Pinhole Phimosis FAQ

How do I know if it’s pinhole phimosis?

Pinhole phimosis means that the foreskin can’t be retracted. There’s just a tiny opening at the end. Nothing larger than a toothpick can fit through.
The biggest sign is in the bathroom. When you urinate, first the head of the penis fills up and balloons out slightly, and then the stream starts.
In some cases, the ring of tightness is on both the inner and outer side of the foreskin, so there is a bunching of skin at the tip that never gets unfolded.
However in my case, I can stretch the foreskin back tightly and aim the tiny hole with my fingers, allowing a very precise strong stream with no splatter. If I wanted to, I could move about six feet away from the toilet without problems.
It doesn’t take much longer than other men. I’m not sure why — the reason is literally rocket science.
When I’m done, a tiny amount always dribbles out in my pants for a few minutes afterwards. There is not enough to cause spotting or anything. I don’t yet know if this is normal.

Eeww, how do you keep it clean? Doesn’t it smell?

Because of the ballooning, the entire interior is flushed out naturally several times a day. Urine has no bacteria in it when it leaves the body, and it has antiseptic properties. There is no need for any special cleaning.

Aren’t women turned off by its appearance?

I’ve got news for you: many women aren’t aroused very much by viewing a penis, and they asked me to tell you to stop texting them photos. My wife says she finds all penises to be equally ugly.

Doesn’t sex hurt?

Pinhole phimosis has one advantage over other less extreme versions. When I have an erection everything just gets all stretched to the maximum right away. Since the foreskin doesn’t retract, there is no pain except for the roughest of sessions.

Does sex work?

This is my biggest problem. Sex is very nice but not stimulating enough to climax. It’s great if you can find a woman who wants to go for hours. But except for the intimacy part, I can have much more fun by myself.
Oral sex is much more of a turn-on for me, because one of us can use our hands to help.
Once achieved, ejaculation is not a problem. Those little guys can find their way out.

Did you masturbate strangely to cause this?

I do things differently. Instead of stroking the shaft, I use a few fingers to focus on where the glans should be. Since this area is small, the motions are quick and short as well.
I think the phimosis led to this technique, not the other way around. If I used the common method, the foreskin just stretches down and squeezes the glans tighter without moving very much. That’s what happens in sex as well. See above.

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One thought on “Pinhole Phimosis FAQ”

  1. Hii there hope that you’ll read my question . And im in the verge of losing my life realizing that i have phimosis.. Im 21 passing to 22. I have 4 questions sir . Please respond

    1. I had practiced prone masturbation all my life till now . (i have used my hands too , but it is comparatively less) . Was it the reason for my phimosis ?
    2. Do i have any chances for retracting the foreskin by stretching at the age of 21 ??
    3. How can i identify that whether my phimosis is due to frenulum breve ?? is there any problem with that . If so how can i treat it myself
    4. I have been masturbating for past 10 11 years and i have lost all my strength due to this habit . Im really weak . Is there any chances for me to regain all the strength that i’ve lost due to this habit. Iam really feared that whether i will be a loser in sex life too . Along with physical strength of my body . I have mny mental issues too . Some time i feel tingling sensation in fingers and joints i think it is also a result of masturbation. Can i overcome all these problems myself if i quit masturbation.

    Iam coming from a regressive society . Where sex is a taboo . Sir please help me to get answers for these !

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