Pictures of my penis

My posts don’t have any naughty pictures. Instead, they’re all here! You can read about my shock at discovering that I wasn’t normal, and what I’m doing about it on my blog.
I have the most extreme case of tight foreskin imaginable. With consistent daily stretching, the Internet says I should have it working properly in a few months. My doctor approves, so let’s put it to the test.

Don’t make the mistakes I did. Read the guide instead.

Starting point & Week 1

Here is my penis, semi-erect, before I started my journey. It’s been like this my whole life, because I didn’t know anything was out of the ordinary.
flaccid penis with pinhole phimosisHere it is relatively erect. I just bought the latest crazy megapixel phone so if you zoom in I swear you can see actual skin cells.
erect penis with pinhole phimosis
I applied some old mometasone furoate 0.1% cream twice daily. Within a few days, my foreskin became very soft and pliable, like play dough. I researched the science behind it here.
During week 1, I didn’t have any special tools. The chopstick incident hurt like hell. I had to improvise. I create the funnel shape as close as I can to the opening, and try to pry it open. It’s just like opening a bag of candy. I hold this stretch for five to ten minutes at a time, three times a day.

stretching technique for pinhole phimosisWeek 2

At the start of week 2, I had no visible improvement. The foreskin is pink because of all the stretching. This is what happens when I pull back all the way.
erect penis with severe pinhole phimosis
I needed something I can leave in to provide continuous, gentle stretching. I ordered a full set of silicone flesh tunnels from Amazon, but they would not arrive for many weeks. While I waited, I found a pair from a local store Ardene.
The tubes are precisely 3mm in diameter, but the caps on the ends are 5mm. I had to cut the end off one to get it in. The first time I inserted it, it was difficult. Now I use some astroglide lube and I can slip it in in seconds.
silicone flesh plugs
This is how I spend my days. I don’t like to walk around because I’m afraid I’ll get poked. My glans has never before been touched by anything in my life.

Fixing phimosis with silicone flesh plugs
I’m a grower.

Midway through the week I discovered the trick of wrapping the flesh plug with PTFE tape, to gradually expand its size. It’s more comfortable to wear.

Week 3

At the start of the week, you cannot see a difference in the photo. I feel that the opening is larger, but after a few minutes the two ends of the “tunnel” misalign so it still looks small. Is it wishful thinking?
After extended use of a flesh plug, my foreskin got red and sore. I began to dread putting it in because the hole kept shrinking and I’d have to jab it hard. But if I let it rest, the hole would get even smaller than before, so I removed all of the PTFE tape and persisted. It only hurts during insertion.
I am now testing whether the soreness was due to the Astroglide Gel. Water based lube is supposed to be harmless, but it’s not designed to be sealed inside your skin for hours. I have switched to pure coconut oil (eg. for cooking) and I’ll know in a couple of days if that helps.

Coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant and also cures yeast infections.
It’s not extra virgin any more! Honestly I’m not a natural healing freak, but I’ve learned that coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant and it also cures yeast infections. Plus, it has delicious flavour.

Week 4

Erect penis with pinhole phimosisWTF just happened? It was hurting so I took the weekend off stretching. Now the pain is gone, but the hole has shrunk so much it takes two minutes to pee. I am worse off than when I started! Nothing fits in. I’m back to using the tiniest knitting needles to try to open it a little. I do this for 10 minutes at a time. This opens it so I can insert a flesh plug.
Flesh plugs below 3mm are tough to find, so I built some out of Q-Tip shafts and PTFE tape. Is this dangerous? I had a nightmare that it went inside and I had to go to the ER.

Build your own flesh plugs from cotton swabs and PTFE tape
Throw away the cotton part! It is bad to put it in you.

My new rule is: Slow progress is good progress. I wear the flesh plug for no more than one or two hours at a time. If it hurts to put in, I use a smaller one.
Sometimes removal can be a challenge. The best way to remove a flesh plug is to give 10 or 20 gentle tugs. Amazingly it will just slip out. Here’s a photo that describes what I mean.
Hope this helps the two other people on the planet with my exact problem.
I hope this helps the two other men on the planet who have such a tight foreskin

Week 5

Erect penis with severe phimosis (tight foreskin) Something’s happening! That opening is definitely getting larger. It feels amazing to have done all this work and have something to show for it. I’m like a kid again. I keep sneaking off to look at it.
This week I lost my ability to pee with pinpoint accuracy. It’s golden showers everyday. I will never again able to sign my name in the snow, a Canadian tradition.
The trauma of week 4 was a blessing because now I know my limits, and I can create flesh plugs of arbitrary sizes. Whenever I feel ready, I wrap another 6cm of tape around the flush plug and continue my journey, increasing size by fractions of a millimeter at a time.

Week 6

Erect penis with pinhole phimosis

Ouch! I had another invisible tear two days ago so I stopped stretching while it healed. When I took the weekly photo this morning everything had shrunk down again. It’s getting routine now. Be as careful as possible, but if there’s pain, wait 36 hours for it to heal. Then continue with the smallest tool that fits. Within one day all prior progress will be regained. 
I was able to try sex, and as I’d been warned, it is a little painful now. Thrusting pulls at the skin, and the edges hurt. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. On the other hand, breastfeeding has temporarily given my partner the sex drive of a brick.

Week 7

Penis with phimosis after stretching

Stretching is damn hard. It’s only slightly easier than training for a marathon or losing 20 lbs. Each morning when I wake up I am back to the original pinhole, but after an hour of stretching I can work it back up to the previous dimensions.
I’m now wrapping 36cm of PTFE tape around a Q-tip shaft to create the flesh plug of about 5mm in diameter. If the original opening was 3mm, that means there has been skin growth of 67%. I estimate I will need at least 35mm so I’m 2/32 or 6% there. Skin follows an exponential growth curve, like money in a retirement account, so I expect faster progress later.

Week 8

Penis with phimosis

Although it looks bigger, I am recording the size based on the diameter of the flesh plugs that I can fit through. The largest stays at 5mm, same as last time.
Do you know what happens when you seal moisture inside your skin for hours? The Candida fungus that is always present takes hold and grows. My flesh plugs create the perfect environment for a yeast infection. The tip is painful, I can see a cut around the ring, and it burns when I urinate.

Canesten clotrimazole cream for yeast infections, in drug store
Since I don’t need the applicators, my wife put them with the kids’ paints.

I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart and bought a tube of clotrimazole vagina cream. I use it as lube to insert the flesh plug. I’m not sure it’s making a difference yet. Because of this I haven’t been able to move up at all, but at least I maintained the growth I’ve had.
It is the week of PAIN. It hurts like nothing I have ever felt to insert and remove the flesh plug. I have a burning at the tip when I pee. I hope the pain is because of yeast and not something more serious. To make sure, I also bought one dose of fluconazole.
Against all the advice on the Internet, I am stretching through the pain. It will shrink back to nothing if I stop.

Week 9

Through the yeast infection, I managed to move up by a fraction of a millimeter. Today the pain is much less so I’m wrapping 72cm of tape around the Q-tip to create a flesh plug of 5.5mm. The amount of tape is getting unwieldy, so I ordered a bag of inexpensive Coolmorph plastic on ebay. These plastic pellets melt in warm water so you can shape them. Soon I will be able to create tiny plastic things of whatever shape I want.

All the flesh plugs that I made so far. Beyond 6mm they become difficult to make and use.

Week 10

Penis with phimosis
I can’t say enough how managing the yeast is helping. With flesh plugs sealing moisture in, yeast in inevitable, so I use a kid’s medicine syringe to inject 0.5 mL of clotrimazole cream into the opening every night.
Since it doesn’t hurt anymore, I can push in larger flesh plugs. I’m up to 6.5mm. I have to start the day with a smaller one, but a few minutes later I can move up to the larger size.

Week 11

Penis with phimosis
button (3)
I can see the meatus! This is super exciting. I’m not sure why everything’s on top like that. As far as I know, the slit should be on the bottom. I guess I’ll find out after the big reveal.
This week I’m up to 7.5mm. You can see two little cuts because I got overexcited again and tried to put in an 8mm. My new way of dealing with a tear is to keep stretching, but not so aggressively. Just stretch enough to prevent shrinking. I’m applying the yeast cream every night.

I got this $12 vernier caliper from Home Depot. It can measure in 0.1mm increments. Yes, I tested it on my penis.
This $12 vernier caliper from Home Depot can measure in 0.1mm increments. Yes, I tested it on my penis.

Flesh tunnels still won’t go in. To insert a flesh tunnel, you have to fold it to make it smaller. But there’s no way to fold an 8mm one. It just won’t work. My Coolmorph plastic arrived but I’m not sure what to do with it yet.
In other news, I’m pretty sure I have post-natal depression. It can happen in fathers too. My baby is five months old, and I just want to SLEEP or get away but I can’t. Nothing’s fun. I’ve lost 8 lbs this month cause I don’t feel like eating. At least my penis progress gives a little joy. But I’ve no desire to use it for anything.

Week 12

Penis with phimosis

Steady progress. I managed to get up to 8.5mm. Not much to say, so I’ll give a tip. If you ever find your skin is too slippery to grip properly, use a piece of toilet paper to grab it.
I’ve noticed that urinating less satisfying than it used to be. If you’ve ever had a pinhole, you’ll know what I mean. Urinating takes a minute or so and it was ever so slightly stimulating before. Now the only feeling is emptying the waterfall and it’s over in 10 seconds. That’s the only thing I’ll miss.

Week 13

20150209_092157 (1)
button (3)
Sorry, I’m doing something called nofap and I couldn’t help the wetness. It always does that now.
My pugnacious prepuce has rebelled against my efforts this week. I missed stretching one day because I forgot my kit at home, and it shrunk. The next day, I literally didn’t have five minutes free to do anything, because of my kids. Now I’m back to using a 7.5mm plug.
It’s probably for the best. I’ve been so motivated by the progress that I’ve gotten used to a little pain when I put in the flesh tunnels. There should never be pain. When I looked inside I realized that I’d been scraping some skin from the inside wall. As it heals, myofibroblasts are going to pull it together. There’s nothing to do but wait it out, and learn from it. Once again, slow steady progress is how to win at stretching. I wish I’d listened to my own advice!

Week 14

You have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward. I was stretching too fast before, and inside the foreskin was raw and some was getting blistered. I was learning to ignore pain. That’s bad.
I stopped stretching entirely for three full days to let it heal, and I’m glad I did.In the previous photos the skin was thickening and swollen. Now the skin feels soft and more pliable than ever.  I’m advancing more slowly now, fractions of a millimetre at a time. I’m up to 8mm.
Pain is bad. If you feel pain, stop for a few days and let it heal up.

Week 15

Penis with phimosis
Still going slowly. I’m waiting for my flesh plugs to fall out before I move to the next one. The opening is 8.5mm again, same as week 12. But this time it’s not swollen or traumatized at all. That’s the advantage of going slowly.
Here’s some exciting news: My phimocure kit arrived!

The large ones scare me

I couldn’t help it: I tried the smallest 10mm ring. Folded up, it went in with no problems. But it didn’t want to come out. I eventually yanked it out. It was like being stabbed. I leaped across the bathroom. Read all about the incident here.
I hope to be ready to use them within two weeks.

Week 16

Penis with phimosis
The whiteness is from zinc-oxide diaper cream that I use to moisturise.

Did I mention I’m not happy with my home-made flesh plugs? Every few days they cause a tiny tear and I have to wait for it to heal. This week I found I could fit in two Q-Tips (Cotton buds) and pull apart like tiny fingers.
Phimosis stretching with Q-tips
Stretching my foreskin with two Q-Tips. I do this for 10 minutes at a time, three to four times a day.

This method is not recommended on the Phimosis Discussion Board because remnants of cotton can stay inside your foreskin and cause infection. I’m taking the risk anyway. I only need to get to 9.5mm so I can use the first Phimocure ring.

Week 17

Penis with tight foreskin
The outline of the white circle is the tight ring that I stretch. Inside the circle, the lighter area is the inner foreskin starting to fold out.

The Q-tip method is working well. Since I’m no longer using flesh plugs, it is difficult to measure precisely. I’ve increased the opening to at least 9mm. Only another half millimetre to go before I can use the Phimocure!
Sitting there for 10 minutes is certainly boring. When I’m at home, I set a timer on my phone and then switch to Netflix to help pass the time. When I’m in a public washroom, I stare at the door.
Bathroom door graffiti
Most of the time it’s not even this interesting.


 Week 18

Penis with phimosis
Its starting to do tricks. The lighter inner foreskin is showing.

After stretching for a week with the two Q-tip method, I managed to get the 10mm phimocure ring in, and more importantly, out again without pain. I pinch the ring into into a heart shape to make it smaller and push it in, then let it snap open. Sometimes this task is easy, but when the foreskin rolls out it is hard to get it inside the tight ring. I wear it for an hour at a time every day. It’s still a little too tight.

Week 19

Penis with phimosis

I’m still waiting for the first Phimocure ring to do its work. I wrote a review of the rings. The smallest ring hurts for a few minutes after I put it in, but then the pain subsides. Removing it stings. Despite the soreness, it doesn’t seem to be damaging the skin. I still do the Q-Tip stretches in the morning and at night, and put in the ring for about an hour during the day.

Week 20

Penis with tight foreskin

Is it working? I feel progress is stalled since I switched to Phimocure. I tried to use the next ring size (11.5mm) but it didn’t even unfold. I’ll keep at it with the 10mm for now.
That white ring is worrying. Maybe the ring sits in the wrong place. I might try giving a couple of days of rest.

Week 21

Penis with phimosis

As I found before, a break for a couple of days works wonders. The first evidence that the Phimocure ring was working was it was getting easier to pull out, and the sting afterwards was absent. I put in the 11.5mm ring and it unfolded entirely this time. It is still tight but doing its job. I leave it in for an hour a few times a day while I spend time with my kids.

Week 22

Penis with phimosis

I have nothing to report this week.

Week 23

Penis with phimosis

These pictures are useful. Without them I wouldn’t see my progress, but it at least it looks like something is happening since week 18.
For the past three days I r everted to the Q-Tip method because the 10.5mm Phimocure ring caused a small cut. I’m also treating for yeast just in case.
Since the pregnancy 16 months ago, I had sex a second time. I was able to climax in minutes. I attribute this success to nofap, rather than my changing foreskin. If you’re having sex problems, try not to masturbate for at least a week.

Week 24

Penis with phimosis

I’m feeling great today.
For the first time in my life, I was able to poke my glans with my finger. My first impression: Wow, it’s squishy like a stress ball. “Is that normal?” I asked a circumcised guy on Twitter, and he confirmed that, yes, the glans is generally squishier than the rest. In all my 35 years I never expected that. My skin always covered it so tightly that the pressure made it equally hard all around. I wonder if, once revealed, it’ll mushroom out and be even bigger.  The Circumcision Diary guy had that happen after his surgery.
If I just lightly touch the glans I barely feel anything, compared to the foreskin. Only when I apply some pressure do I get a pain like poking an eye. I’m so glad I didn’t get circumcised. The foreskin has nearly all the sensation compared to the glans.
I only used Q-tips all week to stretch (10 minutes, 3 to four times a day). In addition, I’ve been injecting a moisturizer to keep everything soft. Skin grows better if it doesn’t dry out.  My new hobby is lotion-making, so I whipped up one in my kitchen using these ingredients:

  • 15% coconut oil – for texture, water barrier, and smell.
  • 15% vitamin E oil – for skin healing
  • 7.5% emulsifier wax – to mix water & oil
  • 5% zinc oxide – for wound healing
  • 0.5% Germall Plus – for preservative
  • Distilled water

It’s a strange hobby. You can use any moisturizing cream with as few ingredients as possible. I find a lotion works better than a pure oil, because it contains water too.

Week 25

Penis with phimosis

Here’s what it’s like to touch my glans for the first time.
First of all, I feel like my fingers should not be there. I feel like I’m touching an internal organ that shouldn’t be touched. Imagine you had a deep wound on your arm, already healing, itchy and sensitive, and you are running your fingers around inside. You feel each light touch as something many times larger than it is. You feel like you should stop, because you might fuck something up and cause some serious damage.
It is sensitive. It is like poking an eye, painful, but with overtones of nasty pleasure because it is the end of my penis. It is like running your fingers on the pink, new skin that grows on a sunburn.
At the same time, even being highly sensitive, it is numb, when compared with the foreskin. With my fingertip, I can lightly tap my foreskin, over and over, with the barely the weight of a housefly, and be driven to ecstasy in minutes. But if I tap my glans this would not happen unless I pushed on it.
This video explains the difference. The glans is like the back of your hand. Touching your foreskin is comparable to lightly touching your palm. Only it’s much more sensitive.

Week 26

Penis with phimosis button-29.7
I’m making quick progress these days. I estimated the opening to be 12.5mm in diameter. The foreskin was starting to get thick and swollen, so I took a three day break where I did nothing. Afterwards I recovered all the progress and more.
Here’s a disturbing trick I can do now. When I pull it back hard, the glans starts to squish and slip through. It doesn’t hurt much, but I always freak out and stop.

I use a caliper to carefully measure it’s thickness, thus determining the diameter of the opening.

Week 27

Penis with phimosis buton-34.4
Steady progress. I’m thrilled. Now I’m averaging 5% a week, which means about three months to go. Once again I took a two day break in the middle of the week for recovery. I’m still using only the two Q-tips, stretching three to five times a day for 10 minutes. Also I squirt in some lotion every day to keep it moist.
I can see my complete frenulum now, and it is only about 5mm long. I’ve got to remember to give it a tug for a minute every time I pee, as is recommended on the Phimosis Discussion Board. If the frenulum is too short, it could prevent retraction even if the opening is large enough.

Week 28

Penis with phimosis
No change from last week. It happens sometimes.

Week 29



There is some visual progress. I don’t know how to measure the diameter accurately.
The Q-Tips are very narrow and they are digging a notch into my foreskin, so I came up with something else. My skills with modelling clay begin and end with “the snake”. Even so, I was able to craft these stretching devices out of Coolmorph plastic.

Roll a the plastic into a tube. Slightly flatten the tube into an oval shaped cross section. Then as it hardens, bend the ends to create a hockey-stick. Make sure there all the edges are rounded.

I use them like two fingers, to pull and hold the opening for 10 minutes at a time.

Week 30

Penis with phimosis
Just more of the same. I haven’t been stretching as often as I should. A few days I only did twice. I’ve got to keep at it.

Week 31

Penis with phimosis

Week 32

Penis with phimosis
I’m mostly using the Coolmorph plastic things to stretch now. I made larger ones, and I use a drop of Astroglide lube to help get them in. I can’t wait until I can use fingers. They will be much better.
I still use the steroid cream whenever I remember.

Week 33


Week 34

The wetness is Astroglide lube from stretching using the Coolmorph sticks.
I’m also giving the Phimocure rings another chance, wearing them for an hour at a time as often as I can. I was able to fit the fifth one in today but it hurt a lot.
I thought the white skin was scar tissue, but based on this post it might be smegma. It’s not disgusting like it sounds: It just looks like a layer of white skin. I’m not going to try to scrape it because I still can’t access more than a thin ring, and I think it would hurt. Olive oil is supposed to work well when the time comes.

Week 35

Slow progress. Looking back, it seems to have slowed when I switched from using Q-tips to the Coolmorph sticks for stretching. I’ll have to try something else.

Week 36

Penis after stretching phimosis
After reverting to the Q-Tips for stretching, I can feel the difference. It seems to be looser and when I remove the 4th Phimocure ring, the pain is much less.
For some reason I have not discovered, the thick Coolmorph sticks that I created did not work. The thinner Q-Tips are better.

Week 37

Penis with phimosis button-47.5
I am using Q-Tips as well as the 5th phimocure ring (18.2mm) now. When I pull it out, I feel sharp, stinging pain, so I only use it a couple of times a day when I know I won’t get 10 minutes of bathroom time. The Q-Tips work very well, but they are digging a notch into the side of my foreskin again. I try to shift them around to avoid the notch when I stretch.

Week 38

Phimosis stretching (week 38)

Week 39

Not too much happening? I have to figure out what’s holding me back and fix it.

Week 40

Penis with tight foreskin
Since I wasn’t making progress, here is what I changed. It seemed to work.

  • Stricter about stretching. At least three to five times a day for 10 minutes.
  • I wear a Phimocure ring at least twice a day for an hour each time.
  • I apply the betamethasone cream every night without fail.

Instead of two Q-tips, I am now using this coin-picker-upper I bought at the Royal Canadian Mint gift shop. When squeezed, it pushes outwards. However, I seem to be reaching its limits quickly.
Phimosis stretching device

Week 41

Penis with phimosis
I got sick of using the #4 phimocure ring so I moved up to the #5 (20mm). It was very difficult to get it to unfold. I had to press the crease inside with my finger. Once onfolded, a corner slip out over the rim and it would fall out. After the sixth try it worked. It hurt to go in and hurt to come out. After I wore it a few times (for no more than an hour) it left a circular red cut.
After it heals, I’m going to persevere at the 20mm ring, but I will avoid leaving it in for the full hour.

Week 42

Penis with tight foreskin
After a few more days of stretching using my coin-holder, I could see that the cut wasn’t healing, so I left it for 48 hours with no stretching at all. After the cut healed, I had to move down two rings, but by the evening I could fit in the big one again. I don’t wear it the full hour.

Week 43

Penis with tight foreskin
I nearly managed to retract when flaccid. The top of the foreskin caught under the corona (ridge). It looked strangled, like squeezing a water balloon through a ring. I got scared of paraphimosis and quickly lifted it back over. It felt very strange. I’m looking forward to the new sensations to come soon.
I’ve been strictly applying the betamethasone cream at bedtime each night, and also using the Phimocure ring for 45 minutes twice a day. It does seem to cut into the skin eventually no matter what I try. I allow it to heal and keep at it.

Week 44

Penis with phimosis
I made a wonderful discovery this week. I’ve had lots of problems putting in the Phimocure ring. Sometimes it takes 15 tries to get it to unfold with all parts inside the tight band of skin. However, after applying a dab of Astroglide lube, it unfolds easily and less painfully in only one or two tries.
I’m pretty sure retracting will soon become my third favourite thing to do with my penis. Here are some photos of retracting when flaccid. It looks tight but I don’t have any problems getting it back up if I lift and pull.
So, after 35 years, where is all that smegma? I have NEVER been able to clean under my foreskin and I have not started to either. Why is circumcision considered “cleaner”? There’s nothing under there but never-before touched pink skin.

Week 45

Penis with phimosis

Week 46

Penis with phimosis
I’m getting discouraged. There’s been no real change for a while. Other men are telling me they are moving up a Phimocure ring every week, but I’ve been stuck for six on the same one. I’m going to have to try something different soon.

Week 50

Penis with phimosis
If I work up to it, I can insert the next Phimocure Ring (22mm). I’ve been stretching with Q-tips 3 times a day and wearing  the smaller Phimocure for a few hours a day.

Week 55

Penis with phimosis, phimotic ring visible
Five weeks later, and not much change. You can clearly see the phimotic ring now. This is the tightest part. It is as thin as a thread and does not expand. Here is what happens when I pull down further while erect. This is not very painful, but it stings when the skin is uncomfortably stretched.
I thought the ring was caused by some trauma with the phimocure rings, but since it is clearly the tightest part, I no longer think so. It is just what used to be the tiny 3mm circle.
When I wear the rings, sometimes they are painful and other times they are not. I have now discovered why. Imagine an elastic band holding some cloth around a cylinder. Sometimes, some skin bunches up and is trapped under the tight band, being strangled. Blood flow is cut off. Careful placement of the rings are essential to make sure no skin is trapped under the phimotic band.

Week 57

Tight foreksin retraction
Major breakthrough this week! Several commenters were saying that they leave the phimocure rings in all the time, even overnight. I had tried this before and it left a bleeding ring. But due to my lack of progress, I decided to try again, but move down a ring size. I found a size that I could put in and leave in with no pain, but would still stay in. After two days I had no problems, and it was getting very loose, so I moved up a ring size. Two days later I tried again, in this video:
The ring in that video was a little too big, so I’ll go back down a size. But I’m very happy to be back on track! If only I had tried earlier, I could have saved 16 weeks of work.

Week 58

Penis with phimosis
Leaving the ring in all the time is working! I’m very happy. I moved up to the 7th one, which is 22mm in diameter.

Week 59

Penis with phimosis
I can now retract fully when erect, but not easily. For these photos, I pull only as much as I can comfortably.
All my life, sex has been frustrating. Orgasm was a treacherous mountain climb. I would try, and sometimes if things were exactly right and I went long and fast enough, I could reach the mountain top and climax, but if I lost my focus or something moved then I would stumble to the bottom and it wouldn’t happen.
This week, I have for the first time experienced sex the way it was meant to be, and surprisingly while wearing  a condom. Usually, a condom means there is no chance of me enjoying it. This time, I was able to pull back the skin all the way before I put the condom on.
The difference is amazing. No longer was it an exhausting mental battle to get to the mountain top. Instead, within seconds, I was airlifted to the path right at the summit. If I wanted to I could leap up to the top and climax. Instead I wandered around with my partner, giddy, gazing into the sunset, smelling the fresh mountain air and appreciating the beauty around me.
For once, I wasn’t the one left behind, sitting on a bench and saying, “You go on,” wistful but content. No, this time, my wife took my hand and we strolled together all the way to the top, and we both enjoyed our journey.
I am on ring nine and there are five left. Here are the ones I’ve gone through so far, arranged like badges on my night table. I am wearing one 24 hours a day and moving through them about every 3 days. Though they are working amazingly well, today I will switch to Phimostop because they have sent me some samples to review.
Collection of phimocure rings

Week 66

I was making great progress, going up ring sizes every few days, while wearing them all the time. Then I got a yeast infection. By the time I got over it a week later, it shrunk down eight sizes.  I tried desperately to get back to where I was, but in the process, wearing the ring so long made a tiny cut my frenulum.
The frenulum is very sensitive, and it made wearing rings impossible for a few weeks. Luckily, these gifts arrived from Japan.
I could have used Q-tips again, but with the Glansie (commision link) lying around my house, waiting to be reviewed, I used it instead. I was able to stretch without involving the frenulum and let it heal. Within three weeks I quickly approached the limits of the tool. It certainly works.
Last week, somebody posted that they found “finger stretches way more effective than rings“. I had never done finger stretches since I couldn’t fit in two fingers before. But this prompted me to try again. I was able to wiggle in two fingers. I can finally confirm that finger stretching is very effective. The constant feedback of being able to feel the tight ring in your hands, and pull it as hard as you find comfortable, without the risk of injury, makes fingers the best tool you can use.

The phimotic ring feels just like  thread, and leaves a mark when you pull it.

Week 72

Finger stretches are very effective and I highly recommend them. They have much less risk of injury than any other method. I do them for 5 minutes 3-5 times a day and I can feel the difference. I can fit in three fingers now. At this point, the limiting factor is my frenulum, which always wants to pull it back up. Because of this, I was never at any risk for paraphimosis, when the foreskin gets trapped in the retracted position.
The tight ring seems to pass through the frenulum. I am still not sure if this was caused by the Phimocure rings when I was wearing them too long.

Week 82


I’ve been stretching with my fingers, but my enthusiasm for this project is diminishing as I approach the end. As I look at the white stretch marks, run my fingers over the hard white bumps, I start to fear that I have lichen sclerosus, but then if I did, how would I have been able to get this far? The frenulum presents a new challenge, though. I have been stretching it with equal intensity, and if it is changing, it is happening very slowly. Admittedly, I can see a difference now that I look at the photos from 10 weeks ago. I’ll keep it up and let you know.
Someone else messaged me on twitter to thank me. He has gone from 10mm to 30mm using overnight flesh tunnels, in 2.5 months. He also applied a moisturizing cream. It is inspiring to hear other people’s stories, but why is my journey taking so long?

Week ??

I’m not sure how many months ago I considered myself done. After giving up a little, I went back to using the Glansie, then reached its limit in a few days, and then finger stretched a few times a day. I still do — it’s a part of my life now. I still have phimosis,  but a very mild case. My frenulum is short and fat and holds the skin back. I think I stretched it too, albeit mostly horizontally. As I write this, I wear the fifth largest Phimocure ring, and continue to stretch, but I have full mobility of my foreskin.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Read the guide.


You can get instant updates on the status of my penis on Twitter. Follow @PhimosisJourney for humour and tips. All puns are very much intended.

322 thoughts on “Pictures of my penis”

  1. Hi,
    I am using both the phimostop and phinocure flest tunnels (not at the same time). I have travhest the point where the diameter of the tunnels are wider than my penis. I’m feeling anxious about letting the phimocure ones popping out inside the foreskin. How do I know it won’t burst?
    When it comes to the phimostop flesh tunnels, I don’t even know how to greit in, as they can’t be folded the way the phimocure rings can.

    Any advice or support would be greatly appriciated.


  2. What a journey, amazing patience is needed!! I do not have this issue or condition, I found it somehow in an unrelated search.
    None the less, congratulations! I hope this information finds people in need to take a natural approach rather than just cut a huge slit or removing tissue.

  3. You are a legend for posting this. I genuinely thank you for it. You have validated all of my thoughts/concerns with myself regarding my issue, and am on my way to rectifying it.

    Question for anyone: has this prevented you from ejaculating? I am 25 years old and have never ejaculated. I have tried masturbating (for 1hr+) without success. I have also had an ex help, which also didn’t work (haven’t had sex either due to the limiting factors). Has anyone ever experienced this? Will fixing my phimosis fix this potentially?
    Thanks everyone

    1. No phimosis does not stop you from ejaculating , it only stops you from pulling the foreskin back , when you masterbate sperm still leaves through the whole , it’s only the foreskin right that is tight , hope this helps

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  5. Yeast infections can largely be traced to improper diets, sucrose consumption, junk food, ph altering cosmetics and various forms of soap.
    The blaming of foreskin by the hundreds of commentators in this phimosis journey is easily attributed to the mass mental poisoning of global culture by thousands of generations of Genital Terrorists, the leadership, followers, subalterns and the like of whom all should be liquidated by the forces of Genital Propriety as historically manifested by the Greeks and Romans of Classical Antiquity. This is clearly shown in “The Ideal Prepuce in Ancient Greece and Rome” by Frederick M. Hodges sourceable in . ¡Period!
    Skincerely, Patrick Brown ***

    1. Circumcision does not come from the greek or the roman.
      It comes from the bible. Its a religious jewish ritual to make sure you
      will not have solitary pleasure since the foreskyne act as a tunel replacing the vagina.
      The bible also talks about the precious juice of life (sperm). This was all decided in an effort to enlarge the number of jews, later on christian and muslims. its all about making babies, new soldiers.

  6. Yes my day can’t be like 6 in and I’m very ashamed the size of it it’s got a small head on it and it’s curves to the left and I just want to see if I can have it cut off because I don’t think it can be made bigger so I’m trying to have it cut off

  7. Just a personal story/input. I have been left uncut and did not have any issues with my penis just as long as I washed it. I got married in my mid twenties and then my wife started having alot of yeast infections, as a matter of fact I caught a yeast infection from her, this cycle continued for a while. I started to notice 3 big disadvantages to having my foreskin. 1) BJs which are a the best when spontaneous were always ruined in a way because of the hint of mustiness that at least I could smell, running to the bathroom to wash would ruin this moment.
    2) Intercourse to me felt like mastrubating nothing more really, I’d go in and then glide in my own skin. 3) The ongoing year infections that would crop up and go back and forth, I suspected it was the foreskin. At around age 29 on a trip outside of the US I paid a doctor to perform circumsion on me and my 1 yo son. This was the best decision that I’ve made. What happened. The yeast infections dissapeared and never, ever, since then has my wife have a single infection or I from her. I started to feel like I’m f**cking my wife instead of just gliding in my own skin.

    Would I do it all over again? Yes.
    Would I change anything? Yes.
    After getting cut I did lose that insane BURST feeling after you come. That I do miss but read on.

    My recommendation, get the best doctor, I got a little cheap and had to pay twice for a recut from a better doctor because the stitching from the first guy were alwful! The second good surgeon made beautiful stitches and I almost look like I was cut at birth.

    2, I opted for the High cut I believe, meaning maximum amount of the inner pink skin is removed and regular skin kept, that I believe cost n the amazing explosions I had prior, if I could re-do it I would definitely opt to the keeping of all of frenulum skin it’s a bit more “risky” but I wish I’d done it, but, between how I am now and how I was “natural” I would definitely choose this. No more gliding, no smells, and looks amazing. My wife is pleased as well.

    Those are my two cents and I hope it helps someone and they appreciate my time writing. Oh yeah, one more thing, over time I started to become less sensetive to a point where I could even lose an erection during a BJ. A recent discovery has been a game changer. I scrubbed my penis hard with a wash cloth because it felt irritated and thought that “would hinder my sensetivity” but after the tenderness went away by evening, we got busy and I had THE BEST sex of my life before or after my cut, I felt that pu*sy so tight around my shaft just gobbling it up and every crevice gliding in and out as she lifted her body up and down my c*ck. I believe this was the FIRST proper intercourse I’ve had in my 33 years and no way you would I have felt that if my foreskin was there just mastrubating me. I now every couple days use a fine tooth brush and soap or hot water and throughly scrub down the head, frenulum, shaft and scrotum, the sensation after it “heals” is amazing. I also started stretching my penis for 2-5 mins and it’s also amazing. The key is not to over do it. Anyway that’s my advice. Good luck to you and congrats if you decide to unleash your c*ck from that little umberella. Your penis will always be exposed and look like it’s ready to F*uck, because it IS. No more smells or feeling ashamed or uncomfortable, even of ALL the men were uncut I’d still choose to have that glan exposed in all it’s glory. Also, benefits go into old age with maintenance as you age and much less chance of STDs while you’re younger. Good luck!

    1. I don’t want to ignore, or be a distraction from the original post regarding the success of one very patient and courageous young fellow who worked tirelessly to correct his phimosis. He achieved something most men would probably give up on and give in to surgery.

      But I am curious about your recent discovery and toothbrush trick and want to make sure I understand…plus, there may be others who would like to give it a try! You said your penis “felt irritated” which led you “giving it a good scrub with a washcloth”. Why would someone think the answer to an already irritated penis would be to irritate it more by scrubbing it? I would think this would cause even more irritation and pain, rendering it useless for sex even longer. Maybe I misunderstood.

      Nevertheless, for those of us still willing to give it a try, maybe you can provide additional answers here. You said you discovered that your penis became super sensitive (in a good way) by scrubbing it with a “fine” toothbrush. Does “fine” mean:
      – firm?
      – soft?

      Do you use the toothbrush like you would when brushing your teeth or just scrub it all over until it’s red?

      Last question….If one wants to experience the same pleasures as you, how long should they expect to wait after putting their toothbrush back in the cabinet? I’m guessing at least until their pecker returns to its normal color.

      1. You are either replying to a circumcision fetishist or someone deeply mentally unwell. Their story is most likely a fabrication.

  8. I have always agreed with the American practice of neo-natal circumcision, and reading the comments and experiences on here does nothing to change my mind. Why mess about with creams and potions and potentially damaging manipulation when fifteen minutes in the circumstraint just after birth will free you from a useless bit of skin for life. Millions of men go through life circumcised and lead happy and fulfilling sex lives and are spared the embarrassment foreskin can bring.

    1. There’s nothing redundant about the foreskin. It protects the glans from irritation from rubbing on clothing. It lubricates the glans and keeps it smooth. Sexual rubbing takes place in the foreskin not the vagina which is not as smooth as the inside foreskin using its own lubricant.
      In research using prostitutes almost all the women said that the circumcised men pushed harder and faster than uncut men. Could it be the calloused glans and the lost 20,000 to 30,000 nerve endings in the foreskin and the frenulum? The color of an uncut glans is usually pink and changes to an almost purple color during climax. The callous on the unprotected glans is duller.
      90% of the men in the world are uncircumcised. The majority of the 10% are in the US, Israel and the Muslim countries. The Jews and Muslims do it because they think God told them to do it. The US is still tied to a disproved theory of Eugenics, a crackpot plan to improve to improve genetic material by preventing boys from masturbating. Incredibly, some people thought it could make men crazy or blind.
      I’ve heard it said that circumcised men are less apt to have penile cancer. 1 in 500,000 men gets it. Some are even circumcised. Meanwhile 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer. But we don’t cut off female babies breasts, do we?

      1. You’re a real foreskin zealot and all the reasoning here is written perhaps by another zealot. Lack of foreskin extends way past any religious belief or ceremony and extends into practicality. Want to lose a bet? Have intercourse and go to bed without washing, let me know how it smells when you unravel that bad boy in the morning. That’s just the tip of the iceberg Mr. Zealot! 😜

        1. 42 years old, intact foreskin and have never had a smell or ‘cheese’ down there, whether I wash after sex or not. ( I tend not too cause my foreskin is tight, but that’s a different issue).

          You lose your bet and argument.

    2. And many millions more will go through life never having a problem with UTIs and phimosis.
      I assume you are aware that the majority of men in the world are intact. Only here in the US is the Bronze Age Barbarian custom practiced of cutting off a perfectly working foreskin. On a practical note tens of millions of dollars are spent on a surgical procedure that isn’t necessary in the majority of cases. Worse still is the inequity of modifying the body of another person who cannot decide whether he wants this surgery that he may never have to need.
      We leave the appendix which seems to have no use at all anymore and treat those whose appendix causes problems. We should do the same with the foreskin.

  9. Ive read through many comments not judging but really is being circumcized that bad?… lets face it loads are. Phismosis can be dangerous infections UTI and small hole no urine coming out. Myself im going to get cut i’m over 50 and its not a big deal. But years of itchy red FS is very annoying. Even though your stretching skin or trying to, is that even possible?, it may come back anyhow in a year or months. Ive known people circed in late 20s and were ok, wasn’t to painful… time goes you’ll get used to it. Tbo the picture here had me shocked, way smaller than mine, i can still luckily retract most times , Mine only occurs at nights erections etc… but i just feel having circumscision is just cleaner and easier in the long run anyhow.

    1. So please go to your GP don’t delay. it can damage your kidneys due to urine retention and do not be afraid of the surgery.

    2. Well that’s your choice I wish that I had the pleasure to make the choice myself but that was done when I was very young that choice was taken away from me I will never be able to experience to pleasure that my friends describe that are intact

      1. Exactly, that foreskin acts as a mastrubation glove to get awesome masturbation sensation but that’s where the benefit stops, as you have sex with a real woman you will still in essence just mastrubate inside or her because you are just gliding in your own skin. Lame. Read my story.

        How do you mastrubate without foreskin? You use lube. It’s less clean and a little harder but psssssss.. you’re not really supposed to mastrubate after you grow up, get the real thing.

  10. I strarted pinhole , I am using phimocure , I have used three of the rings , all day everyday , Untill I can move up , I am currently on third moving up to fourth , however the fourth is to big to fit in and the third one fits in easily , what should I do , any ideas or recommendations to help ?

    1. Yes, get yourself some PTFE tape and wrap that around the rings each day. If you are not sure what it is, it is a stretchy ultra-thin white tape used in plumbing for sealing joints. It is very cheap and you can buy various different widths, the wider the better usually. Also, you can cut off some of the edge ridges if that helps reduce discomfort. You can also buy thinner rings if the phimocure ones are too strong, and if the thinner ones are too weak, try putting one inside the other. But PTFE tape is your solution for moving from the third to fourth rings, do it as gradually as you can avoiding pain at all costs. Good luck with it.

      1. When you say wrap the ptfe tape around the rings , can you explain in further detail as I’ve bought some ptfe tape but am struggling to understand how the tape helps .

        1. Sure, the tape just makes the ring bigger by very small amounts so that there is no ‘jump’ between one ring and the next. Look at the diary above, week 2, he uses ptfe tape in a similar way. Cut off say 1 metre of ptfe (it is only about 0.1mm thick), wrap it around the circumference of the ring around and around, keep going until it is all wrapped around, (it is best that it is wide enough to overlap both sides) so that the ring gets a fraction of a millimetre bigger. It is quite tacky so it is easy to smooth it out. Next day, add another metre, or whatever seems right to you. After not too long, it will build up the ring until it is the same as the next ring up, then move up. The bigger the ring, the more ptfe you will need. That’s it. Hope that helps.

          1. As a note, 1 metre would only be for the very biggest rings, for the smaller ones maybe as little as 20cm or 30cm will do. Anyway, good luck.

    2. Phimocure has a metal tweezer like stretcher. You should be able to use that and keep the 3rd in. Once you can fit the 4th, keep it in for 30 mins 3 times daily until you aren’t feeling discomfort and then keep it in for an hour 3 times daily. This os phimocures recommended stretch. I have used them for quite a bit now off an on and i have to say that where i was when i started vs now is impressive. I am on the 2nd to last ring. I still have an hour glass shape when i fully retract but i can tell once im done with the last ring it should be fully fixed. Best of luck to you. Just remember, dont loose hope and you will feel discuraged, but it really does work and you will be able to get through it. Dont let anyone talk you into cutting.

  11. I had a bad case of phimosis that I have been nursing along for 5 or 6 years, I bought the phimocure rings and my doctor prescribed creams for me to use to try to stretch it out but it seemed that no matter what I did it just wouldn’t get any better and I just couldn’t get even the smallest ring in even with wife trying to help me then 3 weeks ago I got desperate because it got to where I couldn’t pee,so I went and saw a urologist about my condition after reading about alternatives to a full cicumcision. After discussing my situation he and I decided my best option would be a dorsal slit, well it has been 5 full days since surgery and I asked the urologist how far back he would cut when I first met with him, he indicate that he would cut back about a inch to 1 1/4″, also I didn’t tell him that my frenulum was not connected and had not been for several years. Well a couple days after the surgery I finally took a look at it to see how it is healing and he cut me all the way to and a little up on my pubis mound and I am assuming that since my frenulum was not connected to my penis it allowed it to draw back up into the pubis area, it is bruised and sore and I told my wife it looks like a seller vagina with the swollen clitoris peaking out. The lower part of my foreskin is still swelled and dangling and hurts when I walk. I am just wondering will it always look like a vagina since I am cut so far and my frenulum is not connected.

  12. I’m rather amazed at the fact that you, as an adult, wouldn’t seek the advice from a ‘pro-foreskin’ urologist. I think this whole thing was more about playing around with your penis, than anything else. There are professionals who deal with this kind of thing, without surgery, in much less time.
    For the individual who has a similar situation but has pain or serious discomfort, your article suggests that taking their medical situation into their own hands is appropriate. It’s not.
    Also, the inner foreskin, that lays directly in contact with the glans, has so many nerve endings, it makes sex amazing. To experience this, the inner foreskin and glans need to be exposed, so as to make contact with, for instance, your wife’s vaginal walls. The very fact that you wouldn’t want this for yourself since long ago and didn’t insist on seeing a professional in the field, raises questions about acceptance…on multiple levels.
    If your partner doesn’t want or seek to have an even better experience with you in the bedroom, wanting an exposed glans and inner foreskin during sex, why not? Wouldn’t a loving partner want the best for you (and, in turn, for them as well)?
    Another thing that baffles me is that a doctor (male or female), during your checkups and physical exams, would not have noticed your very pronounced phimosis. They would have told you about the very real harm your situation can cause. If you ended up with an even worse situation, your doctor, if you have one, could have lost his or her license, after you losing your penis. When you showed pictures of your glans being tightly squeezed through a very tight opening… getting stuck like that can lead partial penile necrosis, due to continuous loss of blood flow.
    The fact that you did all of this over more than a year’s time, tells me you’re not very serious about your health and health issues. Apparently, neither is your partner… not to mention what could be getting deposited, other than semen, in your partner. You’re also missing out on how truly delightful a blowjob can be (yeah, with an exposed head).
    Some of the comments I’ve read strongly suggest that others truly believe, as you do, that it’s alright to take medical matters in their own hands.. I can only pray none of you get a brain tumor…

    1. Unless you have enough money to seek out said professionals most of the rest of us are left our own devices, and resultingly, trial and error. Don’t be so judgemental, for most of us there is very little readily available information on how to stretch correctly, and it is down to Reddit boards etc that most of us find ourselves trawling in the dark. I’ve seen 4 urologists, everyone of them did not consider anything other than circumcision, and laughed when I suggested keeping my foreskin. So professionals are not always the answer unless you have the time and resources to find a Dr willing to help instead of treating you like a Moron.

      1. I can relate, last urologist i saw told me “let’s cut it all”.
        And i had a very mild case of phimosis, could expose the glans, but my frenulum was thick.
        “Uh, now way”, i replied.
        “Come on, half of the men if the world are cut, no big deal”.
        “Yeah, and not the best half. Don’t you think there is a link between sexual mutilations and general low levels of happiness ? Are you cut yourself ?”
        “Hum, no. I have a brilliant idea, i’ll cut your frenulum”.
        “Ew, no way”
        “Get the f..k out my office, i won’t make hundreds of bucks if you don’t want surgery.”
        So near mandatory circumcision is really just about money for most urologists, few are “foreskin-friendly” most don’t care how much it could impact a man’s life.
        Without internet i would have never heard of stretching, topical steroids, and the like. Docs would not tell.
        Now i have been using phimocure for some months and i can see improvement.
        Thx to peoples like you who share their experience, while so-called experts will just butcher for money.

    2. That’s a very closed-minded point of view. Heaven forbid if doctors don’t actually do what they’re supposed to and insurance companies make it hard for anyone with middle income to afford to go to the doctor. Man, I would LOVE to live in the world you live in where things happen as they should bc everyone does what they’re supposed to. 🙄🙄🙄

  13. phimosisjourney

    Wonderful blog!!! Found this by accident, but glad I did!.

    Learned more here than on any other site on the internet (some sites are incomplete, incorrect or just passing their own opinion from inexperience). Your journey was an inspiration to follow and watch your progress. While it has taken you some time, and I am sure you will have followup work at hand (no pun intended). THANK YOU.

    While I have lived a life of over 60 years uncut with being able to retract my foreskin. Recently I have / had a issue where I am unable to retract my foreskin. Your blog has given me some ideas and hope rather than some medical professions that just want to put the robots to work, during cut and paste (paste in case it makes a mistake and takes more than it should).

    I am glad you did this blog for all those who didn’t know and found an alternative. GOOD JOB, all the way around.

  14. thanks for all the information. It has helped me greatly. I’m on 8mm after pinhole.
    I never knew I had a problem. Sex was fine. At anytime during your journey did you find that sex had become painful because your glans try to push through during sex ?

  15. Absolutely brilliant site, thank you very much! I have paraphimosis and phimosis, and info is hard to come by. You’re a hero m8

    1. I suffer from phimosis at the age of 73 it is caused by type 2 diabetes. I could retract my foreskin at a younger age. The phimotic ring is so tight now I cannot retract the foreskin when erect. I think it’s too late for me to get treatment, it was suggested I have a dorsal slit operation

  16. First, huge thanks to you for this site, it has been brilliant inspiration.

    A few thoughts on going through this process, I also found that the standard shaped flesh tunnels with pronounced rims caused cuts. So I swapped to using the rounded, ultra thin, flexible, flared flesh tunnels which you can easily get from ebay. You have to put a smaller one inside a bigger one to get them to be strong enough. Also, since the rims are really thin and sharp, you have to begin by wrapping perhaps 1mm of PTFE tape around the tunnels (with the larger tunnels get the 15mm wide PTFE tape so you can easily overlap over both rims) to begin with. That makes the edges round and solves the getting cut issue. A 14mm tunnel will then go from about 15mm to 17mm and so on.

    Other thing, if there is pain at any point you are either going too fast or there is an underlying problem like deep scarring (look at removing deep scarring first). Aiming to leave them in all the time (I agree with the August 14th 2019 post) is key. Phimocure advises a few short stretches a day but that never worked too well for me. As long as the tunnels do not cause pain, leave them in all the time. Add a bit of PTFE tape each day and make sure the tunnel unravels very easily when you put it in and that the tunnel comes out easily at the end of the day. Pain is the enemy. You just have to be patient.

    Thanks again so much.

    1. Hey man, I have a slight problem with pain at this point and I’m not sure what to do. I know people have said fold the ring into a pretzel shape to insert it, but the way I’ve been doing it for the last couple months is get erect, then slide foreskin over ring. It normally hurts a bit the first couple days but then gets better. The problem is that I’m at a 36mm right now, but the foreskin sliding method is no longer working. I have no problem placing a 34mm in, but I can’t find a way to do 36mm without excruciating pain for as long as I leave it in. Should I practice putting in while flaccid for 32/34 mm then try to work up to 36 again or something? is finger stretching more optimal at this point? just curious cuz it’s something I’d ideally like to fix by the end of the year, or at least before the spring of 2021 if possible. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks.

      1. @Kangis. The only other advice I can add, if you have pain, is to weaken the rings a little bit, so that the pressure is reduced. You should try not have any pain at any point, at least I always found that if you had pain then you were going too fast. A tiny bit of soreness (I usually had almost none) is ok, but more than that is not. I was aiming for about 1-2mm diameter improvement (3-6mm circumference) a month ish.

        With the ‘thin’ flesh tunnels, I could only buy them up until about 25mm or so, then it had to be the usual standard thicker flesh tunnels. So, I did 2 things. First, I cut off the rims completely, it leaves a tiny ridge which was enough to keep the tunnels in place. Second, I weakened them by cutting out diamond shaped holes around all around them by squeezing them flat and using a knife or scissors to cut a small V shape at the fold, making a diamond unfolded, and then move around, maybe 3 cutouts per flesh tunnel, be (do one at a time and test) careful because you can weaken them too much and then cant go back. I always used PTFE tape and the anti-fungal cream just in case, I never did have any yeast infection.

        I removed the PTFE tape about once every 3/4 days because it would shrink as it dried out (in the end I found some brilliant cheap, double thickness, 20mm wide PTFE made in PRC, from ebay). I always added some each day, if there was no pain. If there was pain, if it was a sharp, cut-type pain, I would stop for a day or two until it had gone, then start with a smaller ring and in no time I was back to where I was before, so do not be afraid of dealing with pain by stopping.

        If there was a little less pain but too much for normal stretching, then I just removed some PTFE or dropped down a ring until that had gone, usually no more than a day. In the end, the process was not in any way painful or difficult, it just took time to get it right. For you, you are doing really well, just back off very progressively until you have no pain, and go forwards very consistently with very small advances each day.

        On unfolding the ring, I always folded the ring into the ‘pretzel’ shape, and then used the end of a pencil to push it out into a circle. Can be fiddly with lots of PTFE. If there was any pain at all on unfolding, it was inevitably too large. The ideal was that the ring almost unravelled itself, without pushing too hard (cut a few holes to weaken) or getting too stuck in the pretzel shape (too large, remove PTFE or move down one).

        I am definite now that leaving them in all the time and stretching very very slowly (for my situation) is best though taking them out for an hour or two, does not make much difference if there is a little soreness.

        Good luck with it, be patient, you’ll get there.

  17. I am not sure on how to get to that stage first it is all very confusing for me like is the foreskin the red bit ?

  18. Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey.
    My phimosis story is somewhat different and I reckon tighter than all. However, despite some personal efforts to stretch/cut that pinhole, I finally got circumcised at the age of 16 (now 33). Ever since I can remember as a child I had phimosis. The problem was not so much the fact of being unable to pull back the foreskin but rather the inability urinate properly. Each time I went to piss my foreskin would balloon up and I had to squeeze it for the pressure to release and the urine to evacuate. It would take me no less than 5 minutes to piss in total and I had to carefully control the outflow from the bladder otherwise I was afraid my foreskin would explode (as I am sure it almost did at times). Also it could be very painful. Another problem is that I had to urinate as close to the toilet as possible as the urine would always come out as a spray. I lived with this up until I finally found the courage to tell my parents that I had a problem; aged 16. I did not particularly want to get circumcised but it was definitely better than the phimosis. I am now attempting to regrow my foreskin through manual restoration methods. It is a long process but I do feel like I have more skin than when I started, and that is quite pleasurable. As a remark I would add that following my circumcision my glans was so extremely sensitive, I had to spend the week in bed. I would like to regain some of that sensitivity.
    Good luck to all,

    1. Hi I had a tight foreskin when about 15 and not wanting anything to do with circumcision I used simple soap and warm water to gradually get some improvement , its was slow and I got some sore spots and could only wash with warm water when they were sore no soap at all ,eventually I could retract and play with it , was a bit sore but not often if I got stiff in my shorts it sometimes just popped back on its own so I considered it job done and been o.k. since and I nearly 60 now. I should add that a tight foreskin can be surgically enlarged by a more minor procedure Z plasty ,no skin is removed and healing is quick and results usually good , its low risk and low trauma but you have to insist on it as they will likely try and push you in to a circumcision , say no and stick to your guns.

    2. Nothing compares to the glans sensitivity. These guys who were circumcised at birth who say foreskin is dirty and that they are glad they were circumcised as a child don’t know what they were cheated off. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I loved the experience of exploring my glans for the first time and all its sensitivity..

  19. I have the exact case of your phimosis. Will there not be pain , when the glans get exposed slowly. Since the glans has not been exposed at all so far

    1. i had a case SLIGHTLY less severe than this guy. and i now have a fully functioning foreskin. the only… its not pain. lets call it feeling sensitive. occurred during the first months after i started being able to retract my foreskin in the shower to wash. you’re not used to feeling water like that down there. but it’s not brutal and it calms down. it was totally worth the ~9 months it took. i recommend anyone with phimosis to try fix it. a working foreskin is way more functional. but im glad i never got the chop because it plays a role during sex/masturbation. my top tips would be:
      1. accept that its going to take a while.
      2. get phimocure rings. (you can DIY things but honestly i tried and the phimocure rings were the comfiest.
      3. wear the ring 24/7. yes even at work or school. build up to using the smallest ring if you can’t already and then keep it in till its falling out then move up a size. take it out to pee if you need to but then put it back in. (the larger rings you can actually pee through them without touching the sides once you get to that stage)
      4. hygiene, hygiene, hygiene. wash the ring you wear and try and manipulate your foreskin to get water into it in the bath/shower at least once a day. maybe even leave the ring in an eggcup with mouthwash or alcohol in it for a few mins then give it a good rinse. but they are made with non porous silicon i think… you can check on their site. but they know what these rings are being used for and what they’ll be exposed to.
      5. try for steady progress. avoid big jumps in ring size unless the next size up literally won’t stay in. this is IMPORTANT. i think one reason this guy has so much more scar tissue and a much more pronounced phimotic ring (the bit being stretched) is because when it hurt or got injured he would let it ‘recover’ for a week or so. this is bad. your skin will retract back to its original size and then it will lay down extra fibrous tissue in the form of scar tissue. i have a thin line of scar tissue on one side of my penis and thats due to a combination of using silicon ear spacers with large lips on them at the start instead of phimocure rings. the large lip of the ring was rubbing on my frenulum at one point. and also one of the largest phimo cure rings. when the rings get that large the whole skin of your foreskin can be pulled taught, not just the phimotic ring. and i ended up with a slightly raw cut at one point. and its healed into a slight scar. but if you take slow steady progress you can absolutely minimise these issues. sometimes i tried ot rush it and go up one or two ring sizes in a week. then id need to go back to the previous ring and leave the skin to heal for a week or two. its things like that which increase the time. but if you make sure to only go up a size when the things pretty much falling out anyway. you should be fine and minimise the pain and causing any injuries. this process is very similar to stretching piercings. so you can find info about that as well if you need help. but trust me, a urologist told me my only option was to get cut. and im sitting here now with a fully functioning foreskin. cutting is easier. but considering the fact my penis has already adjusted to having bath and shower water at high temperatures touching it. i truly believe that if you get cut then the head of your penis loses sensation. and like i said it serves a function in masturbation and intercourse as well. dont let the circumcision brigade bully you into getting cut. the bottom line is a lot of these people have gone their whole life with it cut and have no idea what having one feels like or how useful it is. good luck in your journey if you choose to take it (Y)

      1. Thanks man, btw about that scar tissue – if you already have this, is there a way how to get rid of it? When I remove the stretching ring from my penis, for next hour or so the scar tissue is pinkish and almost invisible. But then as hours go, the scar tissue gets more and more visible, more white and more hard. After 12 hours without stretching ring, it’s disgustingly pale white. So I have to put on stretching ring in order to get the scar tissue invisible again and it’s like catch22 again and again. I wonder if I’ll keep doing this for like year, do you think the scar tissue will eventually come completely invisible? And are you even sure it’s a scar tissue? I know it’s not BXO/lichen as I have it for like six months and it’s same size and it doesn’t spread (I have it on left side of my foreskin).

        1. hey, same guy that left the long post above. well i can’t diagnose you over this. and im not a urologist so i shouldn’t anyway. BUT if the marks looks like a white thread going all the way around the penis. or maybe thicker. and it may be thicker on some parts than on other depending on the strain the tissue has went under during stretching. so for eg. the line on mine is thicker on one part of the left side where i got a slight wound during stretching. i think i described it above. same as you though. if i pull the foreksin forward and its been left for a while. the scar tissue tightens up and looks whiter. but if its been stretched it can almost go away completely. if you can fully retract your foreskin when its been rested and not stretched id maybe stop using the rings. at that stage normal retraction during urination and sexual stimulation should serve to keep it open. and yes at the start it can feel tight during masturbation and sex. but much like with the ring, once you get started it loosens up.
          its one of those things that will just keep improving month by month tbh. like i said in the last post at the start it used to feel uncomfortable getting shower water on the head. thats fine now. and within the first few weeks of retracting my foreskin the starting point of sex or masturbation could be uncomfortable. but even thats stopped now. if you’re really worried about the white marks you could go to your doctor about it. they might be able to give you a steroid cream. what this does is thin the skin. so this is gona sound ridiculous but bear with me. what i did was i would retract the foreskin. it helps if you’re erect. and apply a thin layer of the cream to the scar line. try get a cream not an ointment cause it absorbs faster. try not get any on the head and minimise it going anywhere else as much as possible. it wont do any instant damage. but the idea is to thin the scar tissue. if you repeatedly get it all over the head of your penis it might cause issues so do your best to only put it on the white scar tissue. and then keep the skin retracted for 15 minutes minimum just to let the drug get into the tissue. it can help if you buy one of those rubber ring things from a sex shop or online.
          you can ask your doctor more about this but tbh in my experience most doctors are like ‘foreskin problem? cut it.’ bottom line is if you do have scar tissue it can diminish over time. but just realise that its almost elastic. so just because it retracts a bit and tightens doesnt mean no progress is happening. over time even its tightest diameter should stretch out. as long as you’re not causing serious tissue trauma. hope this helps. i check up on this from time to time. i used to go to a phimosis site. and some of the guys even said they’re sad they dont hear about success stories. but when i tried to help i got majorly blanked.
          its nice to have an actual dialogue about this for once. because i know exactly how frustrating this whole process is. and tbh i disagree with some of the other info out there. a lot of guys talk about letting the skin heal and relax for weeks if something goes wrong. but thats exactly the reason, in my opinion, some peopel end up with a lot of scar tissue. the skin retracts to its smallest opening and then the traumatised skin lays down a nice layer of scar tissue. which you then need to re-stretch to get back to the stage you were at before. causing even more trauma and leading to more scar tissue

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  21. Hey man, that white patched ring, have you figured out what to do with it? It’s not lichen sclerosis, I have exactly same thing – I think it’s simply side effect of too quick/rapid stretching. My white ring is more visible on right half of foreskin. It’s not a full ring, it has like scratchy lines in it, exactly just like yours in your last photos. It’s almost a year now after my successful stretching with flesh tunnels and it won’t come off – I have even try to scrape it off with sand paper and without any success. So I came this long way with uncomfortable stretching but now I’m thinking about circumcision ONLY because that fucking white ring – it doesn’t hurt or anything, I just hate it for aesthetical reasons – it looks like some fucking disease. What is interesting, that when I have flesh tunnel on and foreskin is fully stretched, that white ring COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR! But when I take flesh tunnel off my penis, in less then hour, there is this fucking thing again, and with every next hour it’s more and more whitish and more and more visible. I don’t really know what to do with it – maybe you have some advice for me?

    1. Seriously? You tried to remove it with sandpaper? :/

      See a real professional pro foreskin urologist. You need to use betamethasone cream 2 weeks on 2 weeks off on the ring, until it disappears. It’s just scarring. Scarring heals. Trying to sandpaper away a scar is about the single most counter productive thing you can do. It’s irrational. Don’t give anyone else any stupid ideas… o.o

      1. Hey mate – i am currently doing this now – If you cycle on and off (2 on 2 off) will it eventually dissapear?

        Same issues but i never had problems with retractions just cuts in the foreskin from rigorous masturbation/sex time.

        Been using the cream for 1 week now – 1 week to go then ill jump off it – would love to know if it dissapears eventually HOWEVER i know it is partial scar tissue so perhaps a bit of it can never heal but making it least obvious would be great!

        Did you do it?

  22. Thanks fore your story. .I am going threw the same process I just have one question?…how was your frenulum, was it short, stuck to the glan or other..if so how did you overcome this situation. ..I’m on ring 6 and notice that my frenulum is stuck to the upper part of the glan (very short)and was wondering if you had the same issue and if so how did you fix it..thanks

    1. Hi guys I’m a 37 year old male. I’ve just realised I have pinhole phimosis. Not knowing any different, I’ve had it all my life. I’m constantly spraying when going for a wee and also ballooning. I had sex with my wife after about 5 weeks and the next day I woke up and had a pain at the front end of my penis and bleed. Has anyone else experienced any symptoms like this? My foreskin is so tight I can’t even see a spec of my glans. My foreskin is red and feels a little sore. Please help.

    2. Hi. I had this issue, along with a moderate phimosis when I was younger. I was able to stretch my foreskin with my fingers (grabbing the tiny bit of inner foreskin skin with my thumb and the outer skin with my first finger, and tugging), over a period of years. My frenulum which had been really high on the glans either separated from the glans gradually as I stretched, or tore at some point (oddly I don’t remember – I can remember how it was before, though).

      I now have what seems like the old underside of the frenulum as a kind of ridge on the skin below the glans. I think there maybe was a bit of scar tissue there once but it’s either healed or not an issue (visually or sensation-wise). I basically stretched my frenulum away.

      However, I’m not complaining. By comparison with other men I’ve slept with it takes me a while to climax – but every male partner I’ve ever had is surprised at how long my orgasms last. The only negative, if it is one, is that there’s no elastic recoil force to encourage my foreskin up again once retracted. This used to annoy me and I stretched even more to enlarge the foreskin thinking it might encourage it to do this more. It didn’t. I can put it there myself, but it doesn’t much care if it’s up or down.

      If your frenulum is as high as mine was, stretching might detach it from your glans as it did mine. It might not be too bad of a thing if it happens gradually. But maybe being aware of the possibility, you might find a way to stretch without detaching the frenulum?

      Good luck!

  23. Amazing journey. Congrats. Admire your tenacity and courage. But…..wouldn’t surgery have been much quicker? Couldn’t they repair but not circumcise? And by the way….if you barely had an opening in your foreskin (what about peeing?) how could you think it was normal? Like this from childhood? It’s very noticeable so why didn’t your parents’ (someone) notice and fix it decades ago?

    1. I wasn’t able to pull my foreskin back despite having a small penis of approximately three inches long and Aprox 1.5 inches circumference when fully erect.
      I used to lye in bath tub in warm water and used a trigger type Spray Gun the sort of thing used for spraying pants I would pull my foreskin over the nozzle assembly and pump water into my foreskin causing it to Stretch.
      After time i was able to expose the glands the first time I was unable to I’ll foreskin back over my cland and was rather convinced it was going to be a case of staying like it now

    2. I would bet that most parents haven’t seen their son’s penis since he stopped needing a diaper. At some point boys get a bit shy about someone seeing it. The parents do as well. I know my parents never did and I never saw my son either.
      The real fault lies with the pediatrician who should have checked to see if the boy was on track to puberty.
      Puberty. A very strange process. No one ever tells their kids or at least they didn’t in the 1950s and 1960s. All the weird stuff happening and you’re afraid to ask. Little hairs growing down there. The first erection. The first ejaculation after you realize that it feels good to retract your foreskin…over and over. I remember every event even after 60 years. I was 11 years old. It hasn’t felt that good since.
      It’s different for girls. I remember my wife’s sister in law calling to tell her that her daughter had had her menarche. (first menstruation) They had a celebration party for her. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t remember any boys getting a party for their first wet dream. I guess it’s their initiation into the sisterhood.

  24. I am currently on ring one. I haven’t seen progress in about nine days.i usually wear for one hour three times a day.should I wear them for longer duration

  25. Hey, I have totally the same penis as you have on the last picture and this white ring is the problem to me. The skin on there “breakes” after sex and its horrible feeling. You know what that is?

    1. I had the same thing but mine wasnt that sever.growing up my forskin wouldnt hardly piull back but several times i did get it back but had to wait tell it went down then grabbed the skin on both sides and worked it down.i never had sex with a girl tell i got married and then it became an issue everytime we had sex it would pull it over he head and hurt.i got tryed of that went to a circumcised and didnt care about the embassing swelled up huge turned every color in the book if the swelloning would have stayed there id been alright my penis erect is only about 5 to 6 inches long.i had a bloodclot had to stay in the hospital for a week the head nurse would pick it up and look for infection she didnt seem to mind it she already had a bunn in the oven.only the head nurses got to touch it or look at it.i reckon if youre a female there time in at the hospital counts.i had stitches around the ring after alittle while back to banging without worry im 59 still banging as often as i can.hoping to until im at least 90.good look

    2. Hey. The white stretch marks in the last few photos? Were they stretch marks or were they something different. I have the exact same except just on the left of my foreskin.

      How do you get rid of them or do they just fade over time?

  26. I’m so pleased I found this. However would appreciate advise. My son is only 10, he seen a doctor yesterday who suggested circumcision for a very tight foreskin that seems to be restricting growth. His Penis is very small and after a swimming lesson other boys laughed at him. Bloody cruel kids!! I refused circumcision as I think it’s mutilation. Much to the Dr’s annoyance. However, would stretching help on a child? Are other procedures like preputioplasty just as bad? What about dorsel slit? I’m worried that these could go wrong as doctors seem very happy to chop away. I obviously want to make sure as a man he’s happy with his Penis and it grows correctly. However I really think keeping his foreskin is best. ( I suspect the Dr himself would have been circumcised as he was middle eastern. He told me that surgery the best option ugh.) Does tight skin restrict Growth? Thanks in advance for any advice given.

    1. I tryed that its a long cruel process thank about your boy and have him circumcised and let him not have that worry when he gets married he going to say pop why didnt youll take care of brother is older than me he was circumcised and i always wondered why didnt they do brother was vaccinated against diedases but they didnt vaccinate me i reckon it cost a couple of dollars more for me and i like to have died from you just thank about this for alittle while because when that penis hits those tight vagina lips youll here about it.

    2. Sorry about the issue with your son (making fun of by others) not the fact that he is uncut. Speaking from a experience level myself when I was a child. I wish websites and blogs like this existed. While you are the adult and the choice boils down to you. I think you need to sit down and have a discussion with your son. Allow him to be part of the solution and allow him to know both sides of the story (Cut or Uncut). When I was 12 years old, the info I got from my father was that I would be different from other children. Nothing more. In the 60s many things were taboo and we didn’t talk about. I commend this individual for putting together this site and going into detail to help each and everyone of us. With the internet, we have more information than we can dream of, but most of it is incorrect or incomplete. BTW: yes the foreskin will work at restricting some size issues. Yet getting back to your son, if you don’t have that dialogue with your son it can cause him issues with being involved with sports or being outgoing. If you have male children who are not cut, open a dialog. Explain what they need to do. Whether it is cleaning or a normal stretching routine. Again, I have lived with this for 60 years. While some sources (on the internet) say this only happens to children. (did I mention some internet info is incorrect or incomplete). While at 15 I had a minor case but it went away. Now in my 60s, I am having a problem. Again, thanks to this site I see other options than surgery. Again thanks to site, And added info for your son, at 10 years old, he will continue to grow for many more years.

  27. Hello,
    I have been reading a lot about phimosis (i am a sufferer) and all i got was getting circumcised or stretching is best exercise.. But the level of Phimosis i am into, i couldn’t understand where to start or look into. Then i came across your blog, and i share the feelings. My skin is so tight i could barely even see the opening ( i cant even put in single cotton stub a.k.a Cotton Q tip)
    By reading your story i have been motivated to try new methods and not give up.
    Thanks for amazing experience
    P.S. i am about to get married in a month. i am not expecting any progress so soon but i want to know, with phimosis of my degree, will having sex with my partner any damaging/painful… ?

  28. i am 19 years old with opening is very small so i cant dio two finger hold. i wanted to use the q tips method but the problem is i dont know how to insert it when i have to make a funnel shape using my hands. please advice

    1. If it was me and ive been there the circumcision was the best move i could have speaking for myself i dont thank i could in anyway do this for 50 wks.if thats what you want to do thats up to youi know one thing it made a mess out of my honeymoon.just make sure he leaves enough skin where it will fall just alittle over the head so you want be restricted when you wake up in the morning to salate the col.or should i say the skin should fall over the ring at the base of the new penis head.alittle lube and youre on your way but i would wait tell marriage to try it out unless you do alittle pleasing for yourself opioion.

  29. Firstly well done and also thank you! I didn’t want to be circumcised as the glans of my penis is too sensitive, without lubrication if touched the pain is unbearable. Doctor said this will fade after operation but you should expect a lot of pain post op. My condition is at about 33 weeks on your progress. I want to ask you a question, how did you have children? I cannot have sex without a condom on. Thank you once again!

    1. Thinking that circumcision would result in an insensitive glans proved not to be the case for me. After my 10-year getting the foreskin to remain retracted I still have as much pleasure as before that period. So in my view, circumcised guys still have as much pleasure as us foreskin guys.

    2. If it hursts that bad and you and your wife agree on kids cut a hole in the end of the condom them little fellowers will swim right up stream where they belong there persistant just a tiny opioion.

  30. Great information and excellent work you have accomplished. I had no such problem but it took me 10 years to get my foreskin to stay back like a circumcised penis. You certainly had to endure much more that this.

  31. Great information and excellent work you have accomplished. I had no such problem but it took me 10 years to get my foreskin to stay back like a circumcised penis. You certainly had to endure much more thatn this.

  32. Wow, really glad, and not at the same time, I found your blog! I refused to allow my son to be circumcised even though his father is. When I asked the pedi about needing to ‘work’ the foreskin back and when I should do that I was told it wasn’t necessary … now he’s 7 and it’s not coming back like it should.
    It’s definitely not as bad as yours (looks about the same as your week 29 progress), but probably would be if I’d not decided to do some research now and help him get it stretched while he’s young – just didn’t seem right that it still wasn’t coming back over the tip by now :-/
    Really, thanks for being brave and sharing your journey – it looks painful and I don’t even have a penis!!

    1. There is no reason for a 7-year-old to have a retractable foreskin. The average age for first full retraction is 10 and a half. In fact, under ideal circumstances a parent would never seen their son’s glans; it would first separate and go back at an age that he is old enough to look after it on his own.
      The foreskin was designed to remain at least partially fused to the glans until sexual maturity. In Europe and most of the rest of the world, boys are left to explore foreskin retraction on their own well into their teen years, without problems in 99% of cases. There is more harm that could come from trying to work it back before it’s ready. Puberty changes everything, and no diagnosis of phimosis or preputial stenosis can be made before then unless there is damage/scarring.
      It may not have seemed right to you that your son’s foreskin was not “coming over the tip”, as you call it (glans), but it is in fact very right. Even if the glans doesn’t appear until he’s ready for his driver’s license, it’s still within the range of normal. I don’t know where you have been getting advice that boys should “work back” their foreskin before puberty, but it’s wrong. Some boys can spontaneously do it at 3 years old, and others not until 18. By 18, 99% of boys have a normally retractable foreskin on its own.
      None of the techniques in this blog should be applied to an elementary school age child.

      1. Thank you for that reply!! I’ve just left a previous comment as I had a Doctor tell me my son should be circumcised yesterday due to tight foreskin but he’s only 10! I’m really against it and refused. As long as he can urinate I’m thinking maybe I should leave it and see if pubity changes things. Not that he will want to tell me by then. But I could always show him this blog.

        1. Good for you standing by your guns / opinion. I highly suggest opening up a dialog with your son, so he can feel as if he can come to you if he should have questions or problems. If he feels that he can come to you with questions or concerns, that is great. The internet can have good information, and I have seen even more that is incorrect, incomplete or just someone passing gas (sorry). While many believe that the internet is the answer to all their questions. Some kids have used videos to do unsafe procedures to themselves and others.
          While I love this site and I commend the individual who showed us over 50 weeks of test results and an outcome. GOOD JOB.

          Websites come and go. While I hope this site doesn’t vanish, (because it supplies / show WONDER & HOPE for some of us).

          I find kids are responsive to those who actually listen to them. Let it in this case be a Male Family Member rather than a STRANGER off the street.

          Unless there is a serious medical issue with your son regarding this, I would continue forward. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet).

      2. How much I agree with this. I blame my parents entirely for my phimosis, as they taught me to pull the skin back whenever I washed my body or bathed. I first noticed a tightening ring about age eight, and after that could no longer pull it back. With no internet I had no source of stretching information, andnever told my parents. I was circumcised on doctor’s advice at 19, so I well remember the sensitive feelings of having a foreskin, even though it didn’t retract. Sex after circ. was still great until my glans became keratinised after about 5 years and sensitivity gradually reduced. At 70 sex is now very underwhelming. Of course I now know what I could and should have done back in 1970, but it’s all too late!
        Parents and doctors (first heir own parents and doctors lack of gdo no harm) should be educated about this, and from reading all of these comments, the IGNORANCE out there is still terrifying. Thanks for the opportunity to express this in the hope of saving a few more baby boys from being damaged by their parents and doctors lack of knowledge!

    2. I m a man thats been through alot of pain in my life polio been shot with a .22cal bullet had viral mennugutis 15 operations tkr and infected and not disappointed one bit i had mine done just wished i had it done before my honeymoon it would have been alot better.

      1. But still i got the job done except i wouldnt have worried about how i was going to get the skin back over my penis head.that hurts to.

      2. All the more thing i wished they could have made it thicker and alot longer i still have one wish to go ill let youll thank what that one would be a h____ p____..little head start just for fun.

    3. I have a son as well with tight foreskin, and everything I’ve read it can take til the teen years. My son is 14 now and it’s still tight but it was really tight when he was born so I’m hoping it continues to improve. If not then we will try stretching because he does not want to be circumcised. So my advise is to give it sometime. When he starts masturbating more when he gets a little older it will probably help the tightness.

  33. Woow this is a lot of work and patience. Congrats on the progress. I have a question tho. A “friend” of mine, I think has this condition I only saw it once which made me look it up I wasn’t even aware of this condition. And I’m not sure if I should approach him with this. I mean is it gonna be uncomfortable for him or embarrassing to talk about? I’m not dating him we’re kinda just friends.. any advice on the condition not the nature of this relationship

  34. you did an great Job. people in the same boat can understand the problems.
    I have also cured phimosis myself but I am still working on Frenulum breve. were you able to detach it from glen?

  35. regarding the comment below, it is a bit scary when your foreskin snaps back in to the groove behind the head and you can’t get it to go forward again. But a simple method is to compress the head, pushing the blood out of it, by squeezing it gently but firmly with your fingers until it shrinks somewhat in size. Then your foreskin should be able to be eased forward again. When I stretch I do get precum because it is somewhat arousing at times.

  36. Really just discovered i have phimosis a few days ago, i just thought i had a tight foreskin and that i had to live with it. I would say i have type 1.5 as im pretty sure it is possible to fully retract if i try but it is painful and only happens accidentally during sex. ive been sexually active for 6 years but always had to be careful not to retract my foreskin too far which gives me anxiety and loss of erection. my foreskin is never fully retracted by me on purpose partly cuz im scared because it got stuck once. I did my first stretching today simply by pulling back as far as comfortable in the bath. I would like some pointers on how to combat the irritation after stretching because this irritation discourages me from stretching more often. Also is some precum like discharge normal after stretching? I still find the stretching using fingertips odd because i feel as if im not stretching the right part. i prefer to just pull back until uncomfortable.

    1. I found out that my son had phimosis at the age of 12. Then for one year I had a Medicade here in USA. The doctor gave us medicine and told us the same thing! I finally got him on my insurance Blue Cross Blue Shield! I got him to a unitary doctor immediately ! They said that he could have lost his gland with his tight skin. He now has been cicumsised. What a blessing!!! Although his foreskin was totally attached to his head-gland. He is in pain for about two weeks and he is scared … of course! Now, that he is seeing his penis without his foreskin all the time covering it he is having to adjust and having a difficult time. Please, someone give a mother advise! Help me
      adjust a teen to his penis he has never experienced before. Wow what a world we live in today. It is a normal thing! A penis ! Nothing to be ashamed about! A beautiful organ that was placed to give us pleasure and joyful experiences. A beautiful experience why do people make shame of such a wonderful piece of equipment to give us piece of mind! Please help this mother to explain to this 13 almost 14 year old that his penis is now normal!!!

      1. way to go… you turned to genital mutilation to fix a non existent problem….
        i suppost if your daughter didn’t have a whole in her vegina, you’d violate her to make it so….
        real shame, i feel sorry for your son.
        he wont ever be the same, and it is YOUR fault.

      2. Unfortunately his penis is no longer normal, and he will have diminishedseula pleasure for the rest of hisa life. His glans, which was intended to be an internal organ (think an eye without an eyelid to protect it) will become desensitized. Masturbation (which circumcision was intended to reduce) will become less enjoyable without the foreskin to protect the glans. Intercourse will be less enjoyable for him and his partner.

        1. stop painting such a dismal future for these boys……it is not that bad…..I was not circumcised for 40 some years and when I was at the VA for hernia problems they said they were going to circumcise me because it could cause caner of the penis and they would have to amputate it. I had always wanted to be circumcised because most boys/men, as I got older were circumcised….they sort of scared me into it telling me about cancer of the penis, etc. It did take a while to adjust to not having a foreskin, won’t argue that and I did wish I had it back, but you get used to it, had sexual relations with the wife, had no problem masturbating when I felt like it so you’re not going to be that bad off….it’s better than living with a foreskin that you cannot retract ….the whole joy of the foreskin is to have it slide back’n forth over the glans. If anything, just have enough of the foreskin removed (without doing a complete circumcision) so that you still have the feelings/joy of the foreskin sliding back’n forth over the glans. Don’t forget, I was in my mid 40’s when I had this done and an 11 or 12 yr old will not have done that much masturbating, that he can’t get accustomed to a wider opening of the foreskin. For health reasons, you need to be able to clean behind the rim of the glans. I am much older now, not married, and still masturbate regularly and it’s still very enjoyable! You’re scaring people to not do the right thing.

      3. Normal? No, his penis is mutilated. You should have waited until he was into puberty. Mine separated when I got my first erection. It could be that it was longer and would have still covered the glans with an erection but retractable.

    1. It seems you haven’t read other comments at all. The main purpose of stretching is to avoid circumcision because cutting away pieces of your body is not the best option. Even appendix is required (it has some useful functions) and it is cut out only in cases of acute inflammation.
      Also, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” principle applies. The fact that so many people have tight foreskins, and especially in Africa (if we believe that Dr. Kyron MacMannis) means that this is not something “broken” but is just a feature, like green eyes or really blond hair. If you feel that it causes troubles (inflammations, balooning, discomfort during sex) then of course you will see the doctor sooner or later. But if you feel OK and fulfill all of your functions and needs, then why bother?
      Of course, some might consider this an “important upgrade” because retracted foreskin changes quality of sex but – believe or not – not everyone in the world is obsessed with sex and getting the most out of it. For example, Americans seem much more sex-driven than people in Eastern Europe. Sexuality has important role in the USA popculture and people often joke and talk about it much more openly than in the Eastern Europe, where sex is Very Private Thing and it is not OK to talk and joke loudly about it even with your friends; unless you are a teenager or in a profane company (but even then you might get angry stares and “none of your business” responses).
      So, to summarize – it depends on your situation, attitude and goals.

    2. You are freaking ignorant! He obviously wanted to keep his foreskin and yes he did have a doctors approval and even used a prescription cream. Circumcision is not the answer to everything!

  37. Dude I want you to know that you are the absolute fucking king. I don’t think people appreciate what you have done and the effort it took. Seriously man I’m so happy for you. Wishing you health and happiness for now and years to come.

  38. re Dr. Kyron MacMannis comments
    “….you do not have to open your foreskin just because other people do it. Millions of men are just like you and never open it all their lives. Their lives are not affected by it….”
    “…men with what they think of as phimosis, whereas in most cases they simply have a foreskin that does not retract. Usually, in trying to pull it back so that they conform to the perceived notion that the foreskin should retract”
    This denial of a problem is insane. They simply have a foreskin that does not retract? What BS! Wanting a penis with a foreskin that is trouble free is conforming to false belief? Laughable.
    I’m appalled that so many men are opting to do nothing, so they don’t “maime” themselves with surgery that really should be seen as a blessing. It’s outrageous.
    Apparently it’s better to remain intact (as God/nature intended, Damn it!) and be a martyr to pain and suffering. A solution is available but don’t embrace it…NO it’s better to denigrate it and snear at it – because it’s not perfect.
    Like I said….INSANE!

    1. I haven’t been able to pull back my foreskin all the way since I got an infection as a child. I went to my family doctor once, just to discuss options and health hazards; he told me my penis is fine and healthy. He told me he would happily set me up for surgery if I wanted, but that it’s NOT necessary and NOT more healthy.
      I chose to keep my foreskin as is because it’s sensitivity plays a large roll in sex for me, especially oral. Ten years later and I’ve never had a problem and don’t regret the decision at all.
      Man, some people have real problems – some just have preferences.

  39. I think you are amazing….I wouldn’t have had the patience. 35 years old? Buddy I feel for you but you really should have gone to a doctor years ago. Fuck the embarrassment. All those years without enjoying sex or masturbation….ya I know could of, would of, should of… didn’t. How did you even pee? Circumcision better than no sex. Not to be a jerk but how did your wife get pregnant? This must also be hard on her? (no pun)

    1. I honestly didn’t realize and neither did she. She had only been with a circumcised guy before so of course mine was different. I don’t go looking at other penises usually. Plus everything worked normally (except I could last forever).

  40. So I also has this kind of problem, pinhole phimosis as it’s called. I’m 24 and it’s hard to get my hand on the equipments you got in this journal, even just the cream. Will it helps if I’m doing the stretch, mostly now with 2 cotton swabs? If this can works then I will commit and never think about getting a circumcision.

    1. Minh nghi¬ la lam dc, minh ko biet cua ban bi de’n muc nao, nhug chiu kho’ stretch moi ngay. Minh cung bi hep bao quy dau, minh o nuoc’ ngoai nen mua duo.c dug cu. nay xai`. Trong vog vai thang la minh mo? ra dc het luon. Hoi xua cug¬ ti’nh di ca’t :D. Ma co’ 1 cai’ chieu nay minh thay hieu qua phet, vi dug cu. kia minh` xai` 1 tg dau` tho^i. Minh bao? ba.n cu’ xo’c cho chim cu’g ra moi¬ ngay`. Tuc’ la lam cho co* co gian¬ ra. Vi’ du. luc’ chim be’ thi keo’ dau` bao ra xog roi cho chim to le^n. Lam sao cho co* gian¬ ra het muc’ co’ the?, co the? se bi. ho*i dau nhug phai chiu. thoi. Xog roi giu¬ o vi. tri’ day cag lau cag tot’. tot nhat la khoag 30p-1h moi ngay. Hoi mat tg xiu’. Minh thay’ chieu nay kha hieu qua. Tuc la moi ngay ba.n chiu dau 1 ti’ nhug vi` no la co* nen no chac chan’ se gian¬ ra. Minh lam chieu nay luc di ta’m moi ngay. Minh thay’ vai tuan la gia¬n ra thay’ ro¬. Co`n nhanh hon xai dug cu. kia nua. Nhug ma kha’ dau. Gud luck.

  41. Mate. seriously, why didn’t you goto a doctor, you need serious help. Not only medically
    but to do this to yourself, you have to be fucked in the head

    1. Why are you so rude, you can’t call him fucked in the head when you are not in the slightest bit educated. This is common practice, if he were to seek medical advice they would probably suggest to him that he could try stretching techniques or get circumcised. Why did you even both browsing his journey in the first place. I think you’re the one that messed up.

    2. You are the one fucked in the head, did you come on here for your sexual gratification? or perhaps you have one of these protruding from your forehead, or maybe it was just to improve your ritting and rithmatic perhaps. You are the one who need to go to the doctors and ask his for some hemorrhoid cream which you can apply to the lip area of your mouth, I hear it helps to shrink an arshole.

  42. I am one of those people who were inspired by your journey in the treatment of phimosis 🙂 I have been using phimocure rings for 4 months to good effect – I have moved up to the 3rd largest ring. When you say you still wear the 5th largest ring – are you referring to the standard pack of 11 rings? I am asking because I am at the 3rd largest one and am still quite some way from being fully cured.

  43. Hi everyone. I was in a worse situation than this, believe me. Surgery did it for me. It took three months to recover, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from phimosis.

    1. I guess, it depends on “suffering”. Some people have phimosis their entire life but do not really suffer from it. I’ve heard from some doctors that in Africa, there are much more people with tight foreskins and have phimosis, so for them its more normal and not an issue.
      The quote of a person, who claims to be Dr. Kyron MacMannis, follows:
      Retraction of the foreskin is something that occurs in most guys in their adult years, but it still leaves many millions of men, particularly in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia, who do not ever retract the foreskin. This number also includes men with what they think of as phimosis, whereas in most cases they simply have a foreskin that does not retract. Usually, in trying to pull it back so that they conform to the perceived notion that the foreskin should retract, they hurt themselves and, in some cases, rip the foreskin or the glans.
      None of this is necessary. If your foreskin does not want to be retracted, leave it alone. It is quite simple to keep it clean and healthy without ever pulling the foreskin back. It is usually much easier to masturbate and to have sex without pulling the foreskin back than by forcefully doing so. You can pee quite comfortably with the foreskin retracted or not.
      There actually are millions of men in the world at any one time, myself included, who do not retract their foreskin. I have a number of current patients in a similar condition and have, in the past, treated men in Asia and other countries with the condition of tight foreskin. Not one that I have personally met and not one that I have ever read about has a problem with cleaning. Nor do they have problems with masturbation or sex or peeing. And I have to join with them in saying that it is ridiculous to suggest that our penises, including yours, are not functioning properly.
      You do need to understand that some people can retract their foreskin and some people can’t. You are in the latter category, and that is not a problem. Just leave it alone. It will not cause you any disadvantage in masturbation or sexual activity. You don’t have to pull it back to clean it.
      I repeat – you do not have to open your foreskin just because other people do it. Millions of men are just like you and never open it all their lives. Their lives are not affected by it, so nor should yours be.
      As for circumcision, that is a dead end road and not worth considering at all.
      End of the quote.

        1. I agree. I, too, don’t feel whole, a
          like I’m incomplete., since I am missing my foreskin (I am circumcised). But I think your article and descriptions are helpful, since I am constantly looking for uncut men.

      1. The content of the quote is weird. E.g. you simply can’t clean under your foreskin if you can’t retract it fully. It’s best to get rid of phimosis by stretching (optionally with the help of betamethasone ointment).

      2. Yes, I to was somewhat confused about the cleaning part. It is possible with cotton swabs, but it gets tricky and you have to be really careful. Maybe some people can get away without cleaning at all because their smegma somehow diffuses and slowly gets out while taking a shower. In my case it did get out itself, but it got kinda hard and formed chunks. Well, at least now I can clean it and recently after a few weeks of using Phimocure rings I can even retract while partially erect without any danger. Still I do not go for full erection when retracted because it feels unpleasant, too strained and slightly painful. I guess, my frenulum also is a little too short and now I’m working to stretch it too.

      3. well i have a tight foreskin but not severe it can go away in a few weeks of streching and i can say this for me sex is really painful cuz it blocks the whole blood flw through my penis so i have to strech it.

      4. I had a tight foreskin that had never been retracted. My GP pulled the foreskin back and it hurt even without an erection. The glans is so sensitive – sex is better with it exposed. I decided to stretch the foreskin and used silicone rings for 6 weeks. I can now retract the foreskin over an erection without discomfort. The foreskin now stretches and moves during sex. My foreskin was not functioning properly, but after stretching it moves normally. The sensations are so much better without the foreskin covering the glans.

  44. Thank your for this incredible progress report!
    I can share my sad story and I actually have been to ER because of paraphimosis.
    I discovered my phimosis at about my 20s when visiting urologist because sometimes I could feel something hard-ish in my penis and sometimes saw pieces of something white falling out when I tried to push it slightly. So I got afraid that something is wrong with me – oh, my penis is falling apart and it spits out white dead pieces of itself… Ok, the doctor calmed me down that this is just smegma and it is normal. But phimosis is not ok, and he suggested circumcision.
    Then I started doing some irregular stretching and in general I was able to fully retract and clean everything out while flaccid. It took a some seconds and two-three times but I always was able to retract, clean, and get it back. But one day while I was cleaning it, my penis got harder. Something has triggered a sexual thought and I was about to get close to erection! This was a disaster. I was able to calm down, but I could not get my foreskin back – it was swollen and my glans was also too large. I tried to push it hard, I tried to cool it down with cold water – did not work. So we called ER. The doctor had to do a cut. After a day I could go home. After three weeks I discovered that my foreskin is much more loose now and finally I can fully retract it at one go and get back without problems while flaccid. Still, it is too tight to do the same while erect. I still cannot fit two fingers (and I have small fingers) inside to stretch. Also I’m super careful to clean my penis only when I’m 99% sure that no sexual thought will interrupt the process.
    Now I’d like to change this. I don’t want to live with the scary thought of having paraphimosis again. I have already ordered the Phimocure rings – this seems to be one of the cheapest options. I’ll do it careful – pick the ring which fits in without any pan and let it stay there for some hours. As I understand, this turned to be pretty effective for many, right?
    Unfortunately I don’t have the betamethasone cream and I cannot get it without prescription. The closest steroid cream I can get freely is Lorinden, type A and C. Both types are based on flumetasone pivalate which belongs to glucocorticosteroid, the same as betamethasone. But I’m not sure if it is any good and if it can help as a lightweight alternative to betamethasone. I hope that without it my progress won’t take many years…. At least, I have other kinds of moisturizing creams ready.

    1. Why don’t you see a doctor and get a prescription for betamethasone ointment? Ointment is better than cream. Anything you can buy without a prescription is much weaker and nearly useless. The ointment will speed up your stretching a lot, but it won’t work without stretching. For some guys, simply stretching by retracting works, but don’t retract too far until the foreskin is loose enough (because of the danger of paraphimosis).

  45. Sir – Your story is inspiring!!!! You are sharing the information with everyone which is a noble thought as well. Wishing you all the best for your journey – take care..

  46. Hi! I know you have mentioned depression, and I’m no stranger to that. Let us know how you are doing and realize how grateful we are for your thoughtful, analytical and brave blog. There’s nothing so informative about phimosis on the internet as what you have written. You’re a very smart guy. So how are things going for you? All good wishes, and please remember how much you are appreciated.

  47. I saw your blog about a year ago. I suffered from phimosis and didn’t know there was anything wrong until I was 22. Having a foreskin for me was never a hindrance, and it’s pretty fun to never need lubricant. But knowing the fact that most uncut men naturally retract put a number on my self image.
    I would stretch off and on during a shower or tug on it downward when erect, which was effective and posed no risk as I was a type 3. I didn’t stick to any routine, nor was I eager. I can happily say in a year’s time I went from type 3 to type 2, just like the image you posted. I recently found out about steroid creams (mometasone 0.1%) and I’ve been keeping a routine. My skin has softened with the cream and has become more flexible. In a year’s time I might finally see my entire head for the first time!
    It’s amazing and inspiring how you pulled through such an extreme case of phimosis. You’re our hero. And I’m really pleased with the maturity and support of all these other men on the blog that are sharing their experiences and giving advice. If there’s any advice I would give, it’s that your foreskin is probably going to keep tightening naturally every now and then and you’ll lose motivation when that happens. Keep at it. Two steps forward one step back! Also your glans is likely going to be extremely sensitive to any touch, or fabric. Remember to touch it under a shower or using lube and allow it to desensitize naturally to stimulation. Otherwise sex will be painful for you, and even walking might hurt like hell. Always keep that in the back of your mind as an equally important side goal.

  48. Please don’t give up! You are so close! You have inspired me and I am making progress now. Don’t stop, I know it’s so frustrating!

  49. Hi
    First of all: Thanks for this blog! It is really nice to see, that even this extreme case is not the end!
    I have a phimosis too, i can’t get it under the glans but not any further. Se is not possible.
    I ordered the phimocure rings but i have a really hard time to get them in to place! It is not the big problem to insert them, but when it is inserted, it won’t go back in to its normal state, but stays in the heart shape. Trying to get it back with force is really painful cause my foreskin gets squeezed during that. Do you have some thoughts on that? Or can you maybe even post some pictures or a video of you in which you get the rings in to place?

    1. Apps, used the wrong term there. My foreskin doesn’t get squeezed, but i get pinched. Sorry, English isn’t my mother tongue.

  50. Hi, I am 26 years old and have recent come across this page. I think that the discussion board here is fantastic.
    I have phimosis where I am perfectly able to retract my foreskin over my flaccid penis but have difficulty when erect. It is painful to contract the foreskin over the glans when erect – there the foreskin feels painfully tight, almost like it will rip or tear and I must wait until I am flaccid again before I can over the glans with the foreskin. this has prevented me from having intercourse.
    I have recently brought the issue up with two separate doctors who have both told me that circumcision was the only solution- a measure which I dread. This has lead me to look online to seek alternative methods of treatments and has brought me to this page.
    I would be grateful for any advice or recommendations from anyone who has suffered something similar.
    Thank you

  51. Thank you for your blog! I’m 27 years old and have finally decided to being my journey to full retraction. I have a question. Is type 4 or type 5 more difficult to stretch to full retraction?

    1. Type 4 or five, with almost no retraction possible, is difficult because you have to find tools to put inside because your fingers won’t fit. Read about what I did on this page.

  52. Hi guys,
    I have been using the Phimocure rings. I have gone up a few sizes.
    I think the tightest part of my foreskin is the phimotic ring (Ridged band).
    I think sometimes when I am wearing the rings, I am only stretching the very end of the foreskin, and not even stretching the phimotic ring very much. Anyone else had a similar issues?

      1. Hi have actually gone down a few sizes, and now I am ensuring I am stretching the phimotic ring. For me, it was a little deceptive, I was going up sizes, however since I was only stretching the very end of the foreskin and not the phimotic ring, it was just creating the illusion I was making good progress. I have now figured out how to identify if the phimotic ring is been stretched or not, if you need some advice on this I can let you know a few techniques.

      2. It would be nice to hear some techniques, cause i have a very hard time to even get the rings in to place!

  53. Congratulation for you successful journey! And thanks for inspiring me to share this and try to solve this problem on my own. I’m too embarrassed to involve others or seek medical help.
    My actual problem is somewhat like yours: I have a short frenulum. I’m sure of this because it often tears during unexpected sex (preparation helps) and it is always uncomfortable to put condoms because they stretch the skin around the frenulum, which is already stretched up to the comfortable limit.
    I also have a light case of phimosis, but it doesn’t bother me. I can spot the phimotic ring only when it is half erect, because when fully erect the frenulum stops the foreskin before the ring reaches the part of the shaft where the girth would cause me trouble.
    How is it going with the frenulum stretching? Have you ever heard of frenulum tying?

  54. I read your tweet concerning antidepressants. I’m sorry about that. I hope you’ll get better.
    Just curious – is your depression related to phimosis and that long journey of yours?

  55. Further to the below, there were two misdiagnoses before I got to Vancouver’s top dermatologist. One doc wanted to fry them off with electiricity. one jolt and i screamed. NO THANKS. I woulnd’t have done any good anyway. I think you may have LS that’s spread to the frenulum. Certainly LS shold be ruled out, I think. Great penis…wish it was mine!

  56. Hey buddy, You mentioned Lichen Sclerosis, and from that white tissue in the sulcus I’d be a tiny bit suspicious about that too. I had LS in exactly the same groove. Two weeks of applying dermatologist prescribed ratio-Mometasone ointment (vaseline like) (0.1% mometasone, a topical steroid) it was arrested and the tiny tears it caused went away. I notice that the area is also looking much better, a few months later, with almost no whiteness visible. I was having a little bit of pain upon foreskin retraction and during sex due to microtears within the LS lesions. All good now! Might not be a bad idea to get it checked out. You know I love your site!

    1. additional to the above: My LS was bumpy and looked a lot like yours. I would say that yours, if you have it, is limited to the phimotic ring and may indeed have been causative (that tissue will stretch some, but lesions are common). You have experienced some of that. It could have spread to the frenulum too, from your latest photograph. Your penis looks really good, though. I would rule LS out carefully, if that were my penis (and I wish it was my penis!) Not very big here! A lot of that white tissue will return to normal if my experience is any indication. Had Vancouver’s top dermatologist examine it after several misdiagnoses. One guy wanted to take electrodes to the tissue. One zap and I was just about screaming. No more of that. It wouldn’t have helped anyway.

      1. I just want to say I think all you lads are an inspiration for being brave enough to stick together and sharing our very personal and intimate problems with each other in order to help and support one another and also for showing that we are not alone and that this problem is more common than we think, I’m really glad your all here and I think the site is great. At last I have found somewhere and someone who I may now be able to get some info and help from myself and hopefully I will now start my journey of getting my foreskin put right, now that would be the best thing ever. 😜😉😊

  57. At the age of 23 years old I realized I had phimosis. After some research I started stretching, my penis back then was just like yours at the weeks 26-28. After one year and a half of manual stretching only (not even creams or oils) I’m now able to fully retract it when flaccid and erect. And I’m now working on desensitizing my glans.
    I want to thank you for sharing your experience and encourage me and others to overcome phimosis.

  58. My husband’s cock looks similar to you’re week 9 pic. He has never had any infection or difficulty with his dick, but it’s me who wonders if sex would be more enjoyable for him if his foreskin ass able to be pulled back.. stretching seems to take an extremely long time and we have a very active sex life (around 5 times a week, if not more). Was the stretching process worth it for you?? I’m thinking of showing him your article and discussing this with him, I think he’d be more enthusiastic if he knew sex and oral sex will be much more enjoyable for him.

    1. Yes, sex is much more enjoyable. There are two dimensions of feeling, the foreskin, and the pressure on the glans. I was never able to feel the glans being stimulated before, so now there are two feelings at the same time.
      I wish my sex life was more active! For us it only happens every 4 weeks or so. But all three of our kids are under 6, and I hope we will be less tired when they are older.

  59. Thanks a lot for this blog, and congratulations to your success!
    But I wouldn’t hesitate to see a doctor to check it, if I was you. Have you seen one? I don’t wanna scare anyone but doctors say phimosis can result in really bad things (like cancer). Good luck!

  60. Wow, I looked at the third picture of the fourth week and was going to comment that circumcision or at least preputioplasty is necessary, but you were actually able to retract while erect, very inspiring. While I still think there are cases where circumcision is a good choice it obviosoly shouldn’t be the first line of treatment.

  61. So I’m 24 year old and my case is probably as bad as your at the beginning. I would love to try stretching, but base on your experience, can you suggest how I shall start?

    1. I’ve been meaning to write an article for extreme cases like ours for a long time. Until then, you can look at what I was doing early on, especially with the Q-tips (cotton swabs) and teflon tape.

  62. Yes this is like week 1 .
    Very painful while passing urine.
    I tried to wash and clean with Savlon and apply betnavate n.
    Earlier I tried xylocain gell like anesthesia. Even after that I am unable to open mu cock

  63. Hi All,
    Just want to add another instrument, which can be used too.
    It’s “Tracheal Dilator”. This is normally available for max of $20.
    This can be used to stretch the skin as well.

  64. I followed your way to fix my phimosis . I used my finger, at the first week , i cannot insert my finger , i strecth my penis 2hour 3time a day. And in second week i can insert my finger and i take 3 hour of strecth 3 time a day .And it take about 3 weeks and 4 days . For everyone who had a phimosis , you have to fight until the end 🙂

  65. I have a question I’ve looked all over the internet. My foreskin isn’t that tight but it does hurt when trying to retract. I’m question is. My skin is dry and cracking. Did that happen to you? Or any suggestions.

  66. Hi,
    I have been following your blog. Thanks for the details you have shared.
    Can you please put a list of equipments you have used, so that I can buy one for me too?

  67. “flesh tunnel” I don’t like those two words, together, looking at me. Nope.
    Super super hyper congratulations on your progress though! What the hell are you going to write about once you reach the end of your stretching!? You MUST find something! You’ve got a really nice natural flow to your writing that I hope you continue with.
    (Tfw you’re a journo and I’ve just missed it twenty times on your blog…)

  68. Hi all, after about a month with phimocure+bethametasone (I started whit the second smallest ring and now I’m using the sixth) I can fully retract when flaccid but I haven’t noticed any improvements when erect. Will the situation get better when I’ll switch to bigger rings?

  69. As the daughter of an intact father, the wife of an intact man, and mother to an intact son, I must say your article and pictures almost brought me to tears. I cannot fathom the pain and discomfort you’ve been experiencing for your whole life! And your courage to show it is laudable. There must be millions of men going through the same thinking THIS is normal. Thanks for your courage and for sharing your journey.

  70. Hi, I’m 22 and used to be able to retract my foreskin FULLY a few years ago, but started noticing that my foreskin opening was shrinking significantly to a pinhole size (type 5). I thought it was sort of a normal course of nature of my penis growing and/or masturbation causing skin scarring and the skin healing over and over itself causing a tiny hole to be left.
    I bared with it for years, but I just couldn’t take the burning sensation when peeing (I have started no stretching treatment and I get a STRONG burning/sharp stinging sensation when urinating). It has gotten to the point that I never want to pee, I put off peeing for as long as possible because I know it will hurt insanely for a few seconds, it’s like a razor blade is being slowly run across the inner of my top foreskin, however I find after I wet it with a bit of water after a few minutes the pain will go away (I guess the cells build up some kind of walled resistance, I think I have some internal scarring of the foreskin, which is causing some internal skin bleeding which seeps out as invisible/clear blood when I urinate. Water and pee have completely different feelings. Pee usually ALWAYS burns for me, water only burns a bit for a few seconds and then it stops.
    I haven’t had any sexual encounters yet, but masturbation is no problem for me (type 5), however I do notice that when the glans lubricate or when I ejaculate, the stingy sensation comes back lightly, but no where near as painful as urinating.
    As for hygiene: I try and use a warm wet piece of toilet paper to clean up my inner foreskin after urinating (sometimes even before to try and lessen the pain of urinating on the foreskin). I try and take 2 showers a day now and sometimes baths, but baths are really time consuming and I don’t see much benefit. I try stretching with my fingers for the last few days, but no progress seen yet.
    I noticed if I don’t masturbate for a few days, and inner foreskin tissue can heal and the urination stinging sensation isn’t as bad / almost non-existent, but it’s so hard to try and not to masturbate when you pretty much perfectly can… fk.
    The Dr prescribed me with some Bactroban – Mupirocin 2% cream to be applied 3 times daily, I try and apply it at least twice when my penis is clean, anti-biotics (which is finished after about a week) and I think got rid of a yeast infection but then it came back (the stinging sensation perhaps when I pee) and recommended Nurofen which doesn’t seem to be doing anything for preventing the foreskin stinging/burning pain. 🙁
    The Dr was Indian (but I’m in Australia) and said I should have been circumcised ages ago…but I looked at some circumcision and even the other partial circumcision videos, and am completely turned off by the thought of that option. He said to come back the following Monday, but I haven’t been back.
    I don’t know if I’ll have the patience for a year long stretching procedure, I guess I’d be more than happy with a bigger opening than a pinhole just so I could relieve the SEVERE burning/stinging urination feeling on my foreskin 🙁
    I wish there was something to prevent the burning, it sucks but I can temporarily deal with it when I have to pee, I find that leaning against a wall or biting my shirt or yelling something aloud generally helps bear the pain, I usually do the former two, since they’re silent, I let my foreskin slide to such a degree of pinhole size that now it’s unbearable to pee. 🙁 Doesn’t help that I was sitting down a lot all day in an office job, was the perfect breeding grounds for yeast. Fk.

  71. I wish I had followed stretching when I had phimosis. I discovered it at the age of 19 and 3 years after it became unbearable. I was having pain while urinating. Sometimes tit needs too much pressure to open the hole.
    I visited the doctor and he suggested circumcision right away, no cream no stretching and I idiotically followed his advice thinking that a doctor knows best.
    After circumcision I couldn’t determine the difference of sensation, because of pain and sensitive glans. I thought it will get better.
    But 1 month after, when my penis started to get normal, I was very depressed. I lost almost half of the sensitivity I used to have with foreskin. Sex and masturbation is not as much pleasureable as it was with foreskin. Other than that, you have to be extra extra extra careful when your penis is healing from circumcision. The cut skin would attach anywhere and some little lumps will form from you skin and it looks very ugly.
    It’s the worst decision of my life and it’s irreversible. I’m writing this here so that no one should try circumcision right away. Keep it as last resort. All the cases I have heard of stretching are successful.
    Doctors are money minded people, they always tell us solutions from which they are benefited.
    I’m writing this 4 years after my circumcision and I still regret it every day. I would do anything to get my sensitivity back.
    For those out there trying to look for a suggestion on phimosis like me, I would suggest please don’t go for it, try stretching and if it doesn’t work talk to your parents/friends, it will be embarrasing but it’s better than inserting needles inside your penis and having it operated. You don’t know how much complicated adult circumcision is.

    1. Hey buddy. You may want to look into foreskin restoration. That will definitely restore not only your mind, but your little guy as well!!! Also, vitamin e (of any form – cream, oil, etc.) Will speed up the process of healing and growing new skin. Vitamin e is great for skin in general. I use Genes Vitamin E Cream. It is a yellow color, and the lid is also yellow, and it mentions the amount of IUs added into the tub (somewhere in the thousands) and it can be overly greasy depending on where you put it on your body, and/or how much of it you use. Good luck!!!

  72. I have phimosis type 3. I have started stretching while taking bath. 20 days ago, I went to a doctor who applied an anaesthetic cream and was able to pull down a little but it felt uneasy. He also told that there can be bood or severe irritation after a few hours and gave me a cream to apply to soothe the situation( my question is why there should be blood. I couldn’t ask the doctor about this). Never tried this process again due to my fears. Though I have been stretching every other day while bathing. There is improvement. I can see 1/3 of my glans. Sometimes even the 2/3. But when dry, the same earlier position. Still I am hoping to retract it down fully down the line but at the same time wary of not being able to do this while dry be it erect or flaccid. Another problem I have started to encounter that I need to pee during masturbation ( last 2-3 times) and unable to cum because of that. Distressed of such agony. What to do? All suggestions welcome.

    1. I am replying to my own comment here. Just a few minutes ago, I first time have retracted my foreskin fully while flaccid. Great feeling. Would like to tell about my routine. And a little bit of history. I got know about this problem in the end of november. Then I came here, went to many other places too. Tried to gain as much information as I could. Did nothing for almost a month apart from a few endeavours to stretch and apply the finger method (not more than five attempts of that; in a month). Was pensive all this while. Told my father and consulted a familiar doctor over phone. He gave me reassurance. Went to meet him. He applied anaesthetic cream once. Achieved a little success and told me to continue doing so. But I was still fearing. Never could become determined enough. Waited for second opinions and more expert advices. In between kept doing stretching and exercises during bath. Saw a hope. Started seeing more part of the glans gradually. Stiil feared a lot. And I was not regular at all. Just one time exercise every two days. No four sessions a day or something even close to that, which is not proper way to correct this ‘minor defect’. Yeah, that’s how it is categorized in India in army. Coming back to the point. Just, tonight, went to pee and did the balooning ( I don’t know what is the exact term) and then tried pulling down the foreskin and whoa , there I was. I saw my entire glans first time while flaccid. Cleared a little smegma. Did the pulling 4-5 times more. Became satisfied. Not much pain. Glans was too sensitive which it should be of course.
      Now as I have already told that there is this new problem of peeing while masturbation and yet to see myself uncovered while erect I ask you for suggestions about that. Have tried this on network 54 too but request you to get a response from there about this since I haven’t got any yet.
      I would like to thank you a lot sir that you showed me the right path and gave hope. Will be indebted my whole life to you. A lot of thanks and again good wishes for you too!
      Please respond to the post. ASAP.
      PS: Ignore the crudeness of language and not an organized train of thought. English is my second language.

  73. hello, thanks for sharing! I have type 4 phimosis and I was wondering if all the stretching exercises your mentioned are useful for all types of phimosis. hope to get solved soon, thanks!

  74. Hi phimosisjourney,
    Thanks for the details
    Can you please share your view on how is your sexual life during this period?
    Did you thought about paraphimosis, where the foreskin get stuck by glans, which could lead to a emergency situations. Did you thought about that?

  75. Hey, Im a 21 year old with phimosis. I don’t think mine was quite as severe to start with, probably around week 23 of your journey (could see through the gap a little to the slit, never really knew it could retract or anything though.)
    Ive not been using any cream or rings or even that consistent stretching to be honest, started being more consistent lately though jst pulling it back and holding it, or trying to get a finger or two in to hold it apart. Been doing this for a couple months.
    It’s clearly been making a difference, I can now pull it back enough to touch the glans, but today I experienced the thing you mentioned about the head squishing through, like in your pic. I could feel that if I kept pulling back more would squish through but I freaked out as I worried that the frenulum would tear if I let it, or maybe paraphimosis would happen.
    What would you advise to me?? To keep stretching until it doesn’t even fight going back over the head, or should I let it come through? I’m very concerned that it’s not ready to do it yet.

  76. Is your head not very sensitive as it hadnt been exposed to anything? I find that I cannot touch the head of my penis without recoiling away, even though my phimosis isnt as bad as yours was. For this reason, I dont think buying the phimocare rings will help me as I wouldnt be able to put them on. How did you get over the sensitivity, if you had any?

    1. Some of the pain is in my mind. Although i feel like i cannot touch it, in reality I found that I could touch it without pain, but any movement or rubbing causes great pain. As it became more exposed, I could tolerate more. For example the very tip is less sensitive now since it has been touched more, but the corona (ridge) is still extremely sensitive.

  77. Hi, nice going with the progress the last 2 weeks!
    I wanted to ask you something for a while. I’m willing to create a debit card, just so i can order the phimocure (none of my family members, neither closest friends have one..poor country). And the question is will i still have progress if i wear the rings all day without the betamethasone cream ? Right now i’m at you’re week 41 without doing any stretching,

  78. Hi.
    I’m 17 years old and have the same problem you had in the beginning. In fact, I think my opening might even me slightly smaller.
    I went to the doctor in 2012 because peeing was almost impossible and I felt desperate. He redirected me to urology and gave me a creme to bridge the time. He said the urologist would make an incision in my foreskin rather than circumcise. The creme actually made peeing ‘normally’ possible again and I never went through with the operation.
    Now, 3 years laters I want to bring an end to this awkward, inconvenient secret of mine and I’m going to the doctor again on Monday.
    Like you said, peeing takes long and sex seems to me very difficult. But all I really feel to be out of the ordinary is an itch every now and then and the texture of the glans feels very bumpy or rough, almost like there are pieces missing or deformed.
    I hope a full circumcision isn’t nessecary, it doesn’t look pretty to me. If it is, I think I should at least give this method a chance.
    Thanks for sharing your process. Pinhole phimosis sucks so bad…

    1. It’s a great time to start stretching. Start with two Q-tips inside if you can, holding them and pulling apart for a few minutes several times a day. If you can’t in two Q-tips let me know and I’ll help you with what I did.

      1. It’s about as small as yours was in the beginning. Q-tips definitely won’t fit in. Neither will any of the phimocure bands. I’ll have to custom make my own which I find pretty scary. I’ve stretched before but created a tear which caused even more scar tissue and made it ever tighter.

    2. Hi, just to give you some support, I had a tight foreskin for many years and when I started working on stretching, I feared the worse. I thought there would be a mess under there, but wrong. it was all good. In fact, I’ve found, now I can pull back when limp, the head of my penis is bigger, maybe it’s because it has room to grow. The feeling is amazing and I suggest you work through this, it will take a long time, that I can’t deny, however, the progress is slow and rewarding. As you read here though, there are times when it goes backwards, it happened to me. I thought I’d have to start again after 6months of stretching, I pushed it too far one day and it produced a small cut that made it hard to pull back any. Left for a week, I thought I’d have to start again, but went down one or two ring siizes and was back to where I left off after a week! Was very happy about that. Just take your time, it’ll be worth it.

  79. I think my issue is that the phimotic ring is near the tip of the foreskin. If I try to use the tip of the foreskin the help keep the ring in, then the phimotic ring slips over the flesh tunnel and is not getting stretched. Yes, it will keep the tunnel from slipping out but the part of the foreskin that needs to be stretched is not getting stretched.

    1. i may now be encountering a similar problem. ive posted some of the above comments. i found that at the higher tunnel sizes (last 2-ish) the rim of the tunnel was causing quite a bit of raw-ness. quick summary. stopped stretching for a few weeks. healed up. now seem to be in the situation where i’ve created a second phimotic ring. im guessing where its healed the skin has tightened up. anyway its further up than previously.
      i now no longer have enough foreskin left above to hold the tunnel in place. i also need to make sure to get the tunnel in flush, because if it goes in at an angle i actually ended up in a situation where the foreskin, phimotic ring and all, rolled completely over the top of the tunnel and it was trapped. LUCKILY i got it out without any damage.
      my thoughts for you might be that maybe when you insert tunnel, the phimotic ring isn’t getting caught between the two larger lips and its maybe half in/half out? because from personal experience that causes mine to pop out. only other explanation is your phimotic ring is larger than the tunnel in which case you need to go up a size. sorry for the essay hopefully it helps/makes sense!

  80. I have been much better about stretching the last few weeks. I am especially encouraged by your progress. Keep it up!
    Right now, if I wear a 22 mm flesh tunnel, I can keep it in for about 2 hours before it starts hurting. I am worried that if I try to fight through the pain, I will end up getting a cut and regress. So, I end up taking it out which can be painful.
    Thinking I may be overstretching, I have gone down a size to a 20 mm flesh tunnel. The problem with this size is that it is hard to keep the thing in. It just wants to slip out. Any suggestions? Tape? Today, I have the 20 mm tunnel in and it seems to be staying put without wanting to slip out. I have had it in for about 3 hours with no pain. My goal is to try to keep in overnight as I feel like this gives me the best chance of success.
    Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. With my new method of wearing them 24 hours, I choose one that does not hurt at all. However, I don’t have a problem with it slipping out. As you see in my video, pull the looser skin over the top and that keeps it in. Are you able to do that? Let me know how it works out.

  81. Yes! Glad to see you’re back on track! A few things I learned the hard way about fast stretching are
    1. Although it’s tempting to keep jumping up sizes, I only jump up one or two sizes now and stay there for at least two weeks. You get to a point where the skin stretches and gets really elastic and can accommodate larger ring sizes but it’s not actually recovered. If you end up in a situation where you need to take them out they basically close up to the original ring size in a few hours.
    2. If you have stretched fast and end up not having the ring in for even as little as 2 hours in my experience, you need to go back down at least a size, if not two, to slowly open it up again. Otherwise you get the horrible raw red ring effect, if you’re lucky and don’t tear anything.
    3. Another point is on the largest couple of rings you may start to experience raw skin not around the actual phimotic ring of your foreskin, but from the lip of the Phimocure digging into the surrounding skin. I don’t really have a method to avoid this. If its really bad, downsize for a while and let the skin heal if it can. The skin seems to deal better if it’s whole. Any raw bits just seem to quickly get worse. Hopefully this is just me though!
    All the best!

      1. No problem! You’re the one that got me into actually trying this, after my doctor said surgery or no fix. So we have both helped each other.
        I also just want to really hammer home that last point (point 3 above, courtesy of your editing) on the biggest ring sizes. They really can dig into the skin. After letting it heal for a few days and not using them at all, I can now see when I retract the skin that I have 2 areas of tightness. One is the original phimotic ring, and a second one has formed from the lip of the Phimocure ring digging into the skin and making it raw, and its closed up when it healed a bit.
        I’m not that worried. It didn’t tighten up horrendously. It’s just something people should be aware of on the final sizes of the rings (the last 2 for me). Although hopefully it only happens to me! I’m actually contemplating manual stretching now. All the best!

  82. Hi Thanks for sharing this. I am in same boat. If you can share the details of the products you have used from the beginning (I have the tiny hole as well), I could try for me. Most important how is your sexual life during these period.

    1. If you can’t fit in two Q-Tips to stretch, then you can do what I did.
      1. Cut one Q-tip in half.
      2. Wrap Teflon plumber’s tape around the plastic jagged end to make it soft. Keep wrapping until it is the right size.
      3. Stick that end in the hole and leave it there until it gets itchy or you have to pee, maybe two hours. Do this several times a day. You may use a lube such as coconut oil to make it easier. You can wash and reuse your stretcher.
      Be careful because you might get a yeast infection. If so, use clotrimazole vagina cream for a few days to cure it. I will write a post for extreme cases someday.

  83. I would be really interested to know what your wife thinks about your progress. My partner didn’t really seem to be that interested, yet it must have made a difference to her.

    1. Tell me about your progress. What kind of differences did you experience?
      Early on, my wife did not like me talking about it or knowing that I was stretching, because she said it was a turn off. However, at that time she was breastfeeding and everything was a turn-off her.
      At this stage I am now using a condom because I fear it may stretch and cause pain. I am looking forward to when it is done and I will let you know then.

    2. She mentioned to me last night that when I started, it was strange, because she was used to my penis looking a certain way. She never expected it to change. She expected to be married to that one penis for life. Now, she can’t even remember how it looked before.

  84. Hi, well done mate. You inspired me to give it a go. I was a teenager the last time I pulled my skin back. Well, now I’m 48 and 8 months later and boom! I pulled the skin back the other night and believe me, I was very, very happy.
    All was clean under there. The skin was very tight around it so I did not keep it there long. I now pull it back every time after I pee (not before or during. That causes very random movements and a bit of a clean up). But hey, because of your blog and pics, I gave it a go and went from a pea size opening to full retraction.
    I used the rings and wore it for 1h each day only.
    I smeared the ring with the phimocure cream each time which helps get it in and applies the cream to the tight bits.
    My only tips for anyone starting this journey are: (and you have said them all)
    1) Don’t give up. I didn’t use it on holiday and thought I’d have to start again but it only took a few days on the previous size to catch up.
    2) Wash it every time. Cleanliness is a must. It really does make a difference and stops any cracks etc. coming on. Cracks will stop you for a while.
    I’ve decided to keep going with the rings, I’d like to pull back when erect next. For now, I’ve dropped a size as the size I was using last stretched that small bit of skin [the frenulum] that holds your foreskin on too much so I didn’t want to do damage.
    I’ll keep using this size every day for a bit longer, mainly so I put the cream in the right place and keep a bit of stretching going.
    But anyone reading this and thinking of doing it… do it.
    I feared surgery but was going to actually do it, this was a last ditch attempt and it worked for me eventually.
    Last point: It feels amazing to pull the skin back after over 30 years of not seeing behind it! When it first happened I thought it was going to hurt but it just popped back… FANTASTIC…

  85. Thank you for your blog!
    I am a 44 year guy who has phimosis (type 2). Like you, I didn’t think anything was abnormal for the vast majority of my life. What’s funny is that I am a physician and didn’t know about phimosis until medical school. Even then, it wasn’t a topic that we really learned much about, Basically, if you have phimosis, you need a circumcision. End of story.
    I am now a father of three and have always enjoyed sex and masturbation with one caveat; the pleasure from sex and masturbation for me is great but it’s the only pleasure from sex and masturbation I have ever known. I usually have to masturbate quite hard to ejaculate and when it comes to sex, it’s very hard for me to ejaculate spontaneously so most of the time, I have to finish myself. Of course, I have ejaculated spontaneously a few times and hence the kids 🙂
    The most surprising thing is that I thought this was all normal until I started researching phimosis in a little more depth. You see, with even type 2 phimosis , my glans is only very minimally exposed when erect. I don’t get the gliding of the foreskin like most uncut males do.
    With that in mind, I began stretching a few months ago with flesh tunnels. Unfortunately, I have not been very disciplined with this. Even with off and on stretching, I have noticed a difference. When erect now, my glans is a little more exposed (basically a portion of the meatus can be seen) and my foreskin goes about 1/3 of the way down the head when I pull somewhat hard. Even exposing 1/3 of my head now during sex or masturbation however, has made a huge difference. My previously hidden glans which is quite sensitive is now able to feel the vagina or my hand the although sensitive, the pleasure is much more intense.
    I am now determined to “finish the job” and continue stretching until I have cured my phimosis. I have been stretching more regularly the last week and am up to a 20 mm flesh tunnel. I can usually wear this for at least 2-4 hours at a time until I get sore. I think my soreness is more from the flesh tunnel ridge pressing on the frenulum. I usually take the flesh tunnel at this point because I don’t want to cause any cuts or bleeding. When I take my flesh tunnel out, the foreskin is immediately longer but goes back to more of a normal configuration in a few minutes.
    My goal is to cure the phimosis by spring of 2016. I can’t wait to have sex with the full ability to have my foreskin glide all the way over the corona of the glans. I am sure I will have no problem with ejaculation then and hopefully sex will be a whole lot better! Will keep you posted.

    1. I just wanted to give an update. I was making great progress throughout December and was so very close to being able to pull the skin back while erect. On New Year’s Eve I got a little aggressive with the stretching and must have torn something. I think I may have partially tore my frenulum as when I remove the flash tunnel it was extremely painful for approximately 30 minutes. When I woke up the next morning My foreskin was quite swollen and bruised. They bruising and swelling has now gone away so I am able to scratch again but unfortunately I will have to go down in size for the time being. Hopefully I will catch up soon.

  86. I think I have phimosis type 3 (meatus just visible). I did know that 4 days ago. I can see just the tip of the head of my penis. I am 22 and half. The size of the penis while erect is around 6 inches. There is no problem while urinating or masturbating. I even masturbate the same way by of back and forth motion of palm while holding the penis (I have never rubbed the upper part). And I never had pain. I started masturbating just 6 months ago. I live a healthy and happy life otherwise. There are no problems at all.
    I don’t want to get curcumcised. I have been concerned and distressed for the last 4 days. I have never even tried retracting the foreskin because I fear for the pain there would be. The information on internet is varied and misleading. The smegma forms but not in great amounts. And I do clean that away while bathing. But one year ago it built up too much and I was just vey distressed and didn’t know that time that it was smegma (although I have noticed one more thing that when I masturbate with back and forth motion of palm before ejaculation most of the times some substance like smegma comes up. It is sticky and and has a foul smell and doesn’t look good and I am not sure that whether it is definitely smegma. So I want to also ask that that how to take care of that.) There have not been lack of confidence earlier. I get spontaneous and morning erections very easily and without any pain. But for the last 4 days I do not know what to do.
    Is phimosis normal? Whar are the risks? Is cure needed? If yes, then how will it change my life? Would there be further implications related to infection, general health and sexual life? Will sex hurt if skin doesn’t retract? Because until now it has never hurt and even while I imagine myself having intercourse ( visualise) it doesn’t hurt.
    P.S. I don’t want to get circumcision. And I would always be thankful to you for a response.

      1. Thank you sir, thank you so much for understanding me. You have been doing a great service to all those people suffering from this. Thanks again.

  87. I’m at about the same stage as you but didn’t start until june. At that time I was able to go straight to the second ring. I am currently struggling to move up to the 7th ring. I think this is a tough stage and may just take a bit longer than the others. You are doing a fantastic job – if it takes another year it will surely be worth it. I can’t get the steroid cream without a prescription though so have to use the cream that comes with the rings. This stage does seem to be taking a long time though – but perseverence I think is the key. As one of the other posters said it is probably best to wait until the ring is falling out before going up a size.

  88. I’ve been dating a guy who I recently slept with. I love uncircumcised men but he’s a 2 (partial retraction) on the “Top Five Types” scale which made the sex… interesting. For me. For him I think it was painful and maybe even embarrassing. He’s a man who economizes on words; very stoic, steadfast. I really like him and I feel sad that he probably has never fully enjoyed intercourse. He did so much to please me before even attempting intercourse.
    When he wasn’t able to orgasm after about 2 hours in various positions, I wasn’t concerned. He’s over 55 and because I usually date in that age range, I’ve experienced men who weren’t able to climax for any number of reasons. It was only when I gave him a hand job and then oral that I began to think there might be an issue with his foreskin. I wasn’t able to retract it as far as I thought I could and I asked him if it hurt when I tried. He told me to slow down on the stroking and that it was “sensitive” when I pushed the skin back with my mouth. He let me watch him masturbate but it was taking a while.
    He stopped and started a few times. At one point he said he didn’t know why it took him so long to climax sometimes. He finally got there but it happened when I was in the bathroom.
    I’m really digging this guy and I want him to have the experience of amazing sex at least once in his life. With me if possible.
    I’d like to suggest stretching to him but I don’t know if the issue is his frenulum, the foreskin, or a combination of the two. It would require discussion as well as a doctor’s visit (which may have already happened at some point in his life) to know for sure I guess.
    I’m at a loss as to how to even bring up the subject without him feeling embarrassed.

    1. It is a common question about how to being up the subject. The best time to bring it up is outside of the bedroom. If you are already intimate, then it should be easier to have a discussion, perhaps after a nice candle lit dinner…

  89. Guys, honestly you can wear the Phimocure rings for most of the day. One of the instructions somewhere on their site says they are designed as a ring so you can still urinate whilst wearing them. I try and wear them all the time unless I’m being physically active, eg. at the gym or running.
    Yes it can be uncomfortable. Yes they sometimes pop out (I got around this because I live somewhere cold. I wear thermal trousers underneath my clothes and tuck them in my socks to catch them if they pop out). I had some horrible moments where I lost one ring and had to go up a size early and there was bleeding and raw skin for about 2 weeks, but it healed even with the ring in eventually.
    If you only stretch for a small part of the day, all your doing is damaging the skin and then let it heal back down to its original size. Look up some advice from people that put giant piercings in their ears. When they stretch them, they don’t remove them for two weeks. So be as aggressive as you can. I started in June using one of the smallest rings (a few mm) and it’s now end of November and I’m on the second largest. I hope you’ve not given up on this. I notice your posts are getting pretty rare.

    1. If you can get away with wearing them all the time, good for you. But other people have reported it causes great trauma and lots of bleeding. I found this to be true. After leaving it in for 8 hours one day, I had a ring shaped bleeding scar that took a week to heal properly. When the skin heals, you are correct to point out that it naturally contracts.
      To ensure results without trauma, use gentle stretching, so that the skin grows without needing to heal, scar, and contract.

      1. Anytime I had the red ring effect I usually found I had gone up a size too quickly. But as long as it isn’t getting worse, just persevere. It heals after a week or two at the new size.
        The only time I downsized is either when I had left the ring out for too long and it had closed up a bit (hence why I say leave it in as long as possible) or when I suddenly developed raw skin at the current size I was using. It came out of nowhere. I really want mine cured, so when it bled I just kept it clean and kept going as long as it wasn’t getting worse.
        Steroid creams can also help improve skin elasticity for when you want to jump up a size.

      1. No, I can sleep with them in. The skin is loose enough that I can rather uncomfortably get a erection without damaging anything whilst the ring is in so maybe that helps? It just means I can’t sleep on my front and I wake up if I end up on my front.
        Successful stretching is definitely been more about volume than anything else. You want the skin under tension as much as possible. The guy at the bottom reminded us, it’s best, especially at later sizes, to wait until you can comfortably pull the ring out and place it back in before going up one. The edge of the ring is wider so it gives a rough idea of how you’re going to cope at the new size.

  90. I saw your beginning picture at the start of your journey and week 50, I would say my case was about as serious as yours, or maybe a little worse, because it’s harder to stretch in my case.
    Just a little over a year ago, I started my journey on stretching my foreskin. I did the same thing as you as I couldn’t even fit my pinky inside the hole.
    I read how it wouldn’t take too long to cure phimosis, and 6 months was considered “LONG”. If I knew beforehand that it would’ve taken longer than 1 year to even fix this, I might’ve actually considered circumcision.
    My progress is a little better than yours after just over a year of manual stretching, but I stretched on average 30mins-1hr twice a day for the past year, so that’s up to 2 hours spent each day.
    It’s a little more difficult for me because I have a vein popping out of the tip of the foreskin, so it makes it very difficult for me to stretch, that’s why I watch porn while stretching because it would retract when I accidentally pull on that vein, and the discomfort it makes while doing it.
    I realized I had this issue first time having sex 3 years ago, when my penis would hurt while penetrating the girl, even while having a condom on. It was only 2 years later I decided to do whatever it takes to cure this, because I couldn’t even enjoy sex.
    My prediction is I will still need about 6 more months to 1 year to be able to retract fully and comfortably, if I continue my stretching.
    I guess what motivates me now is I want to be able to cumshot all over the girls’ face, like how you see it in porn. I had a chance recently, but I couldn’t lol.
    But I’d like to believe that when I’m able to, I’ll appreciate it more than 95% of the men out there would didn’t have to go through all this stretching bullshit.
    Thanks for posting your progress, it’s not something I’d be able to do actually. I thought I was like one of the only ones who’s taking so long to see results.
    Best of luck to you, and everyone here who also has this issue who’s reading!

  91. Hi I’m 15. I know there hasn’t been something right for quite a while. I don’t feel mine is as bad as yours, however when I pull down my foreskin I can only get it down a bit not over the tip. I’m too scared to tell my parent or a doctor.
    I’ll try the streches but I’m so scared it will effect my future life.

  92. I discovered that I had phimosis almost a decade ago. I am now 27 but I have avoided intimacy up to this point because of how embarrassed I am about this problem.
    I have tried a few techniques and devices, including the suspiciously expensive Gentle Foreskin Stretcher, but I never saw much progress and I was always quick to give up after a few weeks. I have type 4 phimosis (persistent acroposthion) so it’s impossible for me to fit the Phimocure gauges under my foreskin currently, despite great effort.
    Your blog and documented journey have given me tremendous hope. My case is a little more severe than yours, but you have made such an unbelievable amount of progress that I now have confidence that I can fix this with stretching. To be honest, I also have a severe porn addiction that made it difficult to stay focused on stretching, but now I ensure that I don’t watch porn or masturbate whatsoever until I have stretched at least once for the day. I finally decided to start using Q-tips after reviewing your progress, and even though I don’t see any changes yet, I certainly feel like I’m accomplishing more than by just solely using the GFS device.
    My schedule makes it hard to stretch multiple times per day, but I am still making an effort to do it once in the morning and once before I sleep. I just want to thank you for documenting your progress. Before you started this blog, all of the documented cases I’ve seen involved extremely mild cases of phimosis that were easily cured after only a few weeks of stretching, which made me feel very demotivated. If I fix this problem, then I think that it will be life-changing; I won’t be afraid of intimacy anymore, and I should be able to finally control this porn addiction.
    Thank you so much for this.

  93. I don’t know enough English to translate this text, but I could read this:” Don’t make the same mistakes I did”. What is the problem? you have a great progress. can you tell me that it would be explicat?

  94. Hey man, how’s it coming? I think you’ve missed a weekly post or two, so I’m hoping you haven’t given in to temporary discouragement. Rooting for you here!! You’ve created one of the best-informed sites about the intact penis. Please keep rolling and retracting.

  95. I concur with the above about the adhesion. Perhaps it might break on its own. If not or you might want to tie it off/ have it surgically removed at some point to allow unrestricted retraction without pain.
    Incidentally I think having a very tight foreskin opening can actually help with the hygiene “problem” because the restriction of urine flow will automatically wash things out inside every time you pee, whereas with a wider opening it wouldn’t.
    In either case, most guys don’t get smegma build up until several days without washing. In this age of daily showers/baths it is largely an urban myth and only another farcical justification for circumcision used by the deluded and the uninformed.

  96. Probably that adhesion is a remnant of the synechia present at birth and will resolve itself naturally as you progress to full erect retraction.

  97. Wow. It’s very exciting to see your glans coming out of your foreskin at last when you are flaccid. From the third picture it looks like you may have a slight adhesion between the foreskin and the glans. How would you feel about me using those pictures on my phimosis blog call blindmeat on tumblr? I really like what you said about smegma. I think the whole smegma thing is just a giant bogeyman to justify circumcision, most of the time.

  98. Congratulations, what an amazing journey. I must say, this makes me feel slightly sad that I didn’t preserve with the stretching myself for my own case of pinhole phimosis rather than opt for the circumscision four years ago.

  99. Just saw your picture on IMGUR and got curious. I had phimosis and only got it treated much later (as my doctor would say), I was 15. Although I’m a virgin I imagine what my penis would be right now if I didn’t get the treatment (I’m 26). Congratulations on your discovery and progress! Thanks for sharing it with us! Long live the Internet!

  100. I am able to retract penis when flaccid all the way. I can see the ring in the back that holds my forskin. But I have to pull it forward when I want to close it. When Erected I can’t pull it down its tight. So what I do is I retract my penis all the way down when flaccid and get horny while my head exposed but once my dick keeps getting bigger and bigger it starts hurting. Is it because my forskin is too small to fit on a erected dick.The good think is that I saw my full head exposed while erected I used to not be able to to retract penis while flaccid. But i been retracting penis everyday to loosen it. I have 45 days doing it everyday. I have to use a cup of water to put water on my head of penis when showering. If i let the water hit it all the way it hurts my head. How do i reduce the sensitive? It feels good when I rub my penis while forskin closed and sperm out in 45 seconds. But i have clothes on. Is it bad to masterbrate that way where your forskin is closed because it feels super good when i rub head. Please help. I am at the stage where I have mild phimosis which is good.

  101. Hey, your blog has been quite encouraging. I also have a tight foreskin but I’m ahead of you in terms of retractability. With a little help I can retract my foreskin (flaccid) about halfway down my glans but it gets quite tight and squeezes the head a bit. Every week maybe it seems like I can pull it down an extra mm to clean in the bath but the foreskin seems to be the same tightness (maybe it’s my imagination). With a bit of force I can pull it down halfway when erect too. Do you think I should just keep going? I’ve also just started using Canesten thrush cream to clear what I think may be an infection.
    I have the Phimocure rings but I noticed that the ring wont go down to the tightest part (frenular band) unless I use a smaller one which obviously doesn’t have enough pressure to stretch it. What should I do? Keep using them or just continue with my hands? Do you still use it?
    Sorry for the shitload of questions but even the thought of being able to retract my foreskin is all new to me and I’m freaking out a bit. I constantly think about it lol.

    1. I can retract my when flaccid as well but not when erected:( I never new that I had to retract my penis when small!! Im 23 and I just realize the my head has to be exposed to have sex.

  102. I’ve commented before and thought I’d update you. I’m the guy that tries to wear the Phimocure ring as close to 24/7 as possible. It definitely works.
    The two big cons are that 1) It can feel very bloody awkward if you’re moving around and 2) depending on what type of ring you use (I started off using normal silicon spacers for piercings that I bought off e-bay and later switched to Phimocure) I actually had to stop a few times because I was developing sore spots where the edge of the ring was contacting the skin. Nothing major, but anything in that region feels 10 times worse lol.
    I’d say that if you went up a size and ended up with that red ring scenario you should stick at the smaller size and just work on wearing it longer, until it’s practically falling out, or it can be removed and put back in comfortably at least. I tried to jump a size too quickly and the skin got so inflamed that I had to drop three sizes and slowly build up again. I can fully retract mine when flaccid now, and maybe about halfway with an erection. I started off with a few millimetre pinhole type about two months ago.
    We’re definitely gonna do this — just have some more patience.

  103. Hey man, looks like you’re making slow but steady process and the tissue around your foreskin aperture is looking healthy. Nice work. I look forward to your posts. (I’ve commented before). Fellow Canuck here (west coast)

  104. I had the exactly same case as yours, only 5mm opening hole. I realized since my puberty and always finding a way to fix it.
    Tried so many methods and finally decided to perform a circumcision 14 years ago (which im 19yo at that time), after having some terribly tear and bleed after some rough sex. Went to doc and he agreed to circumcise. I never regret to be circumcised as I really feel the differences and so happy to see my own glans for the first time but of course there’s another down side. Basically the skin and glans attached closely and when the doctor try to separate it, it’s left some scar and it’s really not nice to look at. Just looks like some marble glans. Im totally ok with it as long as im free from ballooning while peeing, tearing while having sex.
    I really salute and admire for your courage, passion and patience for doing the stretching.
    If you would like to exchange experience and more details, pls dont feel hesitate to drop me an email.
    All the best and good luck stretching.

  105. I wish there had been info like this ten years ago. My son was only seven and he had pinhole phimosis. Our doctor gave us steroid cream to rub in but no other instructions.
    After six months with no improvement, we were told he must have circumcision. My husband (now ex) agreed as he was circumcised as a baby. He was born in USA and moved here to Scotland, UK where circumcision is almost non-existent. My son was heavily bruised and extremely swollen for several weeks. I just hope he will, as an adult, have a fulfilling sex life.
    I would have gladly left it as it was to allow him to try your method had I been aware of it. More men need to bring this to the attention of a wider community to give others informed alternatives to surgery.
    Susan, Edinburgh.

  106. Your blog is outstanding. You kindly mentioned my phimosis blog on Tumblr, blindmeat. I am into the esthetics of phimosis, and your penis is amazing and beautiful. I mention your blog and display your before and week 34 on mine; I hope that is ok with you — I’ll certainly delete if you’re uncomfortable. I was very, very tight until I was 17, when a doc basically tore it open. It healed with scars and stretch marks eventually . i can retract completely now. The whole thing was incredibly embarrassing and painful, and I miss the extreme stimulating tightness during masturbation.
    You are a great source of inspiration and credible information on phimosis. Thanks so much. I look forward to your weekly posts and congratulate you on your progress. Seeing that whole glans will be a great moment! I could tell you a lot more and can, privately. You might be amused to know some other slang names for phimosis were: “Arkansas luggage” (backwoods guys from Arkansas in the thirties were too poor to pay for circumcision and often lacked facilities for hygiene); “lace curtains”, and “frilly dilly”, as well as the ever-popular “blind meat”. LOL

  107. I am not in a rush, so can I keep doing it like this. I’ve been seeing differences and it hasn’t been a week yet with stretching. I am using a steroid cream called Clotrimazole and Betamethasone. They are combined in one cream. I wanted to send you a picture of how it looks and of the cream but it won’t let me?

  108. I am type 3 and I do not want to get circumcised. All I do everyday is stretch my skin down. Then I put the steroid cream. I stretch my dick when I pee because that’s when I can go down. I need help with this. I really want to have sex as I can’t have sex with this 🙁

      1. Can’t I just retract my dick everyday? Isn’t that like stretching? Because when the penis is retracted it stretches the skin. When I retract all the way to max I hold it for 1 minute twice a day. Can this help?

  109. This sounds hokey…but I used a socket set. When I sat at night to watch tv or if sitting at my desk (privately)….I could use a dab of clomitrizol as lube and insert the closest size socket. I am up from qtip size hole to full pinky insert. I am thinking of changing to the Phimocure rings and put my socket set back together.

  110. I understand where your coming from. Obviously I know myself I’d never do something I was uncomfortable with regardless of what someone else was saying. But I personally feel that you make more progress when the skin is constantly being stretched. Not just because of what you said above about the healing process, but also because I’ve read up on and asked people who perform piercings and stretch ears etc. They say that once you have stretched it, you need to leave it in for at least 2 weeks (I think they said 2 weeks but granted it’s off the top of my head) before removing it, and do your best to clean around it. Otherwise the damaged skin closes up, gets inflamed, and ends up healing to its original size or even smaller.
    I’m not saying to ignore all safety warnings or tips from other people, but remember the instructions and warnings on the Phimocure. They will be as careful and slow as possible because they want to cover their back. My rules so far just seem to be if there’s no splits/tears or signs of infection/discharge, then keep going, even if it’s fairly uncomfortable. As always though, any choice is up to the individual.
    Also I want to say thanks because it was finding your story that made me say screw it, I’m going prove this urologist wrong (she said my only option was to be circumcised) haha.

  111. I use the Phimocure rings (or rather I just bought silicone flesh tunnels off ebay). My process started at about your week 10 mark. That was two weeks ago and I’m at least at the stage you’re at now.
    I’ll probably have everyone tell me not to, or that I’m doing it wrong, but what I do is leave the rings in 24/7 (yes even to pee) and remove them once a day in the shower to clean. I’ve also been fairly aggressive trying to move up sizes. There has definitely been some strong discomfort/mild pain at times. Getting used to the first size I had was hard. I put it in for an hour then removed it. There was a raw looking red ring around the inside of my foreskin and I thought, “Wow, they said that’s bad. I should let it heal.” By the next day the hole had completely returned to its normal size and I could barely get a smaller ring inside. That’s when I decided once I had a ring inserted I would leave it in, and force the opening to heal at its new width. As long as there was no tears when I removed it to clean, I would keep powering through.
    Also using one of those topical steroid creams. I don’t know if that explains the rapid expansion, or if I’m lucky. All I can say is if you managed to make it this far from where you started, I know you’ll succeed!

    1. To get the fastest results, you must gently stretch the skin for as long as possible. Pain means that the skin may be damaged and may become tighter.
      Skin cells can only grow at a fixed rate. Stretching them more often, or with greater force increases the rate of cell division. However, damaged skin must heal first before growing. Wounded skin immediately grows more collagen, which pulls it together, and causes contraction.
      I am glad that you have gotten results so quickly. I have experienced the raw red ring when I left the Phimocure ring in for over eight hours one day. I was afraid it would permanently scar, so I never did that again.
      If I use a smaller ring size, one that can pop out easily with no pain, then I could leave it in for longer. Perhaps I will try that.

    2. I tried to leave it in for 24 hours and after i took it out the skin was thick red and there was a cut around the hole. DON’T DO THIS PEOPLE. I had type 2 and now it looks like I have pinhole phimosis.
      The hole shrunk so much. All my progress is just gone in 2 days because of this comment.

      1. Agreed. Don’t leave the Phimocure ring in for hours, or it might cut you.
        If you have a wound, wait two or three days with minimal or no stretching to allow it to recover. It will contract during this time as a natural part of wound healing. Afterwards, you will be able to regain the progress much more quickly, often within one day.

  112. Congratulations on your progress, I started out with a frenelum breve and because of that I was never able to fully retract when erect and masturbated in a strange way. Once I had the frenulum removed I realized that I have a mild case of relative phimosis. When erect, I can comfortably retract the foreskin over the glans and corona but not much further down and then it gets tight, uncomfortable and slightly painful. During intercourse the inner foreskin bunches up tightly, gets a bit stuck and is not exposed, being held tightly by the phimotic ring. I believe it is causing a lack of sensation… I cannot ejaculate this way, hence I have never been able to have a fulfilling sex life since I cannot get enough friction to the sensitive area just beneath the corona. I’m not sure what the correct technique for treating relative phimosis would be but I read on an article that a good treatment is to pull down the foreskin while erect and let the shaft apply force in all directions to the phimotic ring and this will cause it to expand. I have been doing this for 5 days and haven’t noticed much change, the sensation isn’t pleasurable so to make it bearable I do it during masturbation but I will report back in a few weeks if I have any progress.

  113. Hi. Can anyone tell me what is the disadvantage of circumcision? Does it have any negative effects or side effects? What is that 90% feeling you were talking about when speaking about circumcision?? Could you please help me as I am also suffering from serious phimosis.
    My doctor has recommended circumcision. Is it safe or not? Will it affect my sex life if I undergo circumcision? Will I be able to masturbate like before? Will I be able to have sex in the future?

    1. This video explains how circumcision affects nerves and feelings.
      Here’s the results of a study, describing precisely the skin sensitivity of each area of the penis. It shows that the inside of the foreskin has the majority of the feeling. As someone who has touched his glans for the first time in his 30s, I can confirm that this is accurate.
      That being said, it seems that most men who undergo adult circumcision have no problems at all. The brain quickly adapts to the loss. It is possible that the problems are merely delayed, and might explain the problems associated with older men and erectile dysfunction.

      1. Wow, this is really quite something…
        Thats the most extreme case of phimosis I have ever seen! I wouldn’t have thought it would have been stretchable from looking at it, but your results so far prove that just about anything can be achieved!
        Your determination and persistence are truly remarkable and worthy of praise in their own right.
        I’m sure most guys would have given up and booked in for surgery after the first few weeks of struggle and pain with no results, but seeing the progress you’ve made now, it’s almost miraculous!
        In fact if there was ever an example that should be used as a medical case study for what can be achieved without surgery, its yours!
        I guess things are different In Canada. Your medical profession sounds a bit more advanced and open minded. But certainly in the US, and to some extent even in the UK, many doctors dismiss the concept of fixing phimosis with tissue expansion techniques and recommend circumcision as the only “serious” option.
        Foreskin restoration forums are full of guys who had tight foreskin issues only to be pressured into circumcision by their doctors and told that non surgical treatments do not work.
        Although I wonder whether this is out of genuine ignorance or a personal compulsion to circumcise as often as possible.
        If only every doctor could see what you’ve achieved here, it would be a service to humanity.
        Keep stretching and keep posting!
        Once you can fully retract and receive direct stimulation to your frenulum and ridged band, sex will be on a whole different level and I guarantee all the pain will be worth it and 10 years of disappointing sex a distant memory!

  114. Thank you so much for making this blog! Mine looks the same as yours used to, so it’s a relief to see that someone who was in a similar situation is achieving these results. I’ve seen a couple of doctors and one of them told me circumcision was the only option so I agreed to it, and I’m on the waiting list for it. But I couldn’t fall asleep tonight so I was reading around and got freaked out. I don’t think I can go through with it. This seems like a much better solution.
    I have a couple of questions: I have a bit of bunching of skin so it’s difficult to even see the opening at all. I can’t really put anything in there. I’m not really sure how to stretch it if I cant see it. I’m not really sure what my first step should be..
    Also you mentioned somewhere that a bit of pee dribbles out into your pants going to the bathroom. I have the same issue and I’m a bit worried about the smell of urine (although i don’t think anyone can smell it aside from myself). Was there anything you ever did to address this?

    1. Most people who do get a circumcision are very happy with the results. However, it is difficult to face losing 90% of your feeling, even if your brain adapts.
      Since urine can get out, that means there is an opening and you will have to work to find it. Tonight, use something safe to try to gently poke inside and explore a little. If you can get something inside, then you will be able to stretch it as I did.
      Tiny dribbles have never been a problem. This Men’s Health article seems to say it’s normal.
      From the article: “I talk to men all the time who worry about this, but it’s not a big deal,” says Joseph Sonstein, M.D., a urologist with the University of Texas Medical Branch. (Whew.) Your urethra—the hollow tube that carries urine from your bladder to the tip of your penis—forms a slight upside-down U shape, Dr. Sonstein explains. And there’s inevitably a little pee left over in your U when you finish urinating, which gravity causes to leak out after you’ve zipped up, he adds.

  115. I need help. I think I’m starting to get phimosis because every time I have sex, it starts to hurt for while. How do I get rid of it for GOOD? I like having a lot sex. There are times when I can’t pull it back all the way and it hurts like hell. Please help.

    1. No. The stretching works best when not erect, because then there is more space to get under inside. After the first week, stretching becomes more of a clinical experience than playtime, and unwanted erections become less of a problem.

  116. Hi. I have type 3 phimosis. If I am lubricated enough I don’t get any pain but if I am not lubricated enough it hurts sometimes. Yes, it hurts my confidence, and when I have chances to have a sexual partner, I always resist. 🙁
    After reading your posts, I am motivated to do the stretches. I don’t know if flesh tunnels, etc. are available in India, but I will definitely do the hand stretching.
    Great post, it answers all the questions one needs. I am 22 and I discovered phimosis when I was 19. I did a little hand stretching that time but stopped. I hope this time I won’t.
    Any questions, do let me know, here to give info and help 🙂
    Thanks bye.

    1. If you keep going then you will eventually be able to retract. Don’t give up.
      Flesh tunnels aren’t necessary. The hand stretching is the best way, as long as you have the time to do it at least 2 or 3 times each day.

    2. Hi, I’m 22 and used to be able to retract my foreskin FULLY a few years ago, but started noticing that my foreskin opening was shrinking significantly to a pinhole size (type 5). I thought it was sort of a normal course of nature of my penis growing and/or masturbation causing skin scarring and the skin healing over and over itself causing a tiny hole to be left.
      I bared with it for years, but I just couldn’t take the burning sensation when peeing (I have started no stretching treatment and I get a STRONG burning/sharp stinging sensation when urinating). It has gotten to the point that I never want to pee, I put off peeing for as long as possible because I know it will hurt insanely for a few seconds, it’s like a razor blade is being slowly run across the inner of my top foreskin, however I find after I wet it with a bit of water after a few minutes the pain will go away (I guess the cells build up some kind of walled resistance, I think I have some internal scarring of the foreskin, which is causing some internal skin bleeding which seeps out as invisible/clear blood when I urinate. Water and pee have completely different feelings. Pee usually ALWAYS burns for me, water only burns a bit for a few seconds and then it stops.
      I haven’t had any sexual encounters yet, but masturbation is no problem for me (type 5), however I do notice that when the glans lubricate or when I ejaculate, the stingy sensation comes back lightly, but no where near as painful as urinating.
      As for hygiene: I try and use a warm wet piece of toilet paper to clean up my inner foreskin after urinating (sometimes even before to try and lessen the pain of urinating on the foreskin). I try and take 2 showers a day now and sometimes baths, but baths are really time consuming and I don’t see much benefit. I try stretching with my fingers for the last few days, but no progress seen yet.
      I noticed if I don’t masturbate for a few days, and inner foreskin tissue can heal and the urination stinging sensation isn’t as bad / almost non-existent, but it’s so hard to try and not to masturbate when you pretty much perfectly can… fk.
      The Dr prescribed me with some Bactroban – Mupirocin 2% cream to be applied 3 times daily, I try and apply it at least twice when my penis is clean, anti-biotics (which is finished after about a week) and I think got rid of a yeast infection but then it came back (the stinging sensation perhaps when I pee) and recommended Nurofen which doesn’t seem to be doing anything for preventing the foreskin stinging/burning pain. 🙁
      The Dr was Indian (but I’m in Australia) and said I should have been circumcised ages ago…but I looked at some circumcision and even the other partial circumcision videos, and am completely turned off by the thought of that option. He said to come back the following Monday, but I haven’t been back.
      I don’t know if I’ll have the patience for a year long stretching procedure, I guess I’d be more than happy with a bigger opening than a pinhole just so I could relieve the SEVERE burning/stinging urination feeling on my foreskin 🙁

  117. I recently discovered I’m one of the other two people with pinhole phimosis. This blog has been extremely helpful to me.
    I’d seen other penises, but always assumed they looked different because they were circumcised. And the girls I’ve had sex with were all virgins before me.
    I wonder how many other men have this condition and don’t even know it. I only found out because I happened to see a comparison of circumcised and uncircumcised penises and neither looked like mine. It took a lot of searching from there to find out about phimosis, images of which didn’t quite match my penis. I thought mine had more of a pinhole opening on the foreskin. So I googled pinhole phimosis, which just happened to be THE term.
    Given my convoluted journey to find out my penis was different and to find the proper diagnosis, I think it’s very likely most people with pinhole phimosis are unaware of any problems.
    Also, I wonder if many doctors are unaware of this condition. I’ve had my penis inspected during check-ups before. And none of them mentioned my penis being unusual.

    1. It is interesting that you mention the doc’s reaction. In the US, medical literature does not cover the anatomy of the foreskin. In effect, they just don’t know any more about than it gets cut off. A sad state of affairs.

    2. Hi, I’m 22 and used to be able to retract my foreskin FULLY a few years ago, but started noticing that more foreskin opening was shrinking significantly to a pinhole size (type 5). I thought it was sort of a normal course of nature of my penis growing and/or masturbation causing skin scarring and the skin healing over and over itself causing a tiny hole to be left.
      I bared with it for years, but I just couldn’t take the burning sensation when peeing (I have started no stretching treatment and I get a STRONG burning/sharp stinging sensation when urinating). It has gotten to the point that I never want to pee, I put off peeing for as long as possible because I know it will hurt insanely for a few seconds, it’s like a razor blade is being slowly run across the inner of my top foreskin, however I find after I wet it with a bit of water after a few minutes the pain will go away (I guess the cells build up some kind of walled resistance, I think I have some internal scarring of the foreskin, which is causing some internal skin bleeding which seeps out as invisible/clear blood when I urinate. Water and pee have completely different feelings. Pee usually ALWAYS burns for me, water only burns a bit for a few seconds and then it stops.
      I haven’t had any sexual encounters yet, but masturbation is no problem for me (type 5), however I do notice that when the glans lubricate or when I ejaculate, the stingy sensation comes back lightly, but no where near as painful as urinating.
      As for hygiene: I try and use a warm wet piece of toilet paper to clean up my inner foreskin after urinating (sometimes even before to try and lessen the pain of urinating on the foreskin). I try and take 2 showers a day now and sometimes baths, but baths are really time consuming and I don’t see much benefit. I try stretching with my fingers for the last few days, but no progress seen yet.
      I noticed if I don’t masturbate for a few days, and inner foreskin tissue can heal and the urination stinging sensation isn’t as bad / almost non-existent, but it’s so hard to try and not to masturbate when you pretty much perfectly can… fk.
      The Dr prescribed me with some Bactroban – Mupirocin 2% cream to be applied 3 times daily, I try and apply it at least twice when my penis is clean, anti-biotics (which is finished after about a week) and I think got rid of a yeast infection but then it came back (the stinging sensation perhaps when I pee) and recommended Nurofen which doesn’t seem to be doing anything for preventing the foreskin stinging/burning pain. 🙁
      The Dr was Indian (but I’m in Australia) and said I should have been circumcised ages ago…but I looked at some circumcision and even the other partial circumcision videos, and am completely turned off by the thought of that option. He said to come back the following Monday, but I haven’t been back.
      I don’t know if I’ll have the patience for a year long stretching procedure, I guess I’d be more than happy with a bigger opening than a pinhole just so I could relieve the SEVERE burning/stinging urination feeling on my foreskin 🙁

      1. The burning is because you don’t urinate frequently enough!
        If you hydrate yourself more, your urine will be highly diluted and less caustic, and it won’t be strong enough to hurt your more sensitive skin.
        If your pee isn’t clear, you should drink some more water.

          1. More sensitivity is only part of it. Masturbating an intact penis with a long, loose foreskin is an awesome sight to behold. And wait until you experience the stimulating thrill of a wet tongue twirling around between your loosened foreskin and glans, if you have not yet! Your son will appreciate it that you left his alone.

      2. Just get it cut its quicker, i dont see how you can stretch skin? really…. it will inevidably come back anyhow. there is 1000000 Men circumcized beats red itchy tight Foreskin Your problem is solved then. Sure a bit of pain but in the end no more phsimosis!! I’m going in for the chop soon, if your over 50 who cares anyhow…. your either married or sex isnt like 21.

  118. I am in the USA circumcised and have dated only uncut men. I personally find your tight foreskin very attractive! I have had boyfriends with tight foreskin and phimosis. Sexually it is a turn on for me. So know that some people like foreskin no matter what it looks like. It is a matter of just finding the right match.

  119. Heard you just started nofap. Good. I have a theory from looking at your photos that your spongy chambers are damaged. Do you get spontaneous erections? That is the best sign that your penis is healthy. In the first photos your penis seems “weak” whereas the most recent ones – it seems the (semi) erections are stronger. What you want is strong long lasting spontaneous erections. So – an hour long morning wood would be great. if you dont get morning wood then you know your penis is damaged. With these spontaneous erections you know that your penis is fully engorged as the chambers are not damaged. So you will get the maximum pushing effect against the foreskin – which should create new skin. I feel this is the best way to stretch skin – flesh tunnels are unnatural and may scar the skin. But I can see it is working so dont expect you to stop that. But there is no reason why you cannot try both at the same time.
    Be sure to follow my tips for nofap on my blog:
    I’ve also added some dietary advice recently.

    1. Hi James! Thanks for writing.
      I’ve carefully considered your theory, but I agree with the moderators of the Phimosis Discussion Board that the spongy chambers, no matter how healthy, may not have enough force to stretch open the foreskin in adults. In my case they have no possibility of stretching the opening, since the area of tightness always rests on top of the glans rather than around it.
      Rest assured there are many spontaneous erections, especially in the morning. 🙂
      The apparent length in the photos are highly dependent on the angle and placement of the camera phone that I use. I believe they appear stronger because I’ve gotten better at it with practice. I have also lost 15 lbs from the start, which reveals more length, and lets me to pull the camera more into my core.
      I expect nofap will also be helpful in that regard, but I am doing it for other reasons.

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