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After 35 years and three kids, I discovered that I have always had severe phimosis. Nothing has changed, but suddenly I feel that I am wrong. I need to fix this. Writing helps try to process this new information and figure out what to do about it and my sex life.
Also, it’s a chance to practice my writing and make a steady stream of penis jokes.

I am not a doctor

I am just good at reading. I am aware of NO medical studies of treating phimosis in adults. In children, multiple studies have shown a success rate of over 90% within three months. Most doctors will prescribe the same steroid cream to adults as they do for children, but they may be unaware of the need to stretch.
Over time, many men on the Phimosis Discussion Board have shared the fastest and safest ways to treat their phimosis that worked for them. I created this site to help share this information in a more readable format. I am not affiliated with the moderators of the discussion board.


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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your encouraging and informative blog and all the fellow suffers who have posted comments. It’s great to know I’m not alone, and it has encouraged me to take action – which started with a very supportive chat with my wife 🙂
    Cheers, Ian

  2. Hey, I also have a phimosis – I think it’s something between type 1 and 2. I was trying to stretch it from time to time and it got better, I think some years ago it was more like type 3, but I have never really followed a stretching plan like practicing every day til now. I had sex only once with a condom and that was ok. Last time I had an erection with a girl, it did hurt a little, so I’ve strechted more while masturbating.
    Some days ago I was trying to hard, i pulled the skin back and got a stronger erection, then it happened that my foreskin got a little sore, it did’nt bleed, but there was a little visible scratch and it hurt. Did this ever happen to you?
    My plan is to let it cure completely and then try to stretch it softly and on a daily basis.

  3. thanks for sharing your experience it’s helped me a lot, just stumbled across the site today and i’ve already ordered the phimocure rings lol!! Here’s hoping they do the trick.

  4. Hello my saver!
    I would like to thank you for the time you spared to explain about phimosis and its cure by creating this blog.
    An urologist told me that circumcision was the only posible option for me. And then exidentionly I found your precious website. I have been using your stretching techniques for a couple of months and there are obvious results.
    Once again I can not explain how thankful am I for the momentous information you provided.
    Wish you all the best 🙂

  5. Hey
    I have been reading your blog and found the information to be very useful.
    I am 26 and half years old right now.
    I though I would share my story and my problems.
    When I was very young maybe 1 or 2 I had a inflamated testicle that had to be medically brought down to a smaller size. This went fine and although it is very noticable I have never had any problems.
    Also during this time the doctor determined that I had quite a tight foreskin and frenulum so they stretched it.
    It is important to mention here that I am from a Christian Family and am Christian myself although not super active in it. Not hardout crazy and fanatical Christian Family just your general run of the Mill Protestant Family who goes to Church once a week. You get the idea.
    I am not actually too sure why this was the case but as a teenager I never masturbated and also never really cleaned under my foreskin. I suppose going to a Christian Primary and High School may have contributed to this with a lack of health and sexual education. Sure I looked at Woman and porn on the internet but never masturbated.
    I alway carried some guilt toward watching porn and am still a virgin all though I have had opportunities. This is probably similar for most Christians.
    Obviously lol I had a lot of wet dreams.
    Really the first time I really paid much attention to my penis was in Late 2013 when I got thrush.
    The doctor was suprised that I had a lot of smegma and prescribed me thrush cream and told be to clean once a day and this would heal which it did.
    Possibly due to stress of a new job and the thrush I was not getting as many erections as normal so I started watching porn and masturbating.
    It was amazing, I was very happy and until March 2015 everything was fine down there I must have loosened things up.
    However in March 2015 I must have torn my frenulum masturbating.
    This is really where my painful journey began.
    I remember feeling an itch and pain and also my frenulum was very red and stung after showers and urinating no matter how dry I kept it.
    To show just how naive I was I actually believed this was a punishment from God for watching porn. Obviously I know now that I have a real medical condition.
    In April 2015 I went to the doctor who was admitted it was red and put me on anti biotics and also I used bactroban, micreme as well.
    After about 6 weeks I seemed to heal and had no sexual activity at all for around 5 months.
    In July or August I started masturbating again and eventually injured myself again no matter how careful I was.
    I stop having sexual activity but then injured myself in January 2016. I had seen the doctor many times but then and tried many tests but had pretty much decided that I was unable to live a normal sexual life.
    In early 2016 I started reading online about my condition and too my hope and annoyance found out that I likely had a short frenulum and some breve.
    I eventually managed to go to a Urinologist in June 2016 who to my horror concluded that I was fine, just a little sensitive. However he only examined me flaccid where I have no problems not errect. He said he saw no need for a frenoplasty which would really only give me 25% more frenulum or a circumcision.
    It is hear than I mention that I would hate to have a circumcision and see no value in a frenoplasty.
    Recently I tore it again and am beginning to develop a complex against anything sexual. Like I am actually scared that I will tear again is I masturbate and have no interest is dating or marriage because of all of this. It is depressing.
    I have pretty much lost all hope in the medical community about this issue.
    Too describe my penis it is not very big maybe 2 inches flaccid but errect is more 4.5 to 5 inches which is where I have the problem. When flaccid I can comfortably move my foreskin over the head and ribbed part and somewhat down the shaft but errect I certainly can’t see the full head.
    Here are my questions:
    1. Is my penis normal in that the frenulum is connected to the foreskin at one end and connected to the penis at the other?
    2. If I am not fully healed can I started stretching or will I tear again?
    3. What simple stretches should I start with?
    4. Should I try to get the doctor to prescribe me steriod cream?
    5. Is there a way to masturbate with a short frenulum, I don’t use lube should I?
    Thanks in advance for your answers and for listening I really don’t know what to do.
    Kind Regards

      1. Hey Peter yeah I did and it got answered 🙂 Its under the heading “Healing my frenulum before stretching” Any advice from you would be awesome and could be put in that topic. Just starting my stretching journey but excited

      2. Sam, I’m sorry, but I can’t give you any advice at the moment. Jim is very experienced in this field, so follow his recommendations. Good luck!

  6. Hey! Just thought I’d post my background up here as I’m about to restart my stretching journey!
    As a child my foreskin was perfectly normal, it fully retracted as it should. I think from the age of around 6 it started to tighten a bit, but because I knew no better I thought this was normal. I don’t have much memory of it over time but by the time I was around 14 I had realised from the off porn video/magazine that it should still be like it used to be.
    I was always too embarresed to say anything about it so it sent ignored for a few years and it has never caused me any pain or grief.
    By this point my phinosis was pretty extreme, I’d estimate the opening being about 6mm so not as bad as yours but a relatively extreme case.
    By the time I became sexually active as a teenage lad it was an issue, I was very reluctant to do much because they’d find out my dreaded secret! Because of this I actually lost who would have been a fantastic girlfriend, I was so nervous about her finding out that I shyed away from her.
    By the next girlfriend I was determined not to let it stop anything so as things were hotting up I just broached the subject. I was her first sexual partner so she knew no different and it didn’t bother her, oh and the sex was great despite my head being covered.
    Over the years I’ve had a number of partners and after the first couple I no longer even felt the need to bring the subject up. I just go about my business and if they get down there and notice it they can bring it up, amazing very few of them notice it to be something unusual, just a bit different, and they do come in different shapes and sizes!
    I do keep it very clean and have my methods of doing so, so that’s never been an issue and I’ve never had a woman be put off by it!
    I did try to start stretching a couple of years ago based on some research I’d done online but after a couple of weeks using flesh tunnels and seeing very little results I just gave up. They tended to cause swelling and hinder progress and I only managed to work up from using a 7mm tunnel to an 8mm in that time, then after a weekend away without them through leaving it at home it went right back to the original size and I lost faith.
    I found your blog a while back and spent quite a while reading it! It very much inspired me to start again and I have just got round to making a dedicated effort to get results like you have!
    I’m currently at 7.5mm and it has been for a long time now so a reasonable starting point, I’ve ordered myself the phimocure kit and I’m currently working my way up towards the 9-9.5mm I want to start using them with using a pair of surgical foreceps which I use the same way the glansie works, but I just hold them open for 10 minutes or so!
    Anyway, hopefully I’ll start seeing some results soon! Hopefully my brief outline of my experience will help some of the commentors on here who seem to have concerns with the start of their sex life! Just go for it and don’t miss out of a sex life because of something like this! You’ll only regret it!

  7. hi – this info is brilliant. My husband and I are finding it hard to manage with my son, as my husband was circumcised as a baby. This all started when my son had dry and tight penis skin around the tip and he couldnt move the skin around ( I suspect a cheap soap started it ) This was so long ago – he cant even remember what it looked like before or if its any better. I feel like it getting better with loser skin around the tip but I’m not sure either. 2 rounds of the standard cream has done nothing in the dr eyes.
    My 10 year old is scared of his next dr visit which has been referred by our GP and this new dr is a surgeon. After reading some of the info – we have ditched the standard cream and are using coconut oil to lubricate and start stretching. My son hasn’t or is even close to really understanding erections yet. I have some questions – if he has an erection and will he be in pain or get hurt ?Also we have been stretching for a week and can fit his finger in now – with his little penis I dont know how much more I should try to stretch – 2 fingers ?
    Any advise for a kid would great . Also the photos are great thanks for the learnings . I went through them really quickly – were they all erect ? Im just asking because I am making decisions on my sons penis but we have never seen it erect obviously and now I dont even know what is normal anymore.
    Also once stretched – are you so called , cured of the problems. Or is it a life of stretching and maintenance ? thanks again so much

    1. In regards to the topic of phimosis and erections, well, there most likely WON’T be any pain. The rest of the skin is very flexible and stretchy so even with a tight section of foreskin, the rest of the skin connected to the penis will stretch to make up for this. There will only be pain if the section which is tight is PULLED down over the head of the penis; this will squeeze the penis or it might even get stuck behind the glans if pulled too far (both are painful but getting it stuck behind the glans is worse). Hope this helps.

  8. hello .
    I had a partial circumcision 3 weeks ago,unfortunately it didn’t reply go well .leaving the problem of phimosis still there and now the opening is not straight ,due to scaring. i am curious your opinion as to whether stretching can rectify this problem , there is quite a lump from scaring . is it okay to try to stretch that now? A full circumcision was an option a urologist suggested but i don’t want to do the if i can avoid it
    any advice would be much appreciated

  9. Hello from an Australian fan!
    First of all, thank you for sharing your experience – it is very motivating to see someone dealing with a similar problem and in particular to see how you have stuck with it despite sometimes slow progress – good on you!
    My background: I am 29 and have had phimosis for as long as I can remember – although not as severe as yours – i.e. I can retract the foreskin when flaccid. I was recently referred to a urological surgeon who was quite keen to circumcise me. I would like to investigate other options first, for reasons I am sure you can relate to.
    I also have a couple of questions – would appreciate any advice/thoughts:
    1. I am now contemplating on starting with the Phimocure set mentioned on your blog, however I am concerned that my frenulum may be too tight to allow me to put the tubes in easily. What is your experience with this? Have you found that your frenulum has stretched over time along with the overall foreskin?
    2. Also do you think there is any advantage of Phimocure over generic flesh tunnels that people use in their ears?

  10. You can live life with out retracting your foreskin. And sex can be perfectly satisfying with the head covered up. I got a prepuce plasty to get my head out, and sex is different, not better

    1. Well, I’d say it depends on how each person experiences sex/orgasm through his own body stimuli as everyone is a different passenger in his own body despite general anatomy and reflexes similarities.
      For me, before getting my average looking quality circumcision 23 years ago at the age of 20, I had been having good quality orgasms but I had no idea of how fantastically better intercourse would become after having my penis glans freed from phimosis skin preventing direct friction particularly in the area of the glans corona and the corona’s back side (towards the penile shaft). After getting my circumcision friction in the appropriate female body parts now feels like a slice of heaven for me.
      For me, circumcision made glans sensitivity worse, made masturbation more or less worse and less straightforward, provokes often urethra tip irritation due to rubbing on underwear, made standing urination much more messy
      sexual activity with female partners became SO much better that I’d go through all my circumcision hardships without second thoughts even if in my case I have had minor but pretty painful complications.
      As always YMMV…

  11. Dear Sir,
    I mean no disrespect but after curing your phimosis which sex do you like the most, the one with phimosis or one without phimosis
    I am 18 years old and I have pinhole phimosis myself but I am too embarrassed to go to the doctor or discuss it with my friends I have read on internet that circumcision is a cure for but that costs money and I am too afraid to ask my parents for money.I have never had sex before could you please describe what is your experience with sex before curing phimosis and after curing phimosis
    And will it be alright if I had phimosis all my life?
    And thank you for sharing this valuable website with us

  12. Thank you for sharing and compliments to you for all your hard work and dedication (Both with your Phimosis issues AND the countless hours working on your Blog)

  13. Hi, I started my stretching blog today. I think you would like to see another journey which I think could motivate you in yours. I will start posting seriously in the next days.
    Good Journey!

  14. Hi, first of all thank you for sharing all these. It’s damn helpful and encouraging.
    Being a guy with Phimosis myself, I was just wondering how the sex feels like with phimosis. You see, am a virgin and I hate myself for dreading the idea of having sex because I think it’d hurt like hell. But, after reading your story, am very much encouraged with a new perspective. Could you please tell me a bit about your sex experience..like is it pleasurable, painful, done using condom, etc.? Also, would you mind me asking that was it normal sex that got your wife pregnant or did you guys had to try something else to make babies?
    I’d be really grateful if you could answer above. Once again, thanks for sharing your journey. Your story has given me immense hope along with valuable information.

    1. Hi! Don’t dread sex. I didn’t know about my phimosis until I had three kids already. I never had any pain during sex, but I could last forever. Very pleasurable, but unsatisfying. Kids were obtained by using my hands and then inserting.
      Some men do have pain if the foreskin is forced down too much during sex. If that happens, using a condom and extra lube should help.

      1. What if you are trying to conceive a baby with your wife or partner? I can only have sex with a condom. Otherwise, I run the risk of painful paraphimosis. To have sex without one causes great anxiety and stress as I’m playing a dangerous game and could end up in hospital. Are pinholes in condoms effective?

  15. I finally realised in my late 20’s (20 years ago) I had phimosis. Whenever I read about the skin moving over the head, I always figured it just moves back and forth.
    If I ever saw pornos and saw a penis I figured the guy was circumcised and that’s what it looked like.
    Few years later I consulted a urologist about a circumcision (I was having some discomfort). He gave me a couple of options (full cut, or a dorsal slit) but said if it didn’t bother me then it was OK to leave it. The discomfort went away and I never bothered. Frankly I’m a bit curious to see what my penis would look like cut, though!
    The cons are I can practically pee round a corner, but I solved this by simply sitting down to pee. Apparently a lot of Europeans do this anyway as it puts less strain on the urethra or something.
    Some women are a little put off and one or two have insisted on a condom for oral sex. I’m clean like you, but explaining my urine helps keep it clean is a non starter!
    Pros are sex is fine for me. I don’t know if it affects my stamina. Sometimes I ejaculate quickly, sometimes it takes forever. Like all guys I guess.
    I have no pain during sex. Occasionally the skin will be forced back a bit (there is no way the skin is going back over the head) and that can be sore.
    We’re ahead of the game with masturbation. No lube required! The skin is it’s own soft protector.
    Good luck with your stretching. Pleased I found this site.

  16. Hi. Great website. You mention ordering a set of flesh tunnels from ebay. Were they smaller than 3mm ? If so, could you share the source ? Thanks.

    1. The set I ordered was really from Amazon.ca and had 3mm-26mm. Some sellers on Amazon.ca have 2mm.
      The shaft of a Q-tip cotton swab is 2.5mm and I have had success with them. They need to be wrapped carefully with PTFE tape because the cut plastic is especially sharp.

    2. Hi, thanks for a great source of info on phimosis, I’ve ordered the Phimocure kit off the back of reading about it here.
      Did you find it difficult to keep using the same size ring from day to day, never mind moving up a size. My experience has been it can sometimes be very easy to fit one in the morning and then absolute murder fitting the same ring in the evening. The foreskin seems to have shrunk in the intervening hours instead of expanded.

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