Unboxing the Phimocure

I was working in my basement home office. Upstairs, I heard the door slam. My wife was returning after picking up our 5-year-old and the mail.
“That thing you’ve been waiting for came,” I heard her shout downstairs.
“What thing?” I bellowed back.
“Your–” she was cut off by a kid shrieking about her boots not coming off.
“My WHAT?!”
“Your– KATRINA! Stop biting your sister!”
“What is it?” I shouted. “TELL ME WHAT ARRIVED!”

“THAT THING FOR YOUR PENIS,” she screamed back, with the full force of five years of motherhood.

I bounded up the stairs and greedily snatched the mail. It was a small, discreet envelope. You’d never know that it contained the cure to an embarrassing medical problem.
That is, if you were blind. The large customs declaration sticker was stamped “Medical Devices and 7ml antiseptic cream”.
No matter. I’m not shy. I tore it open and held up the small plastic container with glee. These precious Phimocure rings promised to cure my tight foreskin. Moreover, as a highly influential blogger, with a vast world-wide audience of nearly tens of readers, I had pestered the UK-based company enough to send me a kit for free!
I quickly photographed my treasure, and got to work comparing them side-by-side with some generic silicone flesh tunnels.

How rings & flesh tunnels work

Flesh tunnels are designed to stretch ear-lobes into giant, gaping holes through which their owners can fit a cucumber. Folks who modify their ear lobes will start from a small piercing, and then gradually increase the size of the ring they use by 1mm every 45 days.

Before flesh tunnels, body modders had to use whatever was handy.

Fortunately, foreskin stretches faster. On the Phimosis Discussion Board, men report moving up a ring size every one to two weeks.
This works because of a cellular process called mechanotransduction. When skin cells are distorted, stretched, or squeezed, they are more likely to begin mitosis (cell division). The more you stretch, the faster skin cells will divide. As long as you don’t damage the skin, it will grow.

Using your fingers alone, you can stretch your foreskin and eventually cure your phimosis. However, this can easily take 30 to 40 soul-draining minutes out of your day, while you hold the position and wish you were doing something else. Once you become adept at inserting and removing the rings, you can save a lot of time.

Bathroom door graffiti
Still stretching without rings? You will learn to appreciate the literary value of good bathroom stall graffiti.

Flesh tunnels & the Phimocure rings work because they provide continuous, gentle stretching for 60 minutes at a time, or as long as you can comfortably leave them in.

Phimocure Rings vs Flesh Tunnels

The first thing I noticed is that the Phimocure rings come with more sizes and larger sizes than the generic flesh tunnels that I have. If I wanted to match the Phimocure with generic rings, I would have to order several more individual ones, which would have made the total cost very similar.

Phimocure rings
The largest ring is 40mm and it gives me nightmares.

The careful design of the Phimocure rings is immediately apparent. First, they are made of a thinner, softer material. This is important, because you have to squeeze them into a heart shape to insert them, then let them unfold to provide a stretch. The stiffer generic ones are difficult to squeeze, and they snap open with more force, which could cause pain or tear your skin.
Both the flesh tunnels and rings have rims on them to hold them in place. Although they are absolutely necessary, these rims make both insertion and removal difficult. On the Phimocure rings, the rims vary in size, so that the smaller ones are easier to insert. You will appreciate this very much.
Flesh tunnels (clear) vs. Phimocure (white)

Phimocure vs. flesh tunnels
Generic flesh tunnels (left) vs. Phimocure (right). The Phimocure kit is more flexible and has smaller rims on smaller rings.

My experience

After I photographed them, I put them high on a shelf. My foreskin opening was only 8.5 mm, far too small for the 10mm ring that the kit starts with. I would have to continue to stretch manually using two Q-tips for a couple of weeks before I would be ready.
Exactly one minute later, I was unlatching the box. When folded, the ring went in easily. There was slight pain as it opened. No matter. I smiled. My phimosis journey would soon be over!
As I stood there, it dawned that I had made a massive mistake.


My foreskin gripped the ring tighter than a mouse with mozzarella. With my jeans still around my ankles, I began to panic and hop around the room. I pulled at it, but nothing happened. I pulled harder. My foreskin grew longer and longer, like a tiny elephant’s trunk, until pop! I leaped straight up. I felt like I’d been stabbed. The ring bounced under the couch. I shoved the thing back in its box and resolved not to try it again until I was ready.
As I write this, three weeks later, I have the Phimocure ring comfortably inserted, and I can remove it with a quick, painless pull. Sometimes upon insertion, it rests uncomfortably on my frenulum, but the discomfort goes away after a moment. I really enjoy the time savings, because I no longer have to awkwardly sneak away for 10 minutes to stretch.

Should you buy them?

I found the ring to be painful at times, because it presses against my frenulum. I suspect the smallest ring is slightly too large for my extreme case. Most men will have a more comfortable fit, even with a larger ring size.
Although the Phimocure rings cost about twice as much as generic flesh tunnels, I recommend them for these reasons:

  • The rings can provide continuous, gentle stretching for an hour at a time. They can make you progress faster and get you over a plateau.
  • The foreskin is more delicate than an ear lobe, and the subtle design differences of the Phimocure make it better than a generic flesh tunnel.
  • Both flesh tunnels & rings can be difficult to insert the first few times you try. If you are using Phimocure rings, you have the best possible chance of it working.
  • If you have problems or need to request additional sizes, Phimocure has excellent customer service. In my dealings with them, email responses always came within minutes.

On the other hand,

  • The rings are nice to have, but not necessary. All you need is your fingers, or a pair of Q-Tips to stretch successfully. Stretch manually for 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times a day and you will get results.
  • Some men can’t get them into the proper place no matter how hard they try. If that happens to you, you can’t return them.

Happy stretching!

Instructions for Inserting a Phimocure Ring

The official instructions from Phimocure are on their web site. I’ve paraphrased them here based on my own experience.

Step 1

Set aside at least 20 minutes to practice getting it in for the first time. Locate the tightest part of your foreskin.

Phimotic band
If you have to leave your house, you are circumcised.

Step 2

Squeeze the phimocure ring into the shape of a heart. This makes it about 50% smaller. Insert it as far as you can, making sure the rim makes it through the phimotic band.
Folded phimocure ring

Step 3

Let ‘er ri– I mean, allow the ring to unfold. If it falls out, then try again, and make sure you get the rim past the your phimotic band. If you have difficulty, try first hooking one side and then the other. The first session will take several attempts, but the results are worth it.
These photos will help you decide whether you selected the right size. To be sure, you should always start with the smallest ring size and move up.

 Step 4

Sit back and relax! Your skin cells are already starting to divide and grow. Start with a 30 minute session. The longest time recommended by Phimocure is 60 minutes, three or more times daily. Some men use it for longer periods. Do not use it while sleeping.
To remove it, gently pull until it pops out. After offering initial resistance, the skin should roll over the rim and release it. If it causes pain, then move to a smaller ring, or stretch using other methods until you are ready.

multitasking dad
With the Phimocure®, Anytime is Foreskin Stretching time!

How did it work for you? Write your own review of the Phimocure below.

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90 thoughts on “Unboxing the Phimocure”

  1. Hi Guys ,
    I had pinhole Phimosis, tried many things just trying to work it out for myself then came across flesh tunnels by chance BUT, I used completely different ones to the ones you guys are talking about.
    I found this guy who was making solid ones out of white PTFE on the Internet, so they had no hole in the middle. Most importantly they only had a cap on one end nothing at all on the other end just the rounded end, and PTFE is supposedly the most slippery substance on the planet so I presumed that would be great for insertion and removal and indeed it was good, but I also used KY Jelly for insertion. So, because there was not a cap on both ends there was no fiddling around at all trying to get the cap inside the foreskin I just pushed the body of the flesh tunnel into the foreskin to stretch it. Then , to keep it in, as there was obviously no cap on the bottom end to hold it inside the foreskin, I just, don’t laugh, stuck Sellotape over the top of it and stuck it to either side of the foreskin. I would however recommend now I think about it using more skin friendly medical sticky tapes you can get from any store. I obviously had to take it out to go for a pee as there was no hole in it, so maybe best to do it first thing in the morning when you are most dehydrated so it will be a long time before you have to go! I would then if I had enough time wash it with soap and water after peeing and re insert.
    One thing just to be wary of guys, if you get ballooning when you go for a pee, as I did, this can cause kidney damage, as I believe mine did, due to something called back pressure. I used to get back pain for a while, but had no clue why as I did no lifting or whatever so I had my suspicions. So, I looked on the Internet and saw that ballooning can cause kidney damage which people think is back pain, that is when I started stretching, which thank goodness must have reversed the kidney damage as the back pain gradually stopped.

  2. My phimo experience:
    It’s probably the best solution for growing the skin available. It takes a LOT of patience and SLOW progression. Being over eager WILL cause more pain and damage.

    Using cortisosteroid creams will both help and not help. The cream will help you stretch more in the short term. If i used the cream i would go up maybe a ring size every 2 weeks or so. However once the cream is stopped it will revert back to the smaller sizes. So the gains are only TEMPORARY.

    I started on the smallest size and i’ve been using them every other day for almost 3 years now. I am on the largest size of the basic pack (and ordered extra sizes from the company). However progress is still incredibly slow, and i know i still have 2 or 3 more sizes to go until i am satisifed.

    Also when having sex be sure to use lube. I use unrefined /virgin coconut oil, and other commercial ones are fine too. Sex can often lead to tearing, and reduced progress for weeks.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been using the rings for 9 months now and have gone from severe to fully retraction. For the first 3 months or so I wore them at night and it worked well for me but I reached a plateau. I then followed the recommendation of 3 x 1 hour stretch per day (10am, 4pm, 10pm) which I have been doing for 6 months and can now fully retract the skin when fully erect. It’s a little tight still so I think I need 2 more rings but it’s amazing now that I’m here. I did also start to use a steroid cream given to me by my doctor about 6 months in and that definitely sped things up. I hope this helps.

    If you feel pain stop stretching and give it a couple days to fully heal. I didn’t want to do that at first but when you come back with a fully healed skin it will stretch waaaay faster!!

    The best advice I can give is “only healthy skin stretches”. If you have cuts, bad inflammation or some kind of infection. You skin will not stretch! I spent months trying and failing until I was patient and only stretched when healthy.

    I also have quite a lot of scar tissue from injuries during sex which is maybe why mine took so much longer! If you catch it early you will probably stretch much quicker.

    Also sex was the biggest issue for me! I almost always got a cut from it (which reset my progress and cause scars which are hard to stretch) I’ve had sex only twice the whole time I’ve been stretching and that was in the first couple months (this has been the hardest part) I’ve even broken up with a girlfriend so I could focus on stretching (that wasn’t the only reason but it’s contributed to my decision).

    Ultimately I’ve had to make huge sacrifices to fix my foreskin without surgery. It’s been 9 months of commitment and I still have maybe a month or two to go! If you really want it you can do it! It’s so worth it when you finish and I can’t wait for the first time I had sex with my new penis haha!

    1. I used cocoa butter to insert the rings and the steroid cream I was given by my doctor was Betnovate Ointment which I’ve been using for 1 month twice a day as recommended. I will probably have to stop with the steroids for a week or two as I don’t think it’s advised to use it more than a month.

      I also recommend cleaning and drying your penis properly every day. This is made easier once you can retract your skin over the glands. When clean and dry it seems to stretch quicker and easier. I guess it’s because it helps keep away any common infections like thrush or bactieria which I had at the beginning of the process

      1. I didn’t use the cream provided by phimocure just because I have no idea what it is and you don’t get much of it. In the beginning I was getting pretty bad inflammation and wasn’t sure why it was happening so to be safe I didn’t use anything but the moisturiser.

        I also didn’t use the metal stretcher / ring remover that comes with it.

        1. I also want to add that I washed the rings with soapy water after every single use. I think this important to prevent any kind of infection under the skin.

  4. It would be nice if someone could do a comparison of these or manuals stretching against Phimostop.com, which works a bit differently and can be worn longer

  5. I have been using the rings since last 5 days. Its recommended that it should be worn for 45mins 3 times a day. I have some questions.
    Is there anything going to happen if I wear it all day or all night?

    I am on 12mm ring, I can comfortably wear it. While removing it, the ring can not be folded like we have to fold it while wearing it, due to the smaller size ring. So it hurts a but while I remove it. Any suggestions on it?

    Also when I wear ring for the next time, it hurts for first 1 2 minutes then the pain goes away. Not severe pain but due to stretching of the skin. Is it okay?

    I use coconut oil drops while wearing it and removing it too. Do I need tp do some additional stretching applying the oil on the skin after removing it?

    1. Hi. I’ve been using for a while. I wouldn’t wear for long periods over an hour though as you’ll get skin rips which can be counterproductive.
      I also use a hydrocortisone cream in the mornings as i can wash this off after in shower and just moisturiser in evenings. I only stretch slightly before fitting ring not after. Have moved up one ring in 2 weeks so it’s a slow process! Hope your seeing results.

    2. It’s not advised but i wore it at night only from level 5 to level 4. It worked for me and that’s all I can say. There was slight irritation with wearing it that long but I was able to heal throughout the day. I did reach a bit of a plateau doing it this way so moved to the recommended 3 x 1 hour per day which has got me from level 4 to level 1.

      As for pain. It took me a while but gauge but I found a slight be of pain initially was ok and most of the time it was for skin irritation rather than the ring getting cuts. If it’s bad pain I would advise using a smaller ring but minor irritation was ok was ok for me. As long as you don’t get minute cuts in the ring of your forskin it should be ok. But as I say it took a lot of trial and error for me to find the right balance of absolutely no pain and very slight pain when putting the ring in at first.

  6. Phimo rings are great. When i started my journey i was on the smallest, it took over a 1.5 years to get to the largest size in the pack.
    Don’t move up too fast. Stick with one that stretches but doesn’t hurt. If it hurts and you leave it in for too long you will start to swell and it won’t come out. I accidentally did this twice and each time it set me back over 3 weeks. Use the smaller size while you can feel it. Keep that size until it slips out by gently tugging it, then move up to the next one.

    It’s not a race, it’s all about endurance.

  7. Hi!
    I’ve ordered a phimocure kit on 16 April. It has not arrived yet. I’ve also wrote them some emails, but there were no response. Then I opened a disclaim on paypal. Also there were no response.
    What else can I do?

      1. Meanwhile I have ordered again but that time with faster & signed mail. It arrived in 3-4 days. But the other never arrived. Good point that I got a refund for that.

  8. The tight part of my foreskin is really low down by the glans. This is due to patches of lichen sclerosus I have there. The phimocure rings unfortunately don’t reach that far down my foreskin as the glans gets in the way, so I’m going to have to continue manually stretching with Q-tips and applying a steroid cream given to me by my doctor. It seems to be working, just have to persevere I guess. I wouldn’t bother buying phimocure if you have the same issue as me; a very low phimotic band. The metal tongues for stretching are handy, but I think I prefer being able to use Q-tips to apply my own preferred level of pressure and I don’t have to worry about the metal edges digging into my skin.

    1. Hello – how does Lichen Sclerosus look like inside the foreskin? I see large white plaque surfaces. Is it hardened smegma or Lichen? Also, does Lichen hinder stretching?

  9. Hello everyone, I’ve had phimosis all my life but now after 45 years I decided to give it a strech not knowing this was a condition. Currently I’m using phimocure from pinhole I moved up on ring 5 from the phimocure kit but I notice now that I can see that my frenulum is extremely short ..my question is does the rings also strech the frenulum or is there another way to correct this issue…please advice…thanks

    1. Hi Miguel! I’ve had phimosis and a short frenulum as well. I have been using the rings for quite a few months. Before starting I could pull my foreskin over my glans when flaccid, but when erect I would feel a stretching pain like the frenulum would snatch at any moment. This was due to short frenulum. However, now the pain is gone and I can even retract the foreskin back when erect. So to answer your question, the frenulum does get stretched.

  10. Good product, but the instructions give no remedies for difficult insertion, so this blog is needed. I have gone from 23 up to 31 mm ring and won’t need much more. I wonder if it is better to use an erection for further stretching now that the foreskin can be fully retracted over a very hard erection without pain. The rings are preferable, really, but the largest ring looks rather scary.

    1. You can buy ‘Phimocure’ rings from their official website. They send it by Royal mail. It will take about two and a half weeks to reach India.

  11. Hey everyone, I ordered by mistake two kits and I realized when they arrived. Ive tried to reach the seller for a refund, but got no answer, is anyone interested? Of course is new and unopened and I don’t know anyone in needs. The kit is in Mexico but we can arrange the shipping to other countries.

      1. Hola, si es de la marca, tiene los 12 anillos y la crema, sin abrir ni nada, te puedo enviar fotos, no pretendo ganarle dinero asi que que te parece si lo dejamos en 400 mas envio? Puedes elegir cualquier paqueteria, estoy en Morelos

  12. Love the blog and how men come together in this time of need. I ve just bought the kit after reading this (hasn’t arrived yet). The kit comes with a cream for the after application. Would you still recomend the use of the corticosteroid cream before using these rings?

  13. I seem to have plateaued with the Phimocure. One of the ring sizes fits and and leave with ease. But when i jump up to the next size, it’s a little painful. What do you think I should do? Take the mild pain, or should i resort to manual stretching until I can fit into the next size up. Recommendations would be appreciated

    1. I put the last ring I used inside the new one a few weeks after moving to the new one. It stretches the ring one more millimeter so you no longer have to move up in 2mm increments. You can move up 1mm at a time. It seems to take me one month per millimeter. I have very thick skin after going 40 years with this problem and not even knowing that it was a condition.

  14. Hey I really like this blog.
    Like many of the guys here I was also considering circumcision, but decided to first start with a Z-plasty operation (this makes the frenulum longer). That was a good start and the operation and healing were absolutely painless. However even after all the healing was over, I found that I still could not retract the foreskin without pain when erect (its fine but tight when flaccid).
    I was about to order the kit but no one is replying to my e-mails. is this common around this time of year or have they closed down?
    Not sure if I should buy anyhow as manual stretching might be a better idea. Maybe I should just visit my urologist and see if he can prescribe some cream and try the manual method?

    1. I have heard about them being very late with replies or not replying. I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t imagine the company is very big. Maybe it is only run by one or two people.

  15. Hey everyone, I’ve got an extra unopened phimocure kit that I’m willing to give away if anybody in North America wants it. Post an e-mail I can contact you at here and I’ll send it to you – I guess I’ll just give it to the first person who posts. Cheers.

  16. Hi everyone,
    I just bought a Phimocure set and I’m struggling to understand how to properly insert the rings. I’ve tried folding them into a heart shape but I find that I can’t get it under my phimotic band in that shape and when I release the ring it hurts my glands by scrapping them as it expands.
    Can anyone give me some really clear instructions as to how I’m supposed to put them in? Or better yet, if it isn’t too weird, can someone send a video of them doing it to gabe.melki@hotmail.com?
    Thanks a lot and also thank you @phimosisjourney for sharing this great article with everyone.

  17. I have bought the rings too upon reading the reviews here. I have not received the package as of yet and it has already been 2 weeks. Is there any way I can contact them ? I tried emailing them but there is no reply.

  18. Hi mate. I’ll take you up your offer. Happy to pay you half for it so you’re not totally out of pocket?

  19. Hey man. I ordered two kits by accident, would you happen to know someone who might need one. It’s unopened of course, and I don’t want any money for it, I’m just up for helping another guy out.

    1. Depending on whether you’ve already talked about your phimosis with a doctor and whether or not his first advice was circumcision, you could give the spare one to him. Perhaps your doc will spread the word and/or inform future patients that these special phimosis rings exist. 🙂

    2. Hey bro! My name is Daniel and I live in Sweden and I would really appreciate if you could send me that extra kit, if you still have it. I have a big phimosis -problem, and it has taken me that far that I’m going around every day, from the minute I’m awake ’til the last minute when I’m going to sleep at night thinking if I should go and talk to a doctor to get circumcised, but I really don’t want them to do that. Could you please help me….I don’t know what it would cost you though to ship that kit to Sweden.

    1. The phimocure web site says not to leave it in too long. If you do leave it all day or during sleep, select a size that is not too tight. It should be easy to take out with a light pull. I have left mine in during sleep, but it kept giving me a yeast infection due to the extra moisture. Another problem is it would cut into my frenulum.

  20. Hi there,
    thanks for this blog, it’s a great resource. I’ve known about my phimosis for a while (since I was 19, I’m 23 now), but when it was first diagnosed and I tried stretching, I lost hope after about two weeks, as progress was so slow. When I saw how much progress you had made (slow progress, but progress nonetheless) it made me think I should try stretching again.
    According to your classification, I have type 5 phimosis. I’ve never seen even the tiniest part of my glans. The thing is, all of my foreskin stretches quite well, except for the very tip, the phimotic band, which stays firmly closed up when I’m either flaccid or erect. I’ve been stretching for about 2 minutes whenever I got to the toilet, and while I can notice the skin becoming softer and more ductile (I have also noticed much less “ballooning” when I urinate), the opening itself is still tiny. With mild effort I can get the opening up to about 5 millimetres wide, but it always springs straight back.
    Anyway, here’s my question: I ordered a few generic flesh tunnels in the smallest sizes I could find (thanks to your article, I didn’t go for the Phimocure rings as they would be way too large), as while I can see some progress with my stretching, I will need something to provide continuous stretching if I am to make more rapid progress. I ordered flesh tunnels in the following sizes: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm. Do you think, from what I have said, it will be safe for me to try with the 2mm tunnel?
    Another problem I have is simply grip – while the skin is starting to become much more stretchy, the phimotic band is still very tight at rest, so even if I can get a moderately large opening (compared at least to my “equilibrium” opening size), I can’t hold it for more than about 30 seconds at a time, as the skin just slips from between my fingers. Therefore, I don’t know if I will be able to use your cotton bud trick, as good as it sounds, since I suspect that the tension in the band will just cause the q-tips to just “slide out”, if you see what I mean.This is another reason why I wanted to try the flesh tunnel, since the “ridge” would stop it from slipping out, and hopefully over time this would make the resting opening larger over time.
    I’d be grateful for any advice at all, thanks again for this blog, I’m definitely going to keep trying thanks to the information contained here!

    1. Once you can get two Q-tips in — past the tight band — the cotton on the ends will hold them in place for you. That is the best method to get from 6 to 22mm, when you can get your fingers in. It is very important to get past the tight part and pull it open.
      I tried tiny flesh tunnels before but they didn’t work for me because I found them very hard to insert, due to the flange on the end being too wide. Instead, I made my own by snipping the cotton part off Q-tips, and wrapping the end with plumber’s teflon tape. This allowed me to precisely control the thickness. I wore them for up two hours at a time three times a day, until I could fit in two Q-tips.

  21. I have type 5 phimosis, so I can’t start with phimocure. How is the Q tip method used for stretching? Are both q tips (with cotton?) inserted till the cotton part goes in, and then gently pulled apart to stretch?

    1. Maybe two paper clips?
      You can your own bend in them to make it smaller. Just keep the point ends away.
      Another idea…
      Take the cotton off the cotton swabs, and hot glue a dot on the end so it won’t scratch.

  22. Hi, thanks for the help you’re giving with your blog!
    I’ve ordered phimocure 4 days ago, and didn’t receive any order confirmation/shipping/other email from phimocure.net, just the paypal email. Is it normal, or they are just closed for the Christmas holiday and will contact me when they are back?
    Sorry for the english, italian guy here 😉

    1. Hi Ben, I ordered Phimocure myself just before Christmas, and I had the same situation as you – no emails, except for one from paypal. But, the phimocure kit arrived a few days ago, and I am using it now! Don’t worry, it is on it’s way to you!

  23. Thanks so much for this article. I bought the Phimocure rings too. I found that I had to wear a ring which felt as though it wasn’t stretching as much, for about an hour per time. It seems that initially I was wearing the rings for too long and in too large a size which just caused soreness. I read that it helps to move up a size after taking a warm bath as the skin stretches easier. It seems to work for me better that way – I’m progressing really well but still have a long way to go. Thank you!

  24. I may have made the exact same mistake as you and rushed to put the first ring in. I’m about a millimetre too small for it, and caused a horrific burning, stinging pain. Ordered a 6mm and 8mm set of flesh tunnels online to compensate as I’m a bit wary of the discomfort of the cotton bud stick method.

    1. I found that the smaller the rings, the more difficult they are to insert, because the thickness of the ring compared to its diameter does not decrease as much as needed, and it does not bend. That is why I recommend using two Q-Tips if they fit. Put them in and pull apart gently for 5-10 minutes, 3-5 times a day.

      1. I found the q-tip method a bit uncomfortable. The larger of the two flesh tunnels fits in comfortably and is clearly providing a gentle stretch – hopefully enough for the first Phimocure ring to go in without feeling like it’s splitting my foreskin apart.
        It does makes me a bit apprehensive about the larger rings. They seem to go up quite aggressively. I wonder if there is maybe a market for mid-way rings…

  25. Hi All,
    I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I see other guys say they’re moving one size up every week and even every day. I’ve been using my 14mm ring (the one I started with) for 2 months now and I still can’t switch to the next size, which is 16mm. At the beginning, I saw some good progress, but then it just stopped working. Moreover, there’s now one small sore spot and it hurts when I extract the ring. I tried to let it heal. I didn’t do anything for three or four days, and it actually helped and the 14mm ring felt fine again. But only for about two days and then the sore spot appeared again.
    What would be your recommendations?
    Thank you so much guys! Appreciate all your help!

    1. Hi, P. I have to confess that I am in the same situation. I find I am unable to move past the 20mm ring, and there is always a painful stretch, and a ring-shaped cut forms. I am now trying something completely different. Rather than using the largest that fits, I am now moving to a ring size that is smaller than required, and making sure to wear it for one hour, several times a day. I will certainly let you know if it works.

  26. I have been using the Phimocure rings for the past four days. I have been wearing it all day. It hurts a little when I walk but I’m extremely happy with the results I’m seeing.
    I have been moving up a size every day. I tried the 1% steroid cream, which didn’t really do anything. Any doctor I spoke to recommended circumcision which I am not interested in. I can bear the pain of the ring compared to the pain of losing the foreskin and the pain to cure.
    I will post updates as I progress.

  27. Great article. Thanks for sharing.
    These are a few things I’ve learned from my experience.
    Tapered (rim-less) silicone flesh tunnels are great for smaller sizes/gauges. Larger sizes don’t have the rigidity needed, but inserting the next smaller size into a larger one fixes that.
    Before insertion, I apply and rub a small amount of lotion/cream to the tight band and stretch for a few seconds by simply pulling (gently forcing) skin back over the glans. I repeat a few times, stop for a few minutes then stretch a time or two more before insertion.
    The difficulty with insertion for me was knowing when the lower rim was entirely inside/below the band before releasing. The easiest method for insertion so far (still on a smaller ring size) seems to be to pull the skin back until the band is opened against the tip of the penis, press the folded ring lightly into the tip until the inner/lower rim is below the band, and then release the ring. This allows for a view-able, even insertion process that works every time for me.
    I apply/rub more cream to the stretched band immediately after ring insertion for quicker relief from any initial discomfort.
    After starting with each larger ring size, 15-60 minutes will result in sensitivity and possibly a little pain at removal. I found that folding the ring back into the heart shape, or as close as possible to it, provided noticeable reduction in discomfort and difficulty in removal. Even simply pressing it flat and pulling one end out first is easier and less painful than simply pulling out the expanded ring.
    Each ring size increases by about 2mm. The rim is about 1mm on each side, so when I can pull the expanded ring out with little resistance and absolutely no discomfort, I know the next size will initially be uncomfortable instead of painful after 15+ minutes. The smaller rings can be pressed flat and inserted sideways to provide additional stretching “between” sizes.
    A urologist prescribed circumcision than an anti-fungal (nystatin & triamcinolone) that has done nothing. Haven’t seen a noticeable improvement in using Bethasone-N (Betamethasone .1%) that I ordered online. Retinol-A initially causes “plumping” of the skin which made it harder to retract, but does not seem to have any affects after that wears off.

    1. Hi, how do you fold the rings to pull out? Its very hard to fold it when its inside foreskin. Any suggestions?

      Also, you when you move to new ring, there is some pain for 15 – 60 minutes. How intense is the pain that is normal to bear? I seem to feel a constant pain when am just sitting and being aware of it, but the feelings seems to disappear when am busy walking or doing chores. Your feedback is helpful to know how much I should push when trying a new ring. Thanks for your detailed experience sharing.

  28. Man,
    thank you so much for your blog. What you’re doing is truly amazing and super helpful. Please keep up the great work!
    I’m also beginning my journey now. My flesh tunnels set has (got one on Amazon) just arrived and I decided to check your instructions here once again. I believe I’m type ~2.5, I managed to insert the 14mm ring, don’t feel any pain, definitely feel some stretch. I still have a quick question for you though: you’re saying “make sure you get the rim past the your phimotic band”. You mean the lower rim, right, not the upper one?

  29. I started with manual stretching but eventually progressed onto using the phimocure rings. They are indeed useful and have helped me progress from type 3 to type 1. However, they may not provide a be-all and end-all solution and you shouldn’t get frustrated if they do not provide you with all the results you desire.
    In my case, I am a ‘grower’ rather than a ‘shower’ in the my erect penis is far larger than my flaccid penis. The size of the phimocure ring I’d have to use to fully cure my phimosis when erect is actually larger than my flaccid penis. My foreskin simply slips off the ring, even though the ring is the correct size and correctly inserted.
    What I’m trying to say is that the phimocure rings do work, but not 100% of the time. They are certainly not a complete substitute for manual stretching, which I have had to revert to in order to finally finish off this blasted condition. Just something to bare in mind when purchasing the rings.

    1. Wow, I am really grateful for finding this blog and feeling the relief that knowing there are so many others with similar problems! I certainly do not have as bad a condition as many on here describe but it is still quite bothersome.
      I think I have Type 1 (tight behind glans). I am able to retract without any problems when flaccid. While erect if I fully retract then the foreskin will begin to crack and the skin becomes sore, red and painful for several days, this obviously happens much worse during intercourse…
      That makes me feel like I am in a similar situation to Michael here. So would people still recommend the Phimocure or am I better off with manual stretching or a tool like the GlansPro?
      Thanks so much!

      1. Since you can already retract, and it is just a little tight, I recommend only using your fingers to stretch. It is the best way. You are already past using the GlansPro and other tools.
        Cracking skin and soreness is probably caused by a yeast infection. Fixing it is easy and worth a try. Go to the drug store and buy some vaginal cream containing clotrimazole. Squirt it inside your foreskin for 6 nights and slosh it around. After that, with luck your foreskin problems will be over.

      2. I think you may be right… I think I recently had a years infection under my foreskin after taking some antibiotics. I will give the cream a try, thank you!!!

  30. Hey man, as a fellow phimosis sufferer (and Canadian, eh!) I just wanted to thank you for your blog, and know that I’ll be following you religiously. I might buy the phimocure kit, as I really need to fix my problem. I’m type-2, I believe (can just see the meatus).
    Again, thank you so much and I sincerely hope that you someday can fully retract!

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