A stranger has my penis

I was just on the internet googling for penises.
I’m not gay. In fact, my problem is that I haven’t seen enough penises. After years of marriage, both my wife and I thought I had a typical, God-given schlong that could stand proudly alongside the best johnsons of the country.
We couldn’t have been more mistaken.
I was researching my condition and I came upon this page:
I know every vein and fold of my penis. And that man has it.
Isn’t that weird? I swear I am not him.
The shocked reactions on reddit do not make me feel very good.


I contacted my penis-twin and asked him how phimosis affects him. Does he have the lack of sensitivity that I do? He wrote back:

It only bothers me because I don’t know if not having it would be better than it is.
I’ve tried a little bit of stretching but nothing consistent so I’ve not seen any progress.
It doesn’t really affect my life too much. I have a problem with excess urine after peeing, but thats about it. I’m a married man with a perfectly normal sex life, I guess it is a little tight sometimes but nothing has ever split. I don’t last forever at all though. lol.

2 thoughts on “A stranger has my penis”

  1. That is my blog. I collect pictures of phimosis and put it on there. I do think changing masturbation technique can alleviate the problem – though it will probably take time in your case. My advice is not to put too much pressure on it. My theory is that the skin does not get stretched due to damage of the 3 spongy chambers of the penis causing weakening of erections. Once you allow to repair – the constant strong erections – which hopefully last a while – will cause the glans to push against the foreskin creating new skin. So you should aim for prolonged erections. But only spontaneous erections. As I say, this can only happen if you allow your penis to repair. If you are not getting strong spontaneous erections – your penis is damaged. With the peehole covered you also need to avoid night time ejaculation so see my other blog for full tips:

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