comment. Yes the problem with young men especially is that they are easily impressionable and think they must be a certain way… but follow your natural instincts. If retracting hurts while hard then don’t retract. Not all penises function exactly the same way

      1. Right pain is the body’s warning system to stop what you’re doing because it’s harmful. And with more pain, the lower the pain threshold is adjusted to better make sure to stop painful actions. Penises also have a wide differences in the amount of nerves and location as shown in studies.

  25. My doctor recently prescribed me triamcinolone acetone cream 0.1% I’m 24 and wondering why he gave me this instead of the typical betamethasone 0.5? When I was 18 I used betamethasone but and I’m either really stupid or uneducated on this subject because i thought I finished the treatment but I realized never did because my foreskin is still tight when my penis is erect I lived this lie for another 9 years what a shame I also damaged my foreskin because now it has stretch marks from when I first used the betamethasone I was just told to stretch and put the cream on my tip of the penis but here it says inside the ring? I’m so confused 😐 finding info on how to apply cream online is literally nonexistent which is insane I guess this problem solves for most people fairly easy and for some of us it doesn’t which sucks I’m now using this weaker cream not sure why he gave it to me

    1. Start with warm baths stretching followed by twice application of betamethasone / day with some stretching. Never to the point of hurting. It’s a process to coax the skin cells to replicate so can’t be rushed. Hurt skin will stop growing to repair itself first. Check out Doctors Opposing Circumcision online. They also help personally with questions.

  26. I can’t thank you enough. You are a great man. It was by luck that I had found this page, and I was lucky to have been as young as 15. After four months of stretching for 10 minutes every day I finally retracted my flucid penis. However I completely omitted the frenulum stretching and I realised it would only retract to a certain extent when erect. So, I’m doing my frenulum stretches now, and I’ll also be doing phimosis stretching again for a while just to be sure. Once again, I thank you a lot for this.

    1. Hey brother good to know that now you are working on the frenulum.
      Even i have a tight frenulum, and just started doing the frenulum stretch 10min each day.
      Any update on how long it will take to loosen the frenulum ?

  27. Hi guys,

    I have been using the phimocure rings and they have been effective so far. I am loving this journey. But the question I now have is, when do I stop going up in ring sizes. I can now fully retract when erect but I cannot bring the foreskin back over the head once the skin goes behind it. It is not painful thanks to the stretching and also the symptoms of paraphimosis has disappeared. Can I do any harm if I keep going up in ring sizes. Ideally should I target to get to a point where I could bring the foreskin back over the glans even when fully erect.

  28. I have Phimosis but it is fairly mild. It has been getting better but how do I know when I can attempt to pull it back fully when flacid? I am very scared of Paraphimosis happening as I have never pulled it back fully before.

    1. >> very scared of Paraphimosis happening <<

      You really don't need to be. To resolve paraphimosis just keep gentle squeezing the glans until it reduces in size to allow the skin to roll forward. Try it sometime while erect without retracting to prove to yourself that it will reduce even if the penis stays erect.

    2. See Doctors Opposing Circumcision online. If stuck behind glans keep in mind not to use icecubes to reduce swelling as the dartos muscled sheathing encompassing the penis and scrotum will contract clamping down tighter. Flip side warm water will relax the dartos making things easier. The thing about retracting phimostic skin is to carefully and very slowly retract incrementally. Those with more pronounced Coronas are more apt to get stuck. Insert fingers to stretch beyond that of glans can give you the clearance of glans without the risk.

  29. I can not say how thankful I am to you for this blog. Not only because it has given me an incredible useful insight on phimosis and your journey, but also because it has been a blessing for me and my partner to read you. When we met, he was really worried and anxious about sex because he had tried several times over the years and every time he felt a lot of pain. He isolated himself and didn’t try to date any girl, until we met. And even when we fell in love almost at first sight (yes, cheesy!), sex and his phimosis was a reason of great anxiety and fear for him, and for me because I did not knew how to help him. I have studied Anatomy for several years now, so I knew something was wrong, but there is no a lot of information about treating phimosis in adults. Your blog and your journey (and the heartwarming and scientific way you present it) has lifted a lot of fears and anxiety from our lives. We thank you eternally!

    1. Hi I’m 19 nearly 20.
      I’ve been masturbating since age 13 I’d say but I was doing it wrong aka Prone Masturbation, I did masturbate normally too but humping the bed was more discreet and easier to hide if anyone came in.
      I can’t retract my foreskin when flaccid at all literally nothing, when erect the foreskin opens at the head a tiny bit but no where near the amount for the glans to come out.

      I tried stretching with cotton swab stick things but got demotivated and the time consuming effect made me stop completely but I’m nearly 20 and I’m shy as it is but having phimosis makes me the most I confident person ever because I know If I ever got in a position of having sex of any kind with a girl it wouldn’t work please I need help on how to stretch, I have the phimocure kit but the rings don’t fit

      1. Stretch n stretch without causing any pain and have patience man!

        And give regular intervals of rest in between the stretches.

        1. Start with warm baths stretching followed by twice application of betamethasone / day with some stretching. Never to the point of hurting. It’s a process to coax the skin cells to replicate so can’t be rushed. Hurt skin will stop growing to repair itself first. Check out Doctors Opposing Circumcision online. They also help personally with questions.

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  31. Hey guys, I am 16 years old and i have never retracted my foreskin fully… I have just been able to see a bit of the top. After stretching a bit i realized my glans is super sensitive and there is a lot of smegma buildup… Can anyone tell me what i should do?

    1. Hold your foreskin together at the top and pee, resulting in it building up and cleaning out the smegma. Once it begins to hurt / you can’t hold it back anymore, let go and repeat again if you can. Your pee is a great way to clean it.

    2. I have the same issue, I just turned 17 and I can only retract my foreskin down about less than halfway, I have smegma buildup as well, I’m going to start doing the stretches in this article, also I have a doc appointment soon where I’ll ask to be prescribed some steroid cream, if I don’t see progress in a month or so I’m just gonna circumsize, fuck it.

  32. Hi.I’m 19 years old and my foreskin is able to be pulled back half of Mt glans without pain…after slightly starts painting and a lot if I full pull it back behind my glans.Please suggest what should I do?

    1. Warm bath stretching and betamethasone ointment stretching 2 times day
      Coax skin incrementally not rush and no pain as the process will stop to first heal. Rest between intervals is just as important.

  33. Hi, I am 19 years old and facing type 1.I can fully retract skin behind my glan but it gets tight behind it and hurts.Could anybody please help me with this issue?? I’d be really grateful

  34. What am i supposed to do if i cant stretch it with my fingers but only by retracting it?
    Not even the cotton sticks worked out

  35. The guide says not to “stretch” by retracting, but this is the only way I can do it. I can’t grab the phimosis ring so what am I supposed to do? Am i out of options? I even tried the cotton sticks

  36. I am 24 . I struggle with phimosis .I search in network for cure phimosis without surgery.finally i got a solution to get rid phimosis By stretching in home itself with pure coconut june 3 2018 i start my phimosis journey ,while I am starting i would able to see only meatus tip hole of my first week stretching process fully meatus is able to show over foreskin of my penis.then end of next quite trouble with short fernulm .But in middle of 2 week i stretch for that i able retract 45 – 50% glans are visible .After 24 years i am happy to see half of my third week first 3 days are busy with personal work i forgot to work with stretch.again i stretch process continue …… In the end of 3rd week 70- 75 % are starting of 4 week almost foreskin are losen but fernelum quite tight. So I done frequently fernelum stretch.slowly retract to 85% .At the end of the 4 week i quite retract fully after 24 years ..But so tight behind the glans.. in first few times struggling to normal position..Then i stretch the tip of the foreskin again now it little bit jul 1st 2018,i tried to retract fully..In that day i clean with warm water to remove unwanted dust & smemga from glans.after that i easily retract without pain .But my penis now 1 inches short than non fully retract time.due to short fernelum quite bend at head of again i go frenulum quite normal …Please every do this while your shower.. please don’t urge ..Go slowly .when your hurt please stop at the will reduce consequences.keep this simple step.if no development beter to consult urinology..Once again be slowly..It gradually slow the result for you thanks you

  37. I am from Delhi (India). I got effected from Phimosis at the age of 45 just 2 months back. Visited urologist and suggested following:
    Stage 1: Curing of infection. Diagnosis BXO (Adv) T Forcan 200mg once daily x 5 days, C Curzet 500 mg twice daily x 3 weeks, (Curzest is extrat of HALDI/ Turmeric), ZOLE F Twice daily x 3 weeks.
    Stage 2 (Today/ After 20 days of stage 1): Treatment of scar which got devloped 2 days back: Terbicip cream twice daily x 2 weeks. Aftwer two weeks Stop Terbicip cream and start new cream FUCIDIN Cream twice dialy x 4 weeks. T Candiforce 100mg twice daily x 5 days for scar healing. C Curzest 500mg once daily x 6 weeks.
    My Comment: Dr promsed that it will resolve the problem in my case. I Can not make any comment as on date.
    If thinking of operation then google for ZSR Circumcision. Read +ve about it.
    Best of luck.

  38. Hi,i’m 20 year old…i’ve type 2 phimosis when the penis is hard, and i can pull the foreskin till the end of head when the penis is in normal condition. As i go through the above comments,i came to
    Know strecthing can cure these. So when we do stretching exercise should we want to make the penis hard??or strecth it in normal condition?

    1. You should stretch in flaccid (normal condition) from what I heard, I have the exact same situation as you

    I am attaching a link. My foreskin does not retract beyond that. A few times, accidentally my foreskin got retracted forcefully, but I managed to pull it back up. But it does not retract normally. Can you suggest .e a cure? Thank you.

  40. I tried stretching on and off for a couple of years and it didn’t work for me. I think my phimosis was a pretty severe case and there was no way it could have worked for me. I would have tried phimocure if it had been available 7 years ago. I had dorsal slit surgery and I’m happy with the results. I’d be a little self conscious about the appearance if anybody other than my wife had to see it, but she doesn’t mind. If you’re like me – don’t fear the dorsal slit despite what everybody seems to be saying about it.

    1. Hi I’d like to no more about dorcil split I’m 47 never retracts during intercourse only in cold shower want to be normal thanks

  41. Hey man. Thanx for creating this amazing resource. Before landing on this site i had no idea i had phimosis. I always used to wonder why penetrating a woman was so painful. I had a few girlfriends but i never had sex. At the last moment it used to get very painful. Your blog gave me a ray of hope. I got lot of inspiration from this blog as well. To all those people who say stretching doesnt work FUCK YOU! I stretched. And it gave me results. After a while it wasn’t even a chore. It became a habit. i started my journey 6 months ago. i have been on and off since then. I used to stretch by pulling skin from edges. Then i was able to put 2 fingers inside and pull. Now i am at a good 4 fingers. and i have CURED my phimosis.
    Had it not been for you i am sure i would have stayed a virgin for ever.
    Thanx alot!
    PS- feeling a vag with your glans is just an amazing feeling!
    This is what i did-
    1. i was on and off for 6 months.
    2. last 3 months i got serious
    3. i tried putting the cream every day. I found it kinda counterproductive as the skin would not get stretched.
    4. I found applying the cream every alternate day worked the best.
    5. I used to stretch morning afternoon and night for a month
    6. after that i reduced the frquency and now i am working on just making the change permanent.
    You have to do only 2 things to cure phimoses-
    1. Strech
    2. Apply cream(this is very important, almost as important as streching)
    It worked for me
    i feel free!
    I am sure if you give it a try it will work for you as well.
    All the best to all of you

    1. Just wanted to ask you something.. What type/phase of phimosis, you were at, when you got started.. And can you give me any estimate on how long might it take me to get over it from type 2, the partial retraction..

    2. what cream are you using?
      I have a question.. My foreskin retracts when lucid stage but its won’t when erect. I am not sure what stage I am at of phimosis

  42. Thanks for your kind information given above . I am surprising that at the age of 67 I am suffering from this problem. I am not interested to get operated. If you have any homeopathic treatment them suggest me. My EMail ID is

  43. I tried the cream but it didn’t work. I’m nervous about having surgery and how it might change my relationship
    with my penis. I won’t know how to work it anymore and the sensations may not be as good.

    1. Why change it? Is it giving you difficulties? If it’s aesthetics only I say leave it. KY will always be here if there’s an issue on that end. we don’t all have to look the same. It’s neet to be unique and special in our own ways. My hubby is in tact. If he couldn’t retract but there was no health issues I’d keep him where he was. There’s no point imo depending on what the side effects are.

      1. I can’t ejaculate through penetrative sex (only by “manual stimulation”). Could this be as result of my phimosis? Or down to something else unrelated?

    2. Hey stretch and use the cream. In my experiments it worked best using cream on alternate days.
      But you gotta stretch. It took my 6 months. and i got here.

  44. Hello there! Im 15 right now, and by the looks of this information, have type 2 phimosis. Should I start stretching or will it “cure” itself at the end of puberty?

    1. Stretching. CAUTIOUSLY. My son is 23 and gets impatient creating scars. this only makes stretching more difficult and will take you backwards, limiting how much it CAN STRETCH. Never stretch to pain. You will get cuts. A No No. be patient, use cream, use SILICON flexible flesh tunnels. Don’t go up sizes too fast. Maintain a size for 2-3 weeks at a time. Wear them at night even is easiest. Wear them to maintain where you’re at. If not you may go down a size or two. Read the advice on ear tunnels, ppl stretching their ears. It’s pretty much the same advice. Use scar zone or maderma for scars a couple weeks first if you have any. This motivates healing. I swear by this stuff for all wounds.
      Amazon for the silicone flesh tunnels or ears. Only the ones that have soft flared ends, not hard edges. Here is a link or search amazon:
      22pc Mix Size 8-22mm Ultra-thin Silicone Ear Skin Flexible Flesh Tunnel Expander Gauges

  45. I’m type 1 non-erect and type 2 erect I’m also a grower but I’m 17 should I worry or start stretching now?

  46. I’m 18 and just finishing my final exams, and have been looking forward to having a girlfriend and sex pretty soon. But I’ve realized I have type 1-2 phimosis and it’s knocked my confidence quite a bit. With stretching and some patience, hopefully I can come back and give you good news. Thank you so much for creating a place where people can discuss this freely

    1. Its good you see this website, even you have a little bit tight it will someday affect you, i dont know when but someday you will get skin rupture or Irritation after intercourse or masturbation

  47. Hey there thanks for this very helpful blog.
    My problem I that imma a bit nervous type and wanna get some good advise
    Well I was able to overcome the problem of revealing mah redhead all the way but at the bottom its a lot tight and I had to struggle puttin it back. When fully erected its a bit pain due to tightness. I would like to hear some advise one more time(if not a prob) about how to overcome this tight neck of mah redhead
    Oh by the way imma 20 yrs old indian male

  48. Hey there thanks for this very helpful blog.
    My problem I that imma a bit nervous type and wanna get some good advise
    Well I was able to overcome the problem of revealing mah redhead all the way but at the bottom its a lot tight and I had to struggle puttin it back. When fully erected its a bit pain due to tightness. I would like to hear some advise one more time(if not a prob) about how to overcome this tight neck of mah redhead
    Oh by the way imma 20 yrs old indian male.

    1. Hi, maybe i can help with your problem, i have experience treating my nephew age 8-14y/o, i have succesfuly retracted 6 from 7, the last one decided to perform circumcision because he cant pee normally (hurts alot when pee, and stretching consume to much time) just email me
      Nb: iam not a doctor, just have a little experience and knowledge for treating phimosis

  49. First of all i want to thank this site for like LITERALLY SAVING MY SEX LIFE.I will share my experience from my history to phimosis discovery to treating of phimosis. For everyone who’ve just realised that they have phimosis, i would like to say DON’T WORRY and I’M SURE you can cure that by following above stretching exercises for like a month or two. Don’t listen to foolish people who might have suggested to circumcise. You DON’T NEED TO CIRCUMCISE your penis.
    I’m a male 21 from a developing country. In our country talking about various sex related issues is a taboo. So i had learn everything about sex, masturbation etc on my own. This is where many of my problems originated as i learned to masturbate in a WRONG way. I used to masturbate by humping on the bed, a condition called PRONE MASTURBTION. I’ve never touched my tool with hand and i never had to stretch my foreskin, which i believe might have led to unretractable foreskin over last 20 years. Even though i used to watch porn since i was 15, i never felt i was doing it in the wrong way as i felt i had some special way of masturbating. I’ve believed this till i was 20, when i accidentally learnt about PRONE Masturbation. I immediately re-learnt the correct way in about 3 weeks and i was good to go.
    But recently(about 4 months ago) i realised that i was unable to retract my foreskin and when i searched online i found this was a much bigger problem, called phimosis. According to the above division i had type-3(head just visible). I got severly depressed all of a sudden. Some stupid online searches suggested Circumcision. It feared the hell out me. Then i found this wonderful site, which suggested some stretching exercises. I then followed them (very irregularly though) for 2 months, with a frequency as low as 2/3 times a week. Still to my surprise i was able to retract my foreskin completely in 2 months. My forehead is a bit sensitive initially, but i’m able to desensitize it slowly. Now it feels even better to masturbate.
    For all those guys out there, i would only suggest you to be pateient for some time. Just follow above instructions and i’m sure you’ll be able to retract with a month or two. Greater the effort, lesser the time. Don’t believe people who say CIRCUMCISON as an option. No, it isn’t. You can read about the disadvantages of a circumcised penis. I’ve taken time to write about my experience because, i know how such experiences can make one mentally strong during intital times of realisation.

    1. Very true, I found out I had it and I was scared! I thought in my head that I won’t be able to have sex or even worse not have a kid later in life, I got hopeless and thought I couldnt do anything and i was screwed. But today I found out and my life is now looking better, if it worked for you then I most defiantly have a chance!

    2. hey I found that I also have phimosis, can you please tell me from which website did you see exercises for phimosis. it will be very helpful to me. My age is 19. I got very scared, I want to cure my phimosis as soon as possible.


  50. Hello your blog is very useful but when it comes to my phimosis. I can retract fully when flaccid but I still see feel a ring around my shaft when it do. When I am erect, I can barely get it over the head and when I do it’s pretty pain full. I can’t go any further than that down. That being said it never gets stuck behind my head. It just retracts back on its own. I just started the 2 finger stretch to try and get that “ring” looser or gone so I can fully retract when erect. I was just wondering if I should continue with that stretching method so I can fully retract with no pain.

  51. it can be treated by only stretching…. i had phimosis which got treated by only stretching in about 2-3 weeks now foreskin is properly retracing below the glans penis
    for further information mail me at aksetia98@gmail.con

    1. Just wanted to ask you something.. What type/phase of phimosis, you were at, when you got started.. And can you give me any estimate on how long might it take me to get over it from type 2, the partial retraction..

  52. Hi, thanks for the site… I’m also just recently realize that I have phimosis… I think I have type 5 and quite severe one, I can still pee… but when I ejaculate, I need to squeeze all the semen out. And to make things worse, I live in country where circumcision is a normal practice… they even kinda force it to lots of people… So when I asked the doctor about this, you already know the answer. There’s also no fancy stuff over here… at least not off-the-shelf. I can’t find the flesh tunnel or lotion or steroid. I’ve tried stretching but it seems what I did is just what you did in the first/second week… and no result… what can I do?

  53. An advice for all: if you can’t fully retract when erect, it isn’t 100% sure you have a phimosis. You may have a condition called “frenulum breve” or “short frenulum”. If you google it, you will see misleading pictures, where the glans is terribly blended because of the frenulum breve: these are “extreme” cases of frenulum breve, in the most cases the frenulum is simply attached “too up” to the glans.
    Frenulum breve and phimosis can also be present at the same time: you may have only phimosis, only frenulum breve, or both.
    In the case of the owner of this site, there is certainly a phimosis, can’t tell from the pics if he has frenulum breve, maybe it can be a mild case of frenulum breve (he says that now frenulum is a limit).
    To cure frenulum breve, there are several approaches:
    – stretching can theorically work, but, from what i read, it’s very difficult to have success. On the web there are many people that solved phimosis by simple stretching, but i haven’t found a single person that said he managed to solve frenulum breve with stretching
    – you can go to the doctor and do a surgery called “frenuloplasty” that simply cuts the frenulum. It’s much less invasive and expensive than a circumcision, and it saves the foreskin! This is the RECOMMENDED approach.
    – if for some reason you don’t want to go to the doctor, you can use a tecnique called “frenulum tying”, that consists in tying tight a piece of the frenulum until it breaks. The tecnique usually has to be repeated a certain numer of times to completely cut the frenulum. You can find information about it here and here
    – some people simply cut the frenulum with some kind of blade: a bisturi, a razor etc. I DO NOT reccommend this technique because it can be really painful and lead to infection because of the open wound. If you really want to use a do-it-yourself approach, use the “frenulum tying” approach.

    1. Hey, if the frenulum breve is not causing any problems is it ok if I just leave it the way it is? Mine retracts comfortably past the entire glans when I’m both flaccid and erect. There is only a bit of restriction when I try to pull it to the very bottom of my shaft. That restriction is only minimal though and causes no pain no matter how much I pull and tug. Do you think I’m fine leaving it alone?

      1. Just how severe your condition? But if you already feel a little tight you must do stretching or get frenuloplasty for quick treatment (but i think it will less sensitif because your frenulum will be remove from your glans, but you still have you frenulum in your foreskin it will double the foreskin range)

  54. I can pull my foreskin back when flacid but when erect it does not retract much – only maybe a third of it shows I can force it back fully but it feels uncomfortable – so I peel it back towards the tip again. Would stretching work for me without cream? If I used two fingers – how long would this take to work if it was going to? And how long is the hold for each session? Thanks.

    1. You have grower penis type (search about grower and shower penis type) in your case you still have phimosis trouble, you can use “two finger” just add hot towel when you did it (or better if you can soak your lower body in warm/hot water) if you ask about how long each session i would say its relatif, it would depend on your foreskin condition, if thick you can only do 1-2 minutes if thin maybe 10-20 minutes not a problem (i have nephew 8y/o and before he sleep i will use cutton buds for stretching his foreskin it will be -+ 8h/d and while his bath with warm water for another 15m morning and evening, after 1 month his foreskin is 5cm wide while his glans only 2cm, after that i forbid him for closing his foreskin, for 2 month his foreskin retracted using tape, after that his foreskin always retracted, if you pull it up of course it still closed his glans, only after 4-5 years his foreskin cannot cover his glans if he get erection, but still cover his glans while not erect if you pull it) thats it my experience while treating one of my nephew, for you i advice 5 minutes streatching 10 minutes relax for 1-2 hour if you need more advice just mail me

  55. Hi , I’m 17 this year and I think I have type 4 phimosis. The tip of my foreskin is bunched up together and I find that it is hard to insert one finger inside to stretch… I have never seen the top of the head of my glans before… Should I be worried about this ? I’ve read online about smegma causing penile cancer and stuff so it freaks me out… Please give me some advice …. I don’t think I’ll buy any objects to help me with the stretching and was wondering if I can do it manually…

  56. Hi, first of all compliments for your blog. I would like to practice the exercises that You propose But I have a question… My Doc told me that I have oily Skin, therefore He advised me to use “osmyn spray” (is a spray that contains 10% Zinc Oxide in a Light, non oily). I read that You tips to use Zinc… So, I must to use only water and osmyn, And Can I do the exercises? It’s possibile that my glans isn’t irritated for oily skin? Many thanks in advance for supporting And sorry for my English.

  57. Hi, I have one question. The problem is phymosis I have from an early age. I started to do exercises for some time with two fingers like I found instructions on the Internet. And in the beginning I couldnt see head of my penis but now after some time of exercies i can drag foreskin to the end but it can go back only with my little help, however, if we i do not push foreskin back ,it will remain below the penis. Does this mean that my ring is narrow, and the foreskin is stuck because of that ?Should i just need to do extend the ring or is something else like as paraphimosis, i don’t feel any kind of pain while doing that, i can even masturbate correctly but again my foreskin remains at the bottom of my penis if i dont push it back. Thanks for help

    1. Paraphimosis means that the retracted foreskin strangles the penis, and it can be very dangerous. So it’s always safer not to retract too far until the foreskin is loose enough.
      If your retracted foreskin doesn’t strangle the shaft when erect, and you can return it forward easily, then everything’s fine. That should be your goal. The fact that your foreskin stays in place “on its own” when retracted is also normal.

  58. Thanks for this great blog! I have two tips to improve it. Could you please add them to this guide?
    1. From my own experience, stretching works better in the shower or bath when the foreskin is warm and soaked (both the two finger method and stretching by retracting). I think that warm water, stretching, and applying betamethasone ointment is a “killer combination” for phimosis. (Ointment should be better than cream. You have to be careful with it, and apply it to the smallest area and for the shortest time necessary.)
    2. People with phimosis should be also warned about this scenario of paraphimosis:
    You reach a point when you’re finally able to retract fully when flaccid. When you do that, your sensitive glans is exposed for the first time, and that might sometimes lead to an erection. But the foreskin is not loose enough for that, and it will strangle the penis. Then you have a big problem…
    I was very afraid it would happen to me, but it fortunately didn’t. Maybe the fear didn’t allow me to get an erection. The safest solution is probably to wait until the foreskin is loose enough to retract when erect, but I admit it’s not very practical. Does anyone know a better one?
    Thank you for considering those tips.

  59. Hey, I’ve seen your latest posts on twitter and you claim that frenulum breve is your only problem now. Is there anything you are doing to treat it and what is your opinion on Frenuloplasty? I can completely retract over my glans when erect but can’t pull my foreskin all the way down my shaft because of the string. I’ll try to stretch it but if I can’t I might go the F-plasty route. How has sex been with just the breve? I’d love to here a update because your blog has helped me so much. I hope all is well for you:)

    1. I am stretching the frenulum using the frenulum stretch whenever I think of it. I am afraid of a frenuloplasty because it is one of the highest areas of sensitivity, and I don’t want anything to affect that.
      There hasn’t been much opportunity for sex recently, because we have unfortunately turned into very busy and tired parents.

  60. What is the difference between phimosis and frenulum breve? Also What are the pros and cons of getting a dorsal slit? I’m also from Canada and debating getting a dorsal slit.

    1. Phimosis means tight foreskin (difficult or impossible retraction). Frenulum breve means short frenulum (causing the glans to bend downward after retraction). They might be related – guys with phimosis usually have frenulum breve, too.
      I would NOT recommend you getting a dorsal slit. But you can learn more about it on Wikipedia:
      Why don’t you try stretching (optionally speeded up with betamethasone ointment)?
      I forgot to mention that frenulum breve can sometimes prevent retraction, even if the foreskin is loose enough.

  61. Hey, I’ve known about phimosis for a year now. I’ve never done any stretching excerises but I do masturbate a lot. For the first time yesterday I pulled my fire skin past my Corona. I’ve gone from never seeing my head to type 2 or 1 all by masturbating. I still have to pull a bit to get it past the Corona but it is painless. Do you think masturbating alone could fix this? I’m 20 and I didn’t start masturbating correctly until I was 19! Any advice on how to get past the final step? Since I have never had pain during sex or masturbation is it OK for me to have sex with the way it is now?

      1. Im thinking about trying it, but i’m scared I’ll make things worse if I stretch to the point that I’m type 1. It was cool when I got it past the corona, but it also scared me. I don’t ever want to get paraphmosis. Do you think that is safe if I just leave it the way it is since there is no pain during sex, masturbation or pulling it hard?

    1. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to live with unresolved phimosis. At the very least, because of poor hygiene and its possible complications. I think it’s worth it to try stretching.
      As for paraphimosis, don’t retract fully (or approach to it too much) until you’re sure that it’s loose enough. There also might be the risk that a guy retracts without a problem when flaccid, but then gets an erection and the foreskin isn’t loose enough for that. If you’re afraid of that, wait with full retraction until your foreskin is loose enough even when erect. Good luck.

  62. Like a forceful yank? When I yank or tug toward my shaft it just reaches a point where it won’t budge. No pain just won’t budge. I can kind of see a string like thing atached near the back of the glans. I think it is my frenulum that keeps it in place. Is there a risk of it snapping during sex?

  63. Hey. I have type 4 phimosis. I’m a haemophiliac patient so it isn’t possible for me to do surgery. Kindly give me the name of that steroid cream which easily available in India. Please help me.

    1. 1. For fungal infection in foreskin- Bayer’s Canesten cream – if you have smelly rough, painful, skin cracking while stretching. That is sign of fungus. You can get this cream easily. Or ask for any other clotrimazole cream. You should use it only and till skin get soft and painless while retracting.
      2. Betamethasone cream – to speed up streching exercise result and to avoid puffy or hardened skin.
      I am using it for couple of months. Close to success very much.

      1. Terbicip- Terbinafine Hydrochloride Cream 1% 10gram Rs 75/-, Gentalene Plus (Beclomethasone Dipropionate, Neomycin Sulphate and Clotrimazole Cream (20 gram Rs 80)), ZOLE F (Miconazole nitrate & Fluocinolone acetonide ointment 15G )
        Cost of ZSR Surgery is Rs 25000/- (mediclaim possible in case of phimosis), Time 30 minutes, Normal Circumcision Cost Rs 12000/-

  64. First and foremost great article. Very informative. I am 20 and think I either have phimosis or a short frenulum as I have never seen the head of my penis. I can pull and pull but nothing happens, it like my foreskin just wants to never be moved.there is no pain when I masturbate or when I have sex (with condom) But I am scared that if I have unprotected sex that I’ll get hurt. I really don’t want to do stretching excerises unless I have to. I also have OCD so i am a bit obsessed with phimosis atm . Can I have unprotected sex with this condition?

    1. First and foremost great article. Very informative. I am 20 and think I either have phimosis or a short frenulum as I have never seen the head of my penis. I can pull and pull but nothing happens, it like my foreskin just wants to never be moved.there is no pain when I masturbate or when I have sex (with condom) But I am scared that if I have unprotected sex that I’ll get hurt. I really don’t want to do stretching excerises unless I have to. I also have OCD so i am a bit obsessed with phimosis atm . Can I have unprotected sex with this condition? I think I have either type 4 or 5

  65. First and foremost great article. Very informative. I am 20 and think I either have phimosis or a short frenulum as I have never seen the head of my penis. I can pull and pull but nothing happens, it like my foreskin just wants to never be moved.there is no pain when I masturbate or when I have sex (with condom) But I am scared that if I have unprotected sex that I’ll get hurt. I really don’t want to do stretching excerises unless I have to. I also have OCD so i am a bit obsessed with phimosis atm . Can I have unprotected sex with this condition?

  66. Hi
    I recently turned 15 and I cannot fully retract my forseskin. Should I be worried, and start stretching, or should I just wait and see what happens?

    1. There is nothing to worry about yet. But there is no harm in stretching it either. At your age, you can stretch it by pulling it down while erect. If that does not work, use the finger method described in the guide.

      1. Hello.
        I am 15 going to turn 16 this upcoming November.
        I have a couple questions.
        Should I be worried, or will my foreskin retract soon?
        Also do I repeat the 60 second pulls several times a day or the 10 minute on and offs?

    2. i just turned 16, for me it still has not fully retracted, you should start stretching because if you don’t it will just mess up your sex life, go to the doctor or try to stretch it without any cream

  67. Hi,
    I have phimosis from childhood and I’m 25 now. I don’t uses any exercise or any remedies yet to get rid of it and I am still virgin yet. I can pull my foreskin while my penis is not erect. But I can’t do the same when it is erected. It stuck before glan. I am really in tension about my sex life. I want to do sex with my gf. Can anybody suggest me that what should I do?

  68. Hi there
    I’ve tried looking on this page and some other sites but haven’t found the information I need.
    My phimosis has essentially been fixed by stretching – the issue now is frenulum breve. I’ve been using the technique shown on this site for 4 weeks now but have yet to notice any improvement. The frenulum isn’t fused to the glans but stubbornly refuses to lengthen.
    Some sites are saying that some people find that they can stretch their frenulum while others sites say that other people cannot stretch their frenulum. Is there a reason why? The argument on this site is that ‘skin is skin’ therefore can stretch.
    Does anyone have any further ideas on stretching the frenulum?

  69. i am 18 now and i am shocked that i have phimosis.can anyone explain me clearly about it whether the foreskin should retract both during the time of flacid or erect or only during erect?

    1. Normally, your foreskin should be fully retractable (with the help of fingers) both when flaccid and erect.

  70. Hi friends i am 18 now ,i am afraid that i have phimosis and can you explain what exactly phimosis is and the for me the foreskin is not retractable both in flacid and erect state what can i do please help me?

    1. Phimosis means that you can’t fully retract your foreskin (when erect or even flaccid) so that your whole glans is visible.
      You should see a specialized doctor (urologist). You have two options:
      1. special steroid ointment and stretching excercises (e.g. as described on this blog) – I think this option is worth trying
      2. circumcision
      You should know that according to doctors, long-term phimosis when you can’t wash your glans and foreskin is that it can lead to cancer. I wasn’t aware that I have phimosis until recently. I’m 31 and just resolved my phimosis partially so that I can wash there. And hopefully, I’m OK. But I guess this is individual, so it’s better solve it as soon as possible. Good luck!

      1. “Can I stretch without any cream?”
        You can try it and see. I guess the result might also depend on how old you are (the younger you are, the better result). But a special steroid ointment generally makes a big difference.

  71. Thank you for such a informative thing.
    Actually I have my army medical after 1-1.5 month,so how many times should I stretch it to fix this problem 🙂 I would be very greatful to you If you reply asap 🙂

  72. Hi,
    I have type 2 phimosis (partial retraction). I am a virgin and I am happy with the way I masturbate. I don’t feel any pain. I feel I won’t feel any pain if I indulge in sex even though I haven’t tried it. Is it fine if I don’t treat it now? Will I feel any pain during sex?. And how can a person with phimosis find out if he has a short frenulum?

    1. If it’s not causing any problems, then you don’t have to treat it. To see if you will have pain, grab the skin on your penis and try to pull it down. This will happen during unprotected sex, and if it does not hurt, then there won’t be a problem.
      You can only see your frenulum if you can retract your foreskin. If it stops the foreskin from going down, causing it to bunch up or the end of the penis bends down because of the frenulum, then it is too short and needs stretching as well.

      1. Hi, phimosisjourney. Thanks for this blog 🙂 I have type 2 or 3. I can only see a bit of the glans and I have no pain while masturbating. Do you think I can have painless unprotected sex as you said that type 2 can have pain while having sex?

    2. “Is it fine if I don’t treat it now?”
      It depends on how old you are and how long you’ll leave it untreated. Doctors say that long-term phimosis can result in cancer if you can’t wash your glans and foreskin.
      But I don’t wanna scare you too much. I wasn’t aware that I have phimosis until recently. I’m 31 and just resolved my phimosis partially so that I can wash there. And hopefully, I’m OK. But I guess this is individual, so it’s better solve it as soon as possible. Good luck!

  73. Streching excercises by retracting + bethamethasone twice a day (for 2weeks) solved my type 2 phimosis in about 1 week. I feel it isn’t normal yet (still tight and painful), but it is getting better and better day by day (pain is reduced, retracting foreskin gets easier) . I have now reduced the dose to once in 2 days. Patience and some of that miraculous creme is all you need. Don’t give up!
    I just followed my urologist’s (and professor at my medicine school) advice, who as it seems agreed with this guide, and this great blog gave me the motivation and the information! Avoid uninformed doctors who recommend circumcision. Circumcision is just another option of treating phimosis, nothing more!

  74. I have something like type 0.8 phimosis. I don’t need to pinch my glans to pull my foreskin back, but I still need to pull it. There is definetely no gliding action and my foreskin does constrict behind the glans. I can also retract while erect, but with a slight pain.
    Since I can retract without pain while flaccid and I have a tight frenulum as well, I have figured it might be easiest to do streching by retracting and apply 0.1 % betamethasone to the tight ring and frenulum and leave it so for an hour a day. This way, it ought to stretch both foreskin and frenulum. I haven’t done this sort of thing before and paraphimosis doesn’t seem a threat.
    This page however advises against the retraction method, with the most serious concern being that the urenal opening streches. Could you elaborate this and other downsides of stretching-by-retracting for someone with a milder case of phimosis?

    1. I had type 2 phimosis (partial retraction) and after some days of using bethamethasone and retracting got me to type 1 phimosis (tight behind glans). I believe the retracting exercise is just what you need! Your problem will get better. You’ll see! 😉
      You can leave bethamethasone cream on the tight ring for a whole day! Just don’t use it extensively. 3weeks max.
      Forgot to mention that my frenulum is also a bit short and I am trying with the retracting to stretch it as well. Unfortunately my frenulum seems a little injured and I am afraid. I keep trying stretching it until the point that starts the pain. I think it will work. The only problem, which I always had, is that many times I can’t pee straight. I don’t know. My urethra opening might have bent, that might be the reason… but i don’t really care, that’s not a real problem. The problem to solve is the pain during retracting. The slight pain you mention means a slight problem, which means less work to do to get rid of pain.:)

    2. The retracting method works for some people. However, once you use the two finger method you will feel how much more effective it is, because you can pull the circle apart farther, and with greater force.

  75. I think i’ve got type 1 – i had no problem retracting when flaccid but when erect i had to force it hard to retract. So, overall i believe if do the stretch technique for required period, i hope to see some result. My other concern is that my penis is bent downward a bit when fully erect – the vein or something i dunno the name that connect to urethra opening is still intact. My friend said that its because i am still a virgin. Is this right?

  76. Wow, nearly 29 years of thinking and hoping my dick was like every other uncircumsized one. Recently a friend and I found out each other weren’t snipped ( thanks to our significant others) and once we finally put all BS aside we whipped them out and compared. We both had questions about our members before, but now I was really confused. At least my friend was finally satisfied with his own, prick. But now I had a new idea for a google search, “head won’t come out”. That’s all I had to search, now everything I feared is true, my dick really is different then everyone else’s. I have so many questions.

    1. I’m 14 and I just realized that I had phimosis because I searched “My dick won’t peel” and holy shit I scared the fuck out of myself because I might have to get circumcised and I’m not looking forward to whipping my cock out in front of my doctor and have him grabbing it and shit, miss me with that gay shit.

  77. These types of phimosis refer to flaccid penis or to erection? My flaccid penis has no phimosis, but during erection it seems to me as a phimosis between type 2 and 3. It is painful during masturbation and i can feel that tight ring in erections.You think streching exercises can actually fix it?

  78. Actually scratch that, I couldn’t even fit a 6mm flesh tunnel! I had to use your method of PTFE tape and a q-tip to get where I am now.

      1. Thanks for the link, appreciate it. Also thanks for this amazing site, it has truly helped me. Currently on a 14mm Flesh Tunnel, 6 months ago I couldn’t even fit an 8mm!!! Although the site I linked is admittedly dubious, it truly has helped. I’m looking forward to a retractable foreskin further down the line 🙂

  79. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I have type 3 Phimosis (Meatus just visible) and have been doing stretches prior to reading this. I’ve gained some results. I used the two finger stretch you suggested while showering, and right after about 7 minutes, I already knew that this stretch is going to work as long as I do it daily at least twice. I was able to pull down my foreskin a little bit more than I ever have and it made me feel so good and definitely has motivated me with my Phimosis journey.
    Note: I pulled it right after stretching with two fingers and noticed it went down further than it would have. You sir are a life saver and gave me tons of hope. I am 19 and I’m glad I noticed this problem at this age.

  80. I’m 30 years old and noticed that my foreskin was becoming tight around a year ago, I had never experienced any problems before that. The phimosis was starting to get to the point where it was interfering with my sex life and was affecting the relationship I had with my girlfriend. I went into my local gp and he referred me to go see a urologist. The urologist seemed uninterested and booked me in for a circumcision without even explaining the possibility of stretching. I ended up doing some research and after realising the many possible pitfalls of circumcision I ended up cancelling the procedure the day before I was due to go in. I ordered a phimocure kit over the internet and have been using it for the past week. I have been stretching 3 times daily for 1 to 2 hours each time and I am already starting to notice results. It can be fairly uncomfortable sometimes but I’m certain it will be well worth it in the end. I will be sure to keep you all updated with my progress.

    1. Shouldn’t be surprised doctors aren’t interested in options other than circumcision because all men in their eyes are born broken, especially ones whose foreskin can’t retract “properly”. And circumcision is more than just a drastic measure but harmful in the end. Glad you listened to your guts and hopefully are still intact.

  81. Hey guys !!!
    Have gone through the blog and it’s great . I have this problem of tight skin past 5 years and yes it is only during erection. I tried many methods of stretching and one fine day I was able to pull my foreskin completely.But later soon again the same happened with the erection. I found that the precum once released the foreskin couldn’t retract afterwards. Where in need to give a great pressure to move my skin without hurting my little Jhonny. Initially I had thick skin all of sudden and I tried to stretch which lead to tear of the skin leading to bleeding. So I resumed the stretching practise some time later slowly as it is getting healed. To be noticed am 26 and past 4 years am diabetic as well. Its quite a condition where any from outside cam correlate my condition of diabetic with phymsois. But to be precise I can pull my foreskin fully when my penis is flaccid. And can’t do the same when erected where I can pull my foreskin little till the little part of bead is seen. Can’t pull it more as I see the skin gets tighten more and more and get stucked up. My girlfriend knows about my condition but though she seen to be encouraging to go for circumcise. The condition is I feel myself worries about having intercourse with her as I am scared of how exactly it is possible with stretching.

  82. I have read your article and really appreciate the time you’ve put in to write it down thoroughly. I can pull down my foreskin fully during normal conditions but when erect it is type 4 (meatus just visible). I will try your methods of stretching. My question is: does exposing the whole head with round ring satisfy woman more? I never had intercourse so I am unaware of it. I don’t want to go for circumcision.

    1. When the foreskin can glide more easily up and down, it serves as mechanical lubrication. This lets it feel better for the woman because she does not have to be as wet during sex. This applies when not using a condom.
      Exposing the glans also adds a new dimension to intercourse for the man. The head seems to be more sensitive to deep pressure, and the foreskin is more sensitive to light touch and friction.

  83. Alright, so im in desperate need of help!
    So here is my story,
    I started masturbating when i was 15 which was actually the wrong method. i just used to stroke my foreskin up and down without even touching the head.
    So now that i realised, i have type 3 phimosis and i really need help. I am 18 now and my penis head is extremely sensetive with type 3 phimosis. even if i try to do some stretching, due to my sensetive head i cant use my finger or buds in the inside of the foreskin to stretch.
    So i need help for both the phimosis and how to make the head a little bit less sensitive. Also, Is it possible to have sex with phimosis, any precautions ?
    Even though i am hesitant to talk to anyone about this, i hope someone could really help me out?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. I have a friend who has this condition and wanted to help him find non-circumcision options. I just found this website in England called “Phimocure, Solving the problem without surgery”:!about/c1aa
      I would recommend discussing this option with your urologist.
      Read their Product > Research tab

  84. Thanks for the article, it’s really helpfuly. It seems I have type 4 phimosis and looking at your amazing results I hope it wouldn’t be an issue in couple of weeks:)

  85. Hi, thanks for your great article. It really helps… Small question, would you tell me the brand of the cream you used? I can see the picture you have uploaded but I guess the photo was taken when the tube is turned on the back side. Appreciate if you could letme know the brand name. Or a pic of the front side of the tube would help. Thanks

  86. Should I fear of paraphimosis while being in the process of stretching? I’m 17 years old with type 4 phimosis and I do worry about paraphimosis. Also do I have to be able to retract my foreskin way behind my head? Or can I just leave my foreskin somewhat on my head after some stretching and still enjoy sex? Any information about everything I asked would be greatly appreciated!

  87. Hi. I had type one phimosis (tight behind glans). In my case the skin rolls back when flaccid only. The issue is when the penis is erect. The foreskin doesn’t role back. What stretching and cream I should use? I don’t want to go in for surgery.

  88. Hey there, I have struggled with a tight foreskin for most of my pubescent life and figured it would just ‘fix itself’ as I got older. I am now 20 when I was 19, I decided enough was enough and to solve the problem. I went to see a GP and I was prescribed with Betamethasone 0.1%WW but I never really enforced it upon myself to stretch and apply it regularly and I’ve not seen any results.
    I can retract the foreskin over the glans comfortably when flaccid, but when I have an erection I tend to keep the glans perhaps 65% covered, as it is simply too tight to naturally pass over. I can force it over, but after a while it just feels too uncomfortable and the tight ring of skin begins to cut off circulation. I do not want to purchase a phismosis-cure kit as I believe it’s simply too expensive, however I want to get into a strict regime as the problem destroys my self confidence when intimate with a girl. Sex has never been pleasurable.
    I have read through the blog and all over the Internet for stretching tips and I can manage to pull the ring apart using my forefingers and thumbs but not quite enough to be able to get two fingers in and comfortably stretch by pulling apart. Do you have any ideas of how long this will take and how long you would recommend performing this for before going back to the doctors? I have read up on Preputioplasty and I hate to say it but I’m considering asking for this surgery to solve my issues. Many thanks for being an inspiration (I have seen your progress pictures!) and thanks for a great blog.

    1. You are almost there. You do not need surgery. It can sound like an easy way out, but the failure rate of preputioplasty is very high, and people often get circumcised afterwards because of the strange look or because the foreskin tightened during healing.
      Keep it up. It sounds like you need a way to stay motivated and turn stretching into a habit. It takes two weeks of routine to form a habit. Set an alarm on your phone, or put check marks on a piece of paper, or do anything you need to do to get in there and stretch for a few minutes four times daily. Since you can fit two fingers in, you do not need anything else to succeed.

  89. Hey, thank you for this guide.
    I’m a 26 year old guy who has a pretty strange case of phimosis, and although I’m fully insured, I’m too afraid to see a specialist.
    Basically my penis has always been inside my foreskin; all my life. I never got to see my “head” exposed.
    My foreskin opening is a little loose and I used to be able to retract enough to see my head, but whenever I touched it, it stung like crazy. Another strange thing is I saw my “head” but didn’t notice a urethra hole? strange…
    Anyways, I’m afraid I have too unique of a “phimosis” to cure. It’s negatively affected me all my life.
    And I’m afraid if I do the stretches too well and reveal my “head”, the urethra hole will be in a strange place? I know that sounds weird.
    any advice?

    1. You have nothing to lose by stretching. I too had the problem where I could not see the urethra. After stretching long enough, the opening became big enough that I could see it. It is very satisfying to be able to finally see it and that’s why I recommend stretching.
      It is normal for the head to be sensitive. By touching it you will soon get used to it and it will no longer sting.

    2. Since your penis glans is covered and never exposed, it is super sensitive, which is quite normal and the sensitivity will reduce with time.
      I can’t tell anything about the urethra opening without a picture of it.
      You should visit a urologist and there’s nothing to be shy about. You will also know if you have a tight frenulum or any other issues. They charge a minimal fee for consultation.
      Good luck.

  90. Dear Andrea,
    Small kids don’t have phimosis. It’s only during puberty that the foreskin separates from the glans. One can find out if they have phimosis only after puberty.
    So please don’t force the foreskin of your child as there is risk of damaging it.
    I had tight foreskin and a tight frenulum. After doing some research, I went through frenuloplasty surgery which cured my tight frenulum, but the tight foreskin still remained and comes under type 2 phimosis (partial retraction).
    Its almost 4 weeks after the surgery, everything is healed and i ve started stretching my foreskin from past 1 week and have made much progress since then, now it looks like type 4 category. I think i will be able to cure it completely in two more weeks at the max.
    Please note i am also using the steroid cream after stretching for two days now.
    I will update the progress. Kindly ask for any doubts regarding frenuloplasty and foreskin stretching.

    1. Thank-you for answering! I thought it would be awkward to see a woman writing here and that no one would answer me 🙂
      Right, I’m not forcing anything. I started a couple of weeks after birth. I’m just watching over him and keeping myself informed and updated. I’d rather wait for him to reach puberty and talk to him, so it’s something he will be aware of, so he can make his own informed choices accordingly.

  91. Great blog! Thanks for sharing. It takes some courage to do that, congrats!
    It’s helpful for parents too. I’m the mother of a little boy with a type 3 phimosis (meatus just visible). His phimosis at birth was type 5 (no retraction) then progressed to type 4 and now 3. I only helped few times weeks after his birth and then gave up because he had no infections and has peed normally ever since.
    I’ve never thought of circumcision as I find it traumatic and disturbing to a young man’s life and soul. Plus, it’s his body and I agree to interventions only if health or life threatening. The rest is up to him. He should have the right to decide if and what to do about it.
    Three years ago, when he was born, I found the research stating the same things as you wrote here — about percentages of boys who still have it after they turn 17. Most urologists in my country do intervene. But one in particular had a very good article that encouraged me to wait and not worry for at least 5 years from his birth. One pediatrician said to wait just a year then do something if persists. And he was right, the boy’s body naturally took care of it.
    Now I know where to send him for information when he is older, if it’s something that he wants to look into or change.

    1. 4% of boys have retractile foreskin at birth, half can retract at age 10, age 22 is the oldest reported to resolve natural phimosis. Testosterone is the mediator to resolve the fusion of connective muscled fibers. The AAP has given ages 2,3,5 able to retract, nursing textbook says at age 3 months and erroneously refs the AAP as source. The difference is in different studies. Age 10 half can retract is the world standard. And really it doesn’t matter when. It only matters the boy is the only one retracting his foreskin. Currently USA 43% of boys under 7 have been premature forced foreskin retracted. Extremely painful, causes scarring that may lead to circumcision, squired adhesion, and wounding opens a pathway for pathogenic infection.

  92. Hi, congratulations for the blog, it’s really informative, and in a light-hearted way which is very enjoyable.
    I would like to ask about what happens during erections for types 3 and higher – does the shaft skin stretches enough so that no pain is felt? I ask this because my father said that from puberty up to early adulthood he felt as if his penis would “blow up” during erections (not sure what type he was though). Was he an exception, maybe because he had less skin that normal (or his shaft skin didn’t stretch as it should during erections), or is this a common problem among men with phimosis?
    Thanks in advance

  93. So I had found this article and felt I’d share my story. I just now have decided to try to fix what a doctor had ruined for me. I never had an issue with my foreskin before, but wound up through bad partner choices getting genital herpes. On my initial visit to the clinic to get tested to find out what was going on, the doctor thought that some small bumps around the edge of my opening were genital warts. Which they weren’t. She used some sort of an acid that burned away a few layers of skin to remove the bumps. Well as it was healing, it scabbed as skin does when healing. I never thought that it would have made it heal tighter. I’ve dealt with it for years now not knowing that I would actually be able to re-stretch it out. This is a great page and I am totally confident that it will help me. Thanks for posting all this great info, I was always to embarrassed to go see a doctor about it.

  94. I’ve noticed after having a shower that my foreskin has gone tight, if I try to slide my foreskin back over the head of my penis it hurts, if I try to masturbate it hurts or make love it hurts, is it true I can by cannesten cream and insert it under the foreskin of my penis.

  95. I am done my phimosis surgery. If I touch my glans its pain very high….so please, someone suggest how I can relieve my pain.

    1. Hey, I wanna ask the same for my friend who’s getting married next year and he is 35. Do you know anyone for surgery in Delhi NCR?

  96. Hello! I just can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to write this extensive and highly informative blog. I too have type 3 phimosis for some 3 years now and though my girlfriend knows about it and does not mind (in fact, she is the most considerate and understanding), but personally, I have been going through a lot of depression and anxiety because of this. Where I am from, going to a doctor about diseases related to the genital isn’t exactly encouraged and quite looked forward to, hence, I had spent countless nights on the internet trying to look for some information that might be of help. I did try betamethasone cream with 0.05% steroid cream content, but did not get the opportunity to regimen the practice of application of the cream and the stretching excersize. However, one thorough read of your blog provided me some critical information about the best way to go about it and most importantly, instilled some hope and confidence that things may not turn for the worse and indeed, even be better.
    Thanks a lot for this blog.

  97. Thanks for making this guide. I think I have type 3 Phimosis. I looked at a ton of pictures to understand my situation better but I found that my glands are more reddish than pink. It’s not very painful to touch, but its definitely not pleasant. I was wondering if you knew anything that could help. Thanks!

  98. Nice information. I think I have type 3 Phimosis. I’m 32 now. I will keep you updated through my progress. Thank you.

  99. I have had phimosis for the last seven years. Initially I had no problem in retracting the foreskin. Sex was normal. I have two children. The problem started as the upper part of the foreskin suddenly lost colour and become white, apparently losing its plasticity. I got it examined by the dermatologist. He could not diagnose the reasons saying it a sort of degeneration. As the discoloration spread from the upper tip to the middle the foreskin lost almost all its plasticity and the skin became thick in the upper tip. As per your guide, my phimosis appears to be type three- i.e, urinary slit is visible.
    Once I tried to bring the glans out – it was a very painful experience. So I stopped doing that. I use alovera gel- a herbal product. It keeps my organ lubricated and in shape without appearance of further pain. I practice stretching exercise. Sometimes body of the foreskin ruptures with blood oozing out. Use of Alovera gel helps me get over the injury. But the problem remains that I cannot bring the glans outside nor I am able to retract the foreskin. Can you please provide some tips in this regard. Now I am 61.

  100. Thank you for this. It is a great resource for men who are having trouble retracting. It’s definitely in the realm of something “your doctor will not tell you” (at least, not if you live in the USA). These procedures have worked well for many men. If they don’t work for you, maybe look at for the best “device” I’ve seen so far. A stretching plan, such as the one here has medical approval; go to and search for “Beauge.”

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